The 10 Best Mantras For Crystals And Healing

The 10 Best Mantras For Crystals And Healing

There are crystal for miracles and crystals that grant wishes, but what are the best mantras for crystals?

An important part of practicing crystal healing is setting intentions. When you begin your crystal healing journey, you’ll follow a few steps to get the most out of your crystals.

First, you’ll select your healing crystals. Then, you’ll cleanse your crystals of negative energy or preexisting intentions.

Once your crystals are purified, they are ready to accept your intentions and begin healing for you. When you set an intention for your crystal, you are also speaking a mantra that’s important to you.

What Are Mantras And Why Do They Matter?

The earliest forms of mantras were Sanskrit scriptures composed 3,000 years ago.

Over time, Eastern religions including Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism chanted religions mantras. In the school of Japanese Buddhism (Shingon-Shū), the word Shingon translates to mantra.

Through centuries of natural healing, mantras have bolstered peace, manifestation, inner strength, and spiritual awakening for all types of people.

The 10 Best Mantras For Crystals And Healing

By speaking your mantra, you clarify your mind’s intent, your heart’s strength, and your spirit’s potential.

Mantras are similar to meditation, and serve to elevate your consciousness. When you merge a mantra with a healing crystal, the mantra amplifies the crystal’s healing properties. By practicing this ritual regularly, you foster long-term healing.

There are mantras for positivity, mental clarity, transformation, spiritual awakening, and more. The goal of a mantra is to use the mind to communicate with the crystal and vibrate healing energy throughout you.

Ready to find your mantra? You’ll likely bounce around between a few that hold sacred meaning for you. Let’s go down the list of the best mantras for crystals!

The 10 Best Mantras For Crystals

Mantras For Prosperity

“I invite abundance into my life. I am creating prosperity”

Combine this mantra with the powerful healing properties of Green Aventurine. Speak your mantra, hold your crystal, and invite abundance and wealth to flow through you and open the door to prosperity.

“I ignite my inner courage, confidence, and creativity.”

Energetic blockages in the body and mind can stifle growth. Hold Citrine, the healing crystal that releases negative energy and elevates mental potential. State your mantra, work through the fear holding you back from your greatest self, and create the life you desire.

“I have unlimited potential to manifest the outcomes of my life. I embrace success.”

As our own worst critic, we often hold ourselves back by fear of failure. State this mantra as you hold your Carnelian crystal. The two work together to vocalize your goals, create opportunities, and help you take the steps toward success.

Mantras To Release Negative Energy

“I release stress and anxiety. Everything will be okay.”

Negative vibrations pulse all around us, but mantras and crystal healing help us reroute our conscious and subconscious mind to resist. Black Tourmaline is the strongest repellant to negative energy. Meditate and speak your mantra out loud. Let the crystal’s healing properties and your words work together to build an unbreakable shield against stress, anxiety, and negativity.

“I will focus on what I can control, and release what I cannot.”

Sometimes we cling to things that limit our potential. We try to control certain aspects of our lives, and in doing so, we exhaust ourselves. Naturally, we hold on to grief or pain and it’s difficult to move past our trauma. Hold Smoky Quartz, or Aquamarine, to release painful energy, awaken courage, and move forward without the constraints of old wounds.

“I release energy that no longer serves me. I am open to grow and embrace transformation.”

State your mantra as you hold Moonstone, which awakens intuition and perception. Access your inner strength and begin the growth process. Moonstone bolsters good fortune, as well as the stability required to advance your life.

“I am open to my destiny and have the inner strength to overcome negativity. I will find my way.”

The future is uncertain, but we can do our part to manifest good fortune and positive outcomes for our lives. Place Clear Quartz throughout your home or next to your bed. Speak your mantra throughout the day to align your mind, body, and spirit so that you may march forth toward your destiny.

Mantras For Self-Love

“I harbor kind energy, am a safe haven for love to flourish, and I love myself.”

We often speak harsh words to ourselves that we would never cast onto another. Negative self-talk hinders our ability to fully blossom and rise to our potential. Hold this sacred mantra in your heart and speak it into the world. Rose quartz is the love crystal that enables you to see yourself in a positive light. Break free of toxic thought patterns that diminish confidence, and invite awareness to your inner and outward beauty.

“I am surrounded by people who love me, friends and family who believe in me, and uplifting energy that wants me to be happy.”

We are only as strong as our support system. Invite the healing energy of support from your loved ones with Blue Agate. Hold your crystal to your heart and say your mantra. Welcome companionship and strength to your relationships so that you may prosper within the unconditional love of those closest to you.

10 mantras for crystals and healing

Create Your Own Mantra

Are you struggling with specific emotions or limitations in your life? Write down your own mantra to best serve what you need. The most important thing you can do is clearly ask for what you need.

Place yourself within the mantra, and begin it with “I”, so that the crystal knows where to direct healing energy. Ask the celestial powers and divine energy around you for healing. Outline what you need, what you feel about yourself, and what you expect.

You can also create a combination of any from this list of mantras for crystal healing. Be clear, be open, and receive the healing energy of crystals and mantras collectively.

Begin Your Healing Journey Now

Life throws a lot at us, but we have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle we face. Combine mantras with healing crystals and you will experience powerful transformation.You deserve it!


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