9 Crystals For The Crown Chakra To Help You Vibe Higher!

9 Crystals For The Crown Chakra

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and it’s enough to stress out even the most zen of us. As hard as we try, bad vibes have a way of creeping into our lives. What if there was a way to neutralize stress triggers and tap into a higher level of existence? Chakra crystals are here to help you do that. We’ve rounded up the nine best crystals for the Crown Chakra.

Why is it important to heal the crown chakra? Because this is the source of divine intuition and enlightenment. Crystal healing helps you access the portal to the divine world of energy above you. 

There is a magical place where the physical and metaphysical meet and crown chakra healing takes you there.

Ready for some levity and levitation of the mind? Let’s vibe out.

What Is The Crown Chakra?

In classical Sanskrit, the Crown Chakra is called “Sahasrara” or “Samsara” which translates to “wandering.” Samsara is a source of rebirth and reconnection with the greater spirit realm. The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra, a sacred energy center that helps people gain access to higher spiritual consciousness.

The goal isn’t to lose reality or untether from the earth, but to strengthen our understanding of existentialism and purpose.

Located on top of your head, the Crown Chakra pours energy through the rest of your body. This holy space rules our thoughts, interactions with others, and understanding of the world at large. It also deepens your connection to your intentions and greater desires. When energy flows freely to the Crown Chakra, we feel rooted in our purpose and mission as we journey through life.

However, things aren’t always rose-petals and cute bunnies.

Energy can stagnate in the Crown Chakra, and as a result, unfavorable feelings fester. When the Crown Chakra becomes blocked, we fall out of alignment. Commencing clumsiness and restlessness settles over us and our connection to the divine realm is severed.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless, lost, and purposeless, there’s a high chance that your Crown Chakra is unbalanced.

What can you do about it? Use these nine best crystals for the Crown Chakra to realign your body and root your soul in your deepest intentions.

Best Crystals For The Crown Chakra

1. Clear Quartz

Is clear quartz our answer for most ailments? Yes, but it’s well deserved because clear quartz is the ultimate healer. Most crystal healers recommend beginners to start with healing quartz, and that’s because it’s a powerful introductory stone that immerses its properties into all facets of your life for optimized healing.

Clear Quartz - Crystals For The Crown Chakra

2. Moonstone

Celestial powers govern our life; from the enlightening rays of the sun to the moon’s ultra-feminine energy. Moonstone is a healing crystal closely connected to the gentle frequency of the moon. 

Moonstone Crown Chakra healing can strengthen your intuition and psychic connection while cloaking you in a veil of protection from negativity, menstrual pain, and emotional disharmony.

Moonstone - crystals for the crown chakra

3. Amethyst

A universally adored healing crystal, amethyst is one of the best crystals for the Crown Chakra. Amethyst emits spiritual vibrations that open the Crown Chakra and amplify your connection to the celestial realm.

Known as the “Stone of Spirituality,” you’ll want to grab amethyst to stabilize chaotic energy and tune yourself to a higher level of awakening. Did we mention how beautiful this crystal is? Place it around your home for glistening décor that moonlights as a world-changer.

4. Herkimer Diamond

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then Herkimer diamonds are the Crown Chakra’s spirit animal. Herkimer diamonds are a quartz crystal that unifies the higher chakras: the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. The resultant power is a confection of divine harmony.

As a chakra stone, the Herkimer diamond clarifies clouded thoughts so that you can visualize and manifest your desires. You’ll also experience greater mental cognition, memory, and emotional balance. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself vibing higher, as this Crown Chakra stone promotes astral voyage into the higher realms.

Herkimer Diamond

5. Selenite

Some chakra crystals have powerful cleansing properties, and selenite is one of them! Capable of clearing toxic energies, selenite breaks through negative blockages in the Crown Chakra to make a path for healing vibrations.

Selenite healing properties cleanse and clarify the mind to strengthen your decision-making capabilities. The best way to invite the benefits of selenite to your highest Chakra is with meditation! The crystal’s healing energies will wash over your mind, body, and spirit and cleanse your aura.

selenite wand

6. Howlite

One of the biggest reasons the Crown Chakra misaligns is emotional turbulence. We all endure the peaks and valleys of being complex humans, and howlite rectifies the misdirected pathways in the brain to promote healing.

Howlite is one of the best crystals for the crown chakra because it eases your emotional climate so that you can make room for spiritual intervention. 


7. Sugilite

Since the dawn of civilization, early shamans used this sacred Chakra crystal to communicate with the spiritual world. Sugilite builds a bridge between you and the celestial world to promote spiritual intuition and openness. Opening your Crown Chakra helps you receive guidance from universal energies.

On earth, sugilite enhances wisdom and harmonizes the seven chakras to reach a holistic balance. If you need foresight into what’s ahead: grab sugilite.


8. Lepidolite

Evidently, violet-hued crystals pair well with the chakras because this is the third one on our list! Lepidolite is a soft crystal that turns up the volume on your subconscious. Do you ever feel like what you want isn’t exactly what you communicate, or that there are suppressed thoughts that fall short of your conscious mind? Then lepidolite is a great Crown Chakra crystal for you.

With calm energies that ease negativity, this gentle crystal helps center the mind and open the door for clearer communication.


9. Charoite

The last stone on our list of the best crystals for the crown chakra is Charoite, another purple-toned Chakra stone! Charoite is similar to clear quartz in that it’s a comprehensive healer. If you’re in need of transformative healing, bring charoite into your home and workspace. 

This crystal will transform negative feelings like anger and jealousy into positive emotions. You may even feel more creatively stimulated because this crystal enhances mindfulness, focus, and inspiration.


Time To Activate Your Crown Chakra!

The seventh Chakra is the place of transformation. When you feel disconnected from your true purpose in life, these crystals for the Crown Chakra ground you in your intentions and open communication to the spiritual realm. 

Are you ready to raise the roof on good vibes? Check out our guide featuring the best techniques for healing the crown chakra here.

Before you leave, grab our essential healing crystal kit to activate the Crown Chakra and elevate to new heights!


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