The “Master Healer” – Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

quartz crystal healing properties

In the world of crystals and gemstones, quartz is known as the “Master Healer,” and for good reason. This jewel is not only the most prominent member of the quartz family but it’s also full of quartz crystal healing properties. 

You may have experience working with quartz crystals, or perhaps you’d like to deepen your relationship with this dynamic jewel. 

Let’s put the spotlight on quartz crystal healing properties and how they can benefit you!

What is Clear Quartz?

Take one glance at clear quartz and you’ll swoon at the striking ice-like rock crystals. In fact, you just may start singing the theme song from Frozen–because the cold never bothered you, anyway, right? 

Despite its icy structure, clear quartz comes from all around the world, meaning it isn’t exclusive to one region or climate. As such, quartz is a treasured crystal to many cultures and countries. And of course, it’s steeped in folklore as old as ancient Greece. 

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In fact, the Greeks are whom we can thank for its name, as quartz means ice in Greek! Continent-hop over to Japan and you’ll learn that quartz means perfect jewel. You could globe-trot to the far reaches of the earth and discover that the meaning for quartz is anything but universal. Yet somehow, it’s a universally beloved gem.

From the U.K. to North America and Australia, it seems every culture has a meaning for quartz. The uniting factor? People from all walks of life cherish quartz, and now the most common use for it is in holistic healing.

It’s not surprising, as there are ample quartz healing properties that give this crystal the prestige of being called the “master healer.”

Quartz crystal healing properties

Chemical Properties of Quartz

Even if you’ve never held a quartz crystal in your hand, you’ve likely encountered this crystalline mineral on more than one occasion. A variety of industrial and technological uses rely on quartz, including circuit boards, cell phones, LCD screens, glass, and even watches.

That’s because quartz is a very hard, durable material. Quartz has a silicon dioxide composition, just like humans and part of the earth’s crust. It’s easy to see why quartz contains such powerful energy, considering it’s made of some of the same minerals as we are! Using quartz crystals helps to amplify good energy and cleanse away negativity. And that’s not the only benefit of quartz crystals.

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

How did quartz become the “master healer” and what can you expect from its healing properties? The primary reason that quartz is held in such high regard is that it has the power to amplify the healing properties of other crystals. 

Essentially, when you practice crystal healing, quartz will intensify the power of all of your crystals. There is one caveat: it can also absorb negative emotions and intentions. That’s why it’s vital to cleanse your crystals before practicing with them. To do this, you can set an intention for your crystal. Now, hold it in your hand and meditate on your intention.

The more you focus on your intention, the stronger the energy of the quartz crystal becomes. Once you’ve harnessed your intention and bestowed it upon the crystal, quartz healing properties can really start to work their magic.

Raw Quartz crystal healing properties

The Master Healer and the Chakras

Quartz is exceptional at healing by accessing the chakras, which is mainly why it’s called the “master healer.” There are seven chakras along the spine, from the crown to the root, and quartz is particularly attuned to the crown chakra. 

Quartz Enhances Mindfulness

When you meditate with quartz crystals, you activate the crown chakra which will influence your thought patterns, minimize negativity and enlighten your mind. In turn, you obtain a higher level of consciousness and communication.

Physical Benefits of Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

Another powerful benefit of quartz crystal healing properties is that it can help the body function smoothly. Quartz helps the organs function optimally, stimulates physical fitness and performance, and improves the body’s immune defense against illness.

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Using Quartz for Spiritual Awakening

With your crown chakra activated, quartz properties can also elevate your consciousness and connection to the spiritual realm. In South America, quartz represents a vessel or conduit inhabited by the souls of ancestors.

Quartz and Feng Shui

Many people place quartz crystals in open areas where light enters the room. A great place to incorporate Feng Shui with quartz is to place your crystal in a window sill or on a shelf by a window. When the light enters the space and the crystal, positive energy will radiate from the sun or moon and emit tranquil vibrations into and throughout your space. 

Quartz crystal healing properties

How To Use Clear Quartz

Ready to use the “master healer” to amplify your wellbeing? There are several ways to use quartz crystal healing properties to improve your life and happiness. The best place to start is by setting an intention for your crystal. 

Think of your intention as a personal mantra, and every time you hold the crystal or interact with it, you can state your mantra. To solidify this bond, hold your crystal during meditation sessions. If you need help gaining clarity or manifesting your intention, try an intention exercise:

  • Lie down and hold the quartz to your third eye. Now, state your intention aloud or to yourself and let the positive energy activate your crown chakra.
  • Sit in your meditation posture and hold your quartz crystal to your heart. State your mantra during your meditation and hold it in your mind. 

The more you interact with your crystal and bequeath your intentions into it, the stronger the quartz healing properties will be!

Of course, you don’t have to rely on an exercise to activate the metaphysical quartz crystal healing properties. You can carry the crystal with you in your purse or pocket, put it on a table or nearby in your office or bedroom. Wherever you spend most of your time, placing your quartz crystal nearby is sure to invite positive, uplifting energy into your mind, body and spirit! And that’s where true healing begins.

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