Shungite Healing Crystal Benefits — Purification and Protection

Shungite healing benefits

The shungite healing crystal is a rare stone with a black, lustrous surface and unique carbon composition. Around for centuries, its purifying and protective properties have made it a favorite among historical and modern practitioners alike.

Many of us have started to look at our health and wellness more intently these days. And we should! One way to take care of both your mind and body is with the shungite healing stone. 

Does shungite have healing properties? Absolutely! Today, we’ll tell you why shungite is the perfect addition to your routine and how to best use this protective stone. 

We’ll go over its fascinating composition and why it’s the perfect stone for anyone looking for protection from negative energies. Let’s get into it!

What is Shungite? 

Composition & Origins

The shungite crystal is one of the world’s rarest stones, and almost 99% carbon makes up its composition. It’s a noncrystalline carbon mineraloid, setting it apart from most crystals you’ve probably come across.

The source of this stone’s power, though, is in its fullerenes. What are fullerenes? These are spherical carbon molecules sometimes called buckyballs — a nickname for their soccer ball-like appearance. We’ll get more into why these are so powerful for shungite crystal benefits in a little bit.

While many crystals come from South America, most shungite crystals come from Russia. 

Shungite crystals

Shungite Crystal Meaning

The shungite crystal’s name comes from the village it was first discovered, Shunga, in the Zaonezhie Peninsula. 

Though we still don’t know its exact origin, we understand that shungite healing stones have been around for at least a couple of billion years. One popular theory is that a meteor collision left shungite in the ground long before any organic life existed. 

Shungite finally entered the spotlight in 1996, when three professors won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the fullerenes inside it. Since then, scientists and spiritualists have harnessed the shungite healing crystal’s many benefits. 

Speaking of which, what is shungite good for, anyway? Let’s take a look at the spiritual and everyday benefits of this protective stone.

Shungite Healing Crystal Benefits

Like we mentioned before, shungite’s fullerenes are powerful little molecules. They’re a form of carbon called a carbon nanostructure, or CNS. It’s these tiny molecules that bestow the crystal with practical benefits for your day-to-day life! 

Keep reading for our top tips on how to harness shungite benefits.

Shungite healing benefits

Killing Germs

The last thing you want anywhere near you are germs. Luckily, research shows that the shungite healing crystal can kill a host of bacterias, viruses, and microbes. 

You might know that people have been filtering water with carbon for a long time. You might even have a carbon filter yourself! Well, shungite’s carbon has water-filtering benefits, too! 

Multiple studies offer insight into this shungite benefit — from clearing out pesticides to radioactive materials in water. One study in Russia even concluded that shungite is 30 times better than activated carbon for getting rid of free radicals, atoms that can damage your cells. 

Not only do shungite crystal healing properties purify your water, but they also add in some good stuff! Shungite-filtered water has antioxidants that can help your immune system, plus essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium. 

Alleviating Physical Ailments

If you’re prone to sunburns, your body is probably familiar with ultraviolet B radiation or UVB rays. If you’re really prone to sunburns, you might also suffer from oxidative stress. 

What can you do to get some natural vitamin D without harming your skin? 

Based on research done on mice, rubbing a topical shungite solution onto the skin can ease this condition. Additionally, the solution reduces inflammation, helping the skin heal and preventing further damage. This solution also reduced oxidative stress overall. 

So with shungite in tow, you’re ready to soak up the sun!

This isn’t the only benefit of shungite crystal properties, though, there are plenty more to discover!

Shungite bracelet

Protection from EMF Emissions

If water purification is the most well-known shungite benefit, EMF protection is next in line! 

Electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions, or electromagnetic radiation, are all around us. Some are natural, like the Earth’s magnetic field. However, you’ve probably heard more about human-made ones from household appliances and Wi-Fi. 

Since technology has advanced faster than ever in recent years, we’re not sure yet how these higher EMF emissions might affect us long-term. The World Health Organization has said more research needs to be done, but EMFs could be carcinogenic. At the very least, they can affect how our body functions if we’re near them too long. 

That’s not good, but you have options to protect yourself holistically.

Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, one way to protect yourself from EMF radiation is with the shungite healing crystal! Shungite benefits provide an EMF shield by weakening these emissions, so they have a smaller effect on your body. 

How? Well, let’s get back to those fullerenes. The fullerenes in shungite can absorb all five of the radiation bad guys: 

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • X-ray
  • Neutron radiation. 

Scientists have even used shungite benefits to stop radiation from leaking out of nuclear waste, so it’s not a risky investment for some necessary EMF protection. 

Now that we’ve covered its practical uses let’s go over shungite spiritual benefits.

Shungite Healing Crystal – Spiritual Benefits

The science world may have brought shungite into the public eye, but the spiritual community has harnessed this stone’s power for centuries. Let’s take a closer look.

Stress Relief

If you’ve ever felt “bad vibes” from someone, you know that feeling can often stay with you for a while. If only you could kick them to the curb naturally.

Well, the shungite stone healing properties can provide some relief by absorbing that negative energy. If someone’s aura was especially draining, don’t worry, because shungite can revitalize you, too!

What about if you just feel emotionally drained? Well, shungite benefits help you address your emotions and work through them instead of being at their mercy. The crystal can be the first step in taking back your personal power and reclaiming control over your energetic influences.

This is particularly useful at night when our stresses tend to sneak up and pile on just before sleep. Hello, sleepless nights. Not to worry; using a shungite crystal at night can help you fall asleep and leave those worries where they belong: yesterday.

Shungite pyrmaids


Leave it to this midnight-hued crystal to ground you to the earth like a new moon. Shungite is an excellent stress reliever, helping you feel teathed and grounded in your life and purpose. 

Grounding at its most basic level is similar to mindfulness: being more present in the moment. Grounding goes a bit deeper, though — no pun intended.

So, just how strong is shungite?

Remember how we mentioned that Earth’s magnetic field is a natural EMF? That’s because the earth has electrical charges. Guess what? You do, too! And grounding can reconnect your body and spirit’s energies to Earth’s stable frequency.

If your energies aren’t balanced, you might feel distracted, tired, angry, or just out of sorts. Shungite benefits help to restore this balance. To find fulfillment and grow into your best self, you need to meet yourself where you’re at, and shungite’s grounding healing properties help you achieve that. 

Okay, you know about shungite uses, but how can you use the crystal for powerful healing? 

How to Use The  Shungite Healing Crystal

There’s a myriad of ways to access shungite stone benefits. Today, we’ll go over our top suggestions for how to use shungite in your healing practice.

Add it to Your Water

What’s the most tried-and-true method of using shungite? Water purification. 

You can purify your water with a shungite filter to take out the bad and add some good. If you want even more of those nourishing minerals, consider infusion. Leave shungite healing stones in your water to soak for 2-3 days. Then, drink up and feel the benefits!

shungite in water

Wear Shungite Crystals

There are a couple of benefits to wearing the shungite healing crystal. For one, the stone creates a shield of EMF protection wherever you go. With how much technology we come into contact with each day, this benefit alone is priceless!  

But that’s not all shungite can do for you.

Beyond protection, wearing shungite crystals can keep your energies balanced; the stone will stop harmful energy from sticking to you. 

Whether you go with a pendant, a string of beads, a bracelet, or a raw crystal to carry around with you, shungite is a great companion to carry with you everywhere you go. 

Put Shungite Stones Next to Electronics

Keeping shungite near any source of EMF emissions can reduce these waves before they have a chance to reach you.

The most common places to put shungite for this are near microwaves, TVs, computers, and Wi-Fi routers. 

Any shungite shape will do, but some suggest a shungite crystal pyramid at the foot of the electronic devices. This provides excellent protection while serving as a visual reminder of the stone’s natural grounding effects. 

Keep Shungite On Display At Home

For stress relief, we recommend placing a piece of shungite right beside your bed to ease your transition into a peaceful slumber. 

If you’re looking for protection, you can also place a shungite healing stone in the corners of your room to create a personal protection zone. Then, it’s sweet dreams ’til morning!

Meditate with Shungite Crystals

Now, you know that grounding is crucial for finding balance. Well, meditation and grounding go hand in hand. 

To get the most out of your zen session, keep a shungite healing stone near you or on you as you meditate. If you’re trying to balance one chakra in particular, put the stone in that specific area. What chakra is shungite best suited to heal? If you guessed the Root Chakra, you’re right! 

The Root Chakra helps you plant your roots into the earth. When the chakra becomes blocked or stagnant, shungite crystal chakra healing breaks through the blockage to bring you back to the ground.

If you’re feeling completely unbalanced, physically or mentally, hold a piece of shungite in each hand while you meditate.

As you can see, there are so many uses for this protective stone, but do you need to cleanse shungite? You’ll want to make sure you take care of your stone between using it. Let’s show you how!

How to Cleanse Shungite 

Cleansing any crystal is paramount. Without it, your gem might not work the way it’s supposed to, and your intentions will lose potency. Or worse, it can do the opposite: leak out the negative energy it’s supposed to absorb. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you’ll need to cleanse your stone 1-4 times a month.

Basic cleaning requires cool water and soap, but maintaining the spiritual powers requires cleansing the stone to restore it to a blank canvas. There are a few options for cleansing shungite. 

Leave it Outside

One way to cleanse shungite is by letting nature do it for you. Once you’ve rinsed off any dust or debris, let your shungite dry outside. It can be a moon bath, placed under moonlight overnight, or a sunbath.

Either way, the stone will replenish its energy from the natural light. Just make sure you leave it out for a few hours at least, but ideally overnight for the moon bath option. 

Smudging Your Crystals

Another option for cleansing crystals is by smudging them with burning sage. White sage is the best variety for this process, but any sage will do.

You can burn the sage just like incense, letting it fill the room and penetrate the shungite. Another method is to hold the stone over the smoke. Just be sure not to burn your hand!

Are You Ready For Ultimate Grounding?

If you’re ready to rid your life of physical and spiritual toxicity, there’s no better time to start healing with shungite! The shungite healing crystal is a one-of-a-kind conduit for water purification, EMF protection, meditation, and stress relief. 

Take the first step toward a healthier, more balanced life with healing crystals today! 



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