What Is My Rising Sign? What Your Ascendant Sign Means

what is my rising sign

If you’ve ever guessed someone’s sun sign incorrectly based on first impressions, it’s time to check their rising sign. Are you wondering: What is my rising sign? Your rising sign is the zodiac sign ascending on the horizon when you were born. So, is “ascendant” the same as rising? Yep! 

But what is a rising sign? 

Imagine a spinning game-show wheel with 12 sections. If it takes the wheel 24 hours to make a full circle, the pointer stays in each section for 2 hours. Now imagine that wheel expanding beyond Earth, encompassing our solar system… that’s the zodiac wheel!

Your zodiac chart is a snapshot of the planets’ and constellations’ position in the sky when you were born, from the perspective of Earth. Each of the twelve sections is one sign. 

Since the Earth makes one full spin per day, every sign will be on the horizon for two hours. That’s why knowing your birth location and time is critical to getting an accurate rising sign! 

Is your rising sign significant? Absolutely! Think about it: The chances of someone else being born within the same 2 hours and in the same location as you? Much lower than someone sharing your birthday, so your ascendant is a more unique aspect of who you are. 

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Looking at your chart, where is your ascendant sign? If the chart was a clock, the ascendant would be at 9:00. If you see a table with symbols, the ascendant symbol looks like “Asc” for Ascendant.

Now that you know how rising signs work, let’s explore how they impact your life and what each rising sign means!

Rising Sign Meaning

You probably know your sun sign and the general traits surrounding it. But what does your ascendant mean? 

This sign describes the way you present yourself to the world and in turn, how the world sees you. Your rising sign is always in your first house, the house of appearance, first impressions, and the self. 

Wait, isn’t the sun sign meaning about the self? Your sun sign is your overall self — your identity and personality. It predicts which traits will push you forward in life. Those traits will shine best in the area of life governed by the house your sun is in. 

What does your rising sign predict? Your rising sign predicts how others see you and the “self” you show to the world. Some astrologers believe it predicts your physical appearance, too!

So, what is your rising sign and what does it say about you? Find yours below!

rising sign meaning

Aries Rising Sign

Aries risings are known for being direct, decisive, and driven. The general motto for this placement is “Act now, think later.” If you have an Aries ascendant, you probably have little patience for indecisiveness or hesitancy.

People often perceive the Aries rising personality as talented leaders with high expectations for others. You may come off as pushy, but you hold yourself to the same high standards as everyone else. While both Aries suns and Aries risings are bold and witty; however, Aries sun is more aggressive than Aries rising.

If you’re an Aries rising who puts too much pressure on yourself or others, try amazonite crystals for lower anxiety and kinder communication.


A Taurus rising personality comes off as easygoing, thoughtful, and inclusive. Most Taurus ascendants exude kindness and warmth, and their homes likely reflect that in luxurious, plush decor. If you have a Taurus rising, you likely excel creatively, though you probably don’t brag about it.

Ruled by Venus, most people will feel attraction to a Taurus rising appearance, but not for a particular physical reason — rather, their lavish yet comforting vibes. A Taurus ascendant needs to feel out situations first, so they may not open up immediately. However, once they feel relaxed with someone, they are sentimental and thoughtful.

Taurus risings with creative spirits but nervous hearts can benefit from the creative confidence brought by carnelian healing crystals!


Gemini risings are fun-loving, social, and chatty. These folks are the ones planning parties, introducing people to each other, and having effortless conversations with people from all walks of life. 

However, the social aspect of Gemini rising traits can lead to coming off as two-faced, haughty, or frivolous. The air-sign qualities of Gemini can make this ascendant seem flighty or impulsive, often saying regrettable things without considering their negative impact. 

With the right maturity and self-awareness, however, a Gemini rising can be eloquent, insightful, and lovely to be around. Someone with this placement has a wide network of connections, so they always know who to call!

For help with impulsiveness or instability, try meditating with obsidian crystals to stay grounded and strengthen your willpower.


Folks with a Cancer rising may seem withdrawn initially, but that’s because they have strong emotional intuition. When they love, they love hard; when they feel, they feel deeply. So, they have to gauge a person’s intentions before opening up.

If you have a Cancer ascendant in your family, they’re probably the one planning reunions, calling everyone on their birthdays, and dedicating an entire wall (or room) to family photos. Cancer risings also tend to know what people want without them saying it — part of their water-sign sensitivity. 

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Cancer ascendants who want to overcome apprehension and self-doubt can take advantage of labradorite’s confidence-boosting crystal healing properties!


Leo risings have a regal presence as soon as they walk into the room. Effortless confidence seems to pour out from them. Their sunny disposition, enthusiasm, and charm make that confidence contagious! 

The first impression of Leo rising to some may be “intimidating,” especially because folks with this ascendant tend to be theatrical. Typically, any intimidation changes to warmth, like the joyful rays of Leo’s ruler, the sun.

However, compared to a Leo sun, Leo rising traits are more obvious, which can magnify weaknesses like being vain, condescending, or uncooperative. As the “king of the zodiac,” a Leo rising must choose if they’ll be a benevolent ruler or a tyrant.

One of the best ways for a Leo rising to maintain their contagious optimism is to practice crystal healing with citrine! These crystals will keep your confidence and positivity high. 


Virgo rising traits include being intellectual, reliable, and purposeful. Ruled by Mercury, this placement values the analytical side of life. In a conversation about a new historical fiction movie, for instance, Virgo ascendants may chime in with little-known facts about the inner workings of that particular royal empire or the film’s factual inaccuracies.  

An overly-analytical approach can be a weakness for this sign, however. Those with a Virgo rising sign are often perfectionists, but they might impose these impossible standards on others, too. If you have a Virgo ascendant, just remember what Winston Churchill said: “Perfectionism is the enemy of progress.” Compassion for yourself and others will go a long way!

Virgo ascendants can use green aventurine’s healing properties for self-compassion and communication to help silence their inner critic.


A Libra rising personality is social, charming, and gentle with others’ feelings. Libra is represented by the scales, so they’re often resolving conflicts and bringing people together. You may see their social media feed covered in gushy posts about their partner or aesthetic black-and-white compositions. 

You’ll often spot a Libra ascendant at the center of the party, likely throwing flirtatious glances or showing off their partner.

If you have a Libra rising sign, you’re probably the go-to negotiator, but likely avoid conflict in your personal life. Instead, you like to be known for your charm, good vibes, and impeccable fashion sense. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, after all!

These balanced negotiators can benefit from ametrine (a combo of amethyst and citrine), as this crystal helps you come up with creative solutions!


Want to know how to spot a Scorpio rising? They’re often poised, maybe dressed in black, and observing others with a quiet intensity. Scorpio ascendants often come off as elusive but intriguing, and their intuition makes them powerfully persuasive. 

A Scorpio rising sign is usually the person people instinctively open up to about their deepest fears or secrets. However, their secrets are a mystery… except to a few trusted allies, of course. 

Folks with this placement value deep conversations and connections; they’re just picky about who they share their emotional depth with. The potential weakness for a Scorpio ascendant is brooding pessimism, but with the right support system, they can enlighten others with a dynamic view of the world. 

Are you a Scorpio rising seeking a more positive outlook? Try rhodochrosite, the soft pink healing crystal known for infusing your soul with compassion, joy, and acceptance.


Having a Sagittarius rising sign means people notice your independence, knowledge, and spiritedness. Your social media page is probably filled with pictures of your various travels, philosophical quotes, or hot takes that push the envelope. 

The fire-sign aspect of Sagittarius rising traits means they often say yes to any new opportunity, which is often why people think they’re lucky. However, the most common downfalls for this placement are being flighty and directionless, coasting from one adventure to the next without a long-term goal. 

Sagittarius ascendants can benefit from using black tourmaline healing crystals for its grounding energies and support for self-reflection, as these bring the joy of stability without dampening your fun-loving nature. 


Capricorn rising signs are ambitious, hard-working, and often stoic. These are the co-workers (or more likely, higher-ups) that throw themselves into their work, gradually climbing the ladder to loftier goals. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of self-discipline, responsibility, and structure. The major difference between a Capricorn sun and Capricorn rising personality is their belief in their own abilities. Capricorn risings tend to fall into self-doubt more often, sometimes being an overachiever to compensate for imposter syndrome.

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Though it may seem like a Capricorn rising is all about reputation and achievement, their biggest priority is feeling secure. They also place a lot of value on family, and providing stability brings them fulfillment.

Any Capricorn ascendants struggling with self-doubt can take advantage of the confidence-boosting tiger’s eye healing properties!


Key traits of an Aquarius rising personality include being unconventional, unpredictable, and intellectual. An Aquarius ascendant’s persona can shift in a moment, from having a riveting debate to hiding away. 

Growing up, an Aquarius rising child catches onto things quickly and has a soft spot for those seen as “weird” or “freaky.” They may beg for a bearded dragon over a dog, or befriend the child no one else on the block talks to.

The combination of air-sign changeability and fixed-sign stubbornness means an Aquarius rising may avoid commitment, clinging to their independence. While their unique nature and perspective may entice many admirers, it can be hard to “lock them down,” so to speak. 

If you’re an Aquarius rising looking to improve your relationships, aquamarine crystals can help! This healing crystal helps you communicate your feelings while still empowering you, so you don’t have to feel like you’re compromising your freedom.


Pisces rising traits are soft in many ways. Their features, voice, and words all have a kind, gentleness to them. A Pisces ascendant often appears sensitive and empathetic, treating everyone with compassion and always looking out for the little guy.

The trick for how to spot a Pisces rising is to look for the quiet creative, passionate about their work and maybe a bit too humble. Whether it’s in fashion, music, art, writing, or another hobby, 

Pisces ascendants find fulfillment in abstract self-expression. While their tendency to get lost in fantasies can be a detriment, they can also harness it to construct beautiful universes for others to get lost in.

If you’re a Pisces rising feeling lost in your thoughts, smoky quartz crystals can help you stay in the present and set purposeful intentions for the future. 

Ready to Rise to the Occasion with Your Rising Sign?

Is your rising sign accurate to the “self” you show the world? Remember, your rising sign traits are just one part of your zodiac chart. Your sun, moon, and rising sign (along with the rest of your zodiac chart) all work together to paint the lovely picture that is your life! Are you ready to amplify your rising sign’s strengths?

Harness your astrological power with healing crystals!


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