Healing Crystals Guide: Types of Crystals and How To Use Them

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Within the world of ancient medicine are yoga, meditation, reiki, and healing crystals. For centuries, people took to ancient stones to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. What are healing crystals and can they help you? Here is our healing crystal guide to help you.

About Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are used for natural healing, and before they fell under the label of “alternative medicine” they were simply medicine to ancient people. Now, using crystals for healing is mainstream. What gives these sparkling gems healing properties?

Crystals form beneath the earth’s surface over millions of years under the elements of heat and pressure. It’s this intimate relationship with the Earth that instills crystals with an energetic field that strengthens our connection to the world around us. 

For thousands of years, since the dawn of humankind, people have incorporated crystals into their attire, rituals, traditions, and healing modalities. From the early civilizations of the ancient Sumerians to Egyptians, people used turquoise, lapis lazuli, and quartz as conduits for healing from physical ailments and negative energy. 

Healing crystals are more popular than ever and used by people around the world for natural healing. What are the most popular types of healing crystals, how can you use them and do they actually work? Find out in this informative healing crystals guide!

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How To Use Healing Crystals

The most fascinating thing about healing crystals is that there isn’t a rulebook for how to use them. Instead, there are guidelines and the crystals serve according to individual intentions. For beginners, it can be tricky to know how or where to start, but it’s very easy. The first step is to open your heart and mind to the power of crystals for healing. Start with an intention or goal, and use healing stones to manifest it into existence. While our dreams may feel spectral or intangible, the crystal in your hand is a physical form that acts as an intercessor to the powers of the earth and the universe. 

The rocks have energy that emits vibrations that connect your intentions to your thoughts and environment. In other words, crystals amplify your intention and cultivate positivity. There are several ways to use healing crystals. Some people place them throughout their home and workspace to invite positive energy. Others use them ritually to connect to a higher frequency and use vibrations to manifest intentions. Here’s a simple crystal exercise to promote healing:

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Healing Crystal Exercise

  • Choose a crystal that speaks to you (we’ll explore popular types of healing crystals below)
  • Program your crystal by cleansing it in the sun for a few hours, burying it in the earth overnight to recharge its energy, or immersing it in the smoke of burning sage or incense
  • Hold the crystal in your hand and set an intention, this can be as simple or complex as you like, but you want to make the crystal work for you, so be sure your intention is clear
  • Close your eyes, breathe and connect to a happy memory, thought or place
  • Speak your intention out loud, and command the crystal to eliminate unwanted, negative energy to make space for your intention

Now, let’s find which crystals are right for you.

Healing Crystals and Their Meanings

Many people use stones to ward off negative energy and invite positivity into their life. However, crystals are capable of healing physical and emotional ailments. For centuries, people have worn crystals as talismans, amulets, and jewelry to protect themselves from harm. Opponents of crystal healing argue against the power of crystals for healing. However, there is significant evidence to support crystal healing.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel who created the Vogel Crystal hypothesized that thoughts could influence biology because of the vibrations energy emits. In other words, molecular bonds form and spawn from the energy around us, and energy formulates from our thoughts and intentions. Further supporting this theory is Einstein, who said that every being in its basic form is a vibration. We can harness the vibrations of crystals to heal, manifest and achieve goals with the help of our thoughts. 

There are types of healing crystals from everyone; whether you need to heal from an illness, overcome internal negativity, protect yourself from toxic energy, find love, or enhance your wellbeing. 

Healing Crystals List

There are all types of healing crystals, each with a unique purpose and potential. Let’s explore these remarkable stones, their meanings and powers.

Clear Quartz

Named the “Master Healer”, clear quartz is a powerful crystal that amplifies other stones to improve your world. To cleanse and rejuvenate, use clear quartz in combination with other healing crystals to eliminate negative energy and invite positivity, 


One of the most striking of all healing crystals, amethyst is a vibrant purple stone that promotes peace and intuition. Amethyst connects to the Third Eye Chakra, which elevates you to a higher frequency and consciousness. This powerful healing stone also helps provide healing from insomnia, mood swings and emotional imbalance.


Harness the warmth and golden rays of the sun with citrine, a sacred healing crystal that stimulates abundance and prosperity. Citrine provides light and positivity by regenerating the mind with uplifting thoughts.


One of the most interesting and mysterious of all healing crystals is geode rock. Enveloped within this seemingly standard stone is a vibrant, colorful world full of healing. Placing geode throughout your home welcomes calm, peace and relaxation while promoting feelings of courage and confidence.

Chakra Stones

There are seven primary chakras, or energy centers, in the body that are located along the length of the spine. Chakras are centers of emotional or physical problems or discomfort. Chakra stones enable you to bring mindful consciousness into these areas of activity in order to recalibrate your body, spirit, and mind in unity. 

Pendulum and Selenite Sticks

Selenite sticks help you cleanse yourself and the environment to promote greater consciousness and calming as you heal. Pendulum identifies higher energies and helps you tap into them and clear any blockages of energy. Coupled together, pendulum and selenite sticks enable you to optimize your healing crystals.

Start Your Crystal Healing Journey Today

Healing crystals are incredibly powerful, natural mediums for healing. As a beginner, a great place to begin practicing healing is with a healing crystals kit. Our Essential Healing Crystal Set comes with 13 pieces that have a calming, energizing and grounding effect. Incorporate crystals into your daily life to unleash the remarkable power of crystal energy, and tap into your most enlightened self.


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