Vogel Crystals Explained

Vogul crystals

In the world of crystal healing and spiritual growth, Vogel crystals hold a special place, revered for their unique properties and profound impact on energy practices. These crystals, named after the pioneering researcher Marcel Vogel, are not just any ordinary quartz; they are masterpieces of precision and intent, crafted to amplify and channel energy in […]

Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals: Reignite Joy & Creativity

Are you feeling stifled emotionally or creatively? Has the idea of intimacy or connection started making you anxious rather than excited? If you answered “yes,” then you may have a sacral chakra blockage. How do you fix it? Start with sacral chakra stones to ignite your spirit, joy, creativity, and passion. What blocks the sacral […]

Onyx Crystal — A Healing Stone for Motivation & Focus

Onyx is a layered, often banded crystal with varying patterns and colors. While most people know black onyx best, this diverse gem comes in many varieties. Does onyx have healing properties? You bet! The healing properties of onyx crystals are as diverse as their colors, offering motivation, protection, and concentration. Stress levels are at an […]

Black Tourmaline Crystal — A Healing Stone for Positivity & Protection

The black tourmaline crystal is a glossy, brownish-black to black gem in the tourmaline family. This powerful stone dates back centuries and remains popular for protection, purification, and positivity.   During these tense times, it’s common to feel uneasy or unsafe. Seeing one crisis or disaster after another can be exhausting and anxiety-inducing. Now more than […]

What Is My Rising Sign? What Your Ascendant Sign Means

If you’ve ever guessed someone’s sun sign incorrectly based on first impressions, it’s time to check their rising sign. Are you wondering: What is my rising sign? Your rising sign is the zodiac sign ascending on the horizon when you were born. So, is “ascendant” the same as rising? Yep!  But what is a rising […]

What Is My Sun Sign? The 12 Sun Sign Dates, Traits & Meanings

Your sun sign is the main astrological sign of your zodiac chart, based solely on your birthday. Someone asking “What’s your sign?” usually refers to your sun sign, since it’s the one most people already know.  Wait, is sun sign and zodiac sign the same? Yes and no. The terms are often interchangeable in casual […]

How to Meditate with Crystals & Best Stones for Crystal Meditation

If you’re a beginner to the world of healing crystals, you might wonder: how do you use crystals for the first time? The best method for beginners is crystal meditation! But do you know how to meditate with crystals? If not, we’re here to teach you. But what is crystal healing and how does it […]

Best Crystals for Aries: Zodiac Traits, Best Crystals & How to Use Them

Leading the zodiac signs is no easy job, but Aries is up to the task. That’s right: it’s Aries time! These rams love being number-one, with a competitive nature and dive-in-head-first attitude. Why not grab some of the best crystals for Aries to double down on your fierce energy? If you’re an Aries, you know […]

Best Crystals for Taurus: Zodiac Traits, Best Crystals & How to Use Them

If you’d rather be curled up in a plush blanket with comfort food watching DIY videos instead of bouncing about from place to place, you might be a Taurus. Possibly the most chill sign of the zodiac, Taurus folks know how to work hard and play hard. However, if you’re a Taurus, you know life […]