Bloodstone – A Purification Stone For The Mind, Body, and Spirit

bloodstone - the purification stone

Everyone needs a little purification from time to time — especially in light of the current state of the world. Today, we’re discussing bloodstone, the purification stone with powerful cleansing properties.  Why is purification necessary? There’s a lot of energy swirling around us at all times. As we venture from home to work to essential […]

Best Crystals For Career Success – 7 Stones To Slay At Work!

crystals for career progression

We all have career ambitions, but sometimes stress and bad vibes limit us from reaching our full potential. You want to climb the ladder to success, right? You have incredible strength within you to achieve anything you set your mind to! But what if your workplace is toxic, or extenuating circumstances hold you back? Sounds […]

The History and Symbolism of Smudging With Abalone Shells

smudging with abalone shells

We are all creatures born from the lifespring of the ocean. As we embark on the journey of life, we sometimes disconnect from the origins of our existence. Smudging with abalone shells is a powerful method for grounding yourself in your most organic form. The earth’s oceans are both torrential and tranquil. Much like humans […]

Smudging Sage – Ultimate Guide For Cleansing Your Home And Aura

smudging sage

Burning smoke is a ceremonial tradition adopted by cultures worldwide. The sacred practice is rooted in Native American culture, and indigenous communities use the healing smoke to balance energy and spirituality. In modern society, many call this practice “smudging.” During this practice, people burn sage sticks and say prayers, intentions, and waft the smoke into […]

Amethyst Meaning – Healing Properties, Ancient Powers, And Modern Uses

Amethyst Menaing

There are few purple gifts in nature, and undoubtedly, one of the most striking is amethyst. Thankfully, amethyst is a crystal with many holistic properties. Do you need to invite more calm into your life? Perhaps you need help building tolerance to alcohol? Or maybe you simply want to revel in the captivating beauty that […]

9 Crystals For Protection – Kick Bad Vibes To The Curb!

Crystals For Protection

One way or another, bad vibes bulldoze their way into our lives. Nothing like a nagging aunt, negative coworker, or toxic friend to bog you down. How can you build a shield of protection to bounce this negative energy away from you? With healing crystals! Crystals are gorgeous, glistening chunks of natural bliss that block […]