Top 10 Healing Crystals and Their Healing Properties

top 10 healing crystals and their properties

The emerging popularity of healing crystals has people around the world doing a double-take. Crystals are ancient conduits used for healing, and people are taking notice. The practice of using crystals and their healing properties is as ancient as civilization, so why the sudden crossover into the mainstream? 

Truth is, crystals have experienced peaks and valleys in popularity. Some regard crystals as sacred, ancient healing medicine. Others aren’t convinced of their immense powers. Wherever you stand, we can all agree that these striking jewels are beloved for more than just their looks.

Why Are Crystals and Their Healing Properties Popular?

There’s a reason Kim Kardashian-West incorporated crystals into her KKW Fragrance line and Adele uses crystals to calm anxiety before a performance. From A-list celebrities to holistic healers and wellness practitioners, people of all walks of life love crystals for their powerful healing properties. 

In this article, we are highlighting the top ten most popular healing crystals and their healing properties. Crystals can improve your wellbeing, bring balance and tranquility to your life, and help you overcome any little obstacles standing in your way to being your best self. Ready to level up? Nothing but positive energy from here…

Top 10 healing crystals - clear quartz

What Are Crystal Healing Properties?

Crystals are exactly as they sound — minerals from the earth formed over millions of years. Beneath the earth’s surface, an elemental fusion of force, heat, and pressure creates an environment similar to a pressure cooker. In that intensely hot space, and under the weight of immense pressure, lattice mineral structures form and create crystals, gemstones and rocks.

When you hold a crystal in your hand, you might not immediately understand the motion circulating within the stone. After all, the crystal isn’t moving to the naked eye. Yet the chemical and molecular structure of healing crystals is a composition of powerful, moving energy. It’s this energy field and frequency within crystals that bestows them with healing properties

Thus, the crystals emit powerful vibrations that circulate all around you and your environment. Leave it to Nikola Tesla to articulate the scale of this movement by encouraging people to discover universal truth through “energy, frequency, and vibration.”

When crystals radiate energy, they encounter and interact with our own energy field. Essentially, the intimate dance between the crystal’s energy and your own energy produces healing properties! 

As you can imagine, each crystal has its own unique capabilities to improve the mind, body and soul. So, let’s get right to it. 

Top 10 Crystals and Their Healing Properties

The list below is just the tip of the iceberg of the myriad of healing crystals available, yet they each provide abundant emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. Whether you’re looking to elevate your spirituality, heal emotional pains or tap into a razor-sharp-wit, these are the healing properties to get you there!


Of all the healing crystals, moonstone is delicately intertwined with femininity. By harnessing the power of the moon, moonstone invites balance, harmony and intuition. However, these healing properties are not exclusive to women, as moonstone was the royal stone of the ancient Indian Gods and Goddesses.  

Healing Stone - Moonstone


If there’s one mindful practice widely valued in our modern era, it’s manifestation. Amethyst is a striking purple crystal conduit that manifests dreams, goals and desires. By activating the crown, third eye and throat chakras, Amethyst creates a triad of goal-getting, confidence-boosting, harmonious superpowers.

Healing Stone - Amethsyt

Clear Quartz

The most popular healing crystal is clear quartz, and rightfully so. The translucency of clear quartz makes it an intercessor between the physical and metaphysical. In fact, it’s called the “Spirit Stone” because it acts as a window, where light enters from the external forces of the sun, moon, and stars to enlighten your atmosphere. Use Clear quartz during prayer, meditation and intention setting to amplify your goals and desires. 

Healing Stones - Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz 

With rose quartz, you’ll receive nothing but love. This striking rose-hued crystal opens up a direct line with your heart to enhance love in all its wondrous forms. From the love you have for others to self-love and universal compassion, rose quartz opens your heart to give love, receive love and strengthen your bonds and relationships. 

Healing Stones - Rose Quartz


Craving solid ground? Then you’ll love the stabilizing healing properties of agate. Available in a wide array of colors, agate bolsters introspection by enhancing self-awareness, warding off negative vibes and stabilizing emotions. In addition, agate clarifies the mind to help enhance mental performance.

Healing Stones - Agate


If you’ve ever felt misunderstood or judged, you can relate to the geode crystal. From the outside, geodes look like any other rock; indeterminate and dull. However, the real magic lies in the remarkable interior, where crystal cavities shimmer and emanate striking colors and patterns. Geode crystals contain healing properties that improve mood and circulate positive energy. With its mysterious and majestic inner world, geodes open a channel for you to explore your inner self and discover the spectrum of layers within.

Healing Stones - Geode

Lapis Lazuli 

Known as the “blue stone” lapis lazuli has been used since ancient times for healing, painting and ornamentation. During the Byzantine Empire and Renaissance, artists crushed and ground the stone to make blue pigments for paintings. As one of the most bright, time-honored and beloved stones, lapis lazuli contains celestial healing properties known to bestow wisdom, communication, and judgment upon people by activating the throat chakra.

Healing Stones - Lapis Lazuli


Ready to take a chance? With aventurine in-hand, you’ll open the door to abundance, good luck and opportunity. Whether you’re rolling the dice in real life or on a masterplan, aventurine is your guide to prosperity. Additionally, you’ll invite calm and balance and improve circulation with this emerald-hued crystal.

Healing Stones - Aventurine


Need payday to come early? Then it’s probably a good idea to set an intention for good fortune by meditating with citrine. This gold-toned crystal is capable of stimulating wealth and good fortune.

Healing Stone - Citrine


One of the brightest and oldest stones on earth is the turquoise. Loved by shamans, royalty, Native Americans and style icons — turquoise has established itself as more than just a decorative crystal. Known as a symbol of protection and wisdom, turquoise contains healing properties that foster clarity, intuition, and perception.

Healing Stones - Turquoise

Ready to vibe to new heights?

With these top crystals and their healing properties, the sky’s the limit! There’s no better way to ascend than with our Essential Healing Crystals Set, which comes with 13 pre-cleansed and hand-selected crystals!


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