What Is My Moon Sign? Learn The Meaning Of Your Emotions!

what is my moon sign

You might be familiar with your sun sign. After all, this is the astrological symbol that represents your personality based on the position of the sun during the month you were born. But what about moon signs? Get ready to turn inward to discover the most authentic version of yourself based on your moon sign! Wondering, “what is my moon sign?” 

You’re in the right place! 

Moon Sign Meaning

How important is your moon sign? If your outer self is the paint strokes that comprise your personality, your inner self is the canvas. 

The moon sign meaning describes all the intricacies of your emotions, feelings, mood, fears, and inner desires, based on your birth date, place, and time you were born.

As the moon orbits the earth over a month-long timeframe, it weaves across the zodiac chart to meet each of the signs. It only lingers on each sign for about two days, so the details of your birth date, place, and time are important.

Your moon sign is not to be confused with your astrology sign. For example, you can be a Libra (born between September 23 and October 23), and have a Sagittarius moon sign.

What is your moon sign? First, enter the time,  date, and place of your birth in this moon sign calculator. Then, use our moon sign chart below to find out what your moon sign says about your emotions.

what is my moon sign

Aries Moon Sign

Few things can rattle you! Your emotional strength is warrior-status, and you don’t shy away from competition or stressful situations. Of course, your boldness comes with a caveat: you quickly tire of people’s antics and find yourself impatient when people beat around the bush. 

In relationships, you prefer to be in control, but you need an equal match to keep you stimulated. You’re action-oriented and are ready to grab the bull by the horns, no matter what life throws your way.  


You feel most at peace in your sanctuary. A safe haven is essential for you to create, build, and meditate on your greatest desires. As a homebody, you have low-tolerance for chaos or intrusion. You’d frankly be happiest with a do-not-disturb sign on your door because your time alone is sacred.

However, you carve room for those you love. With partners, you need to feel connected physically and emotionally, but you’re wary about who you invite into your den. You aren’t shaken easily unless someone compromises the tranquility of your refuge.


You’re here to squeeze the juice out of life and have FUN. Why waste time ruminating on emotions when you can jump straight into the fast lane of life? You’re an adrenaline junky likely to be found backpacking or climbing a mountain. People love your adventurous spirit, balanced by an inner softness to those you love. Why waste time with feelings when you could be having a blast making lifelong memories! 

Don’t be surprised if you’re quickly bored in relationships, and can’t be tied down by an anchor. It’ll take an extraordinary adventurer to match your enthusiasm for life!


You have a sensitive, loving soul, and feel deeply. Your emotions are your beacon and intuition, always letting your heart guide you. It’s not easy to break through your shell of protection because you know how vulnerable you can be. Despite your empathy, you have strength of intuition to read people and protect yourself against emotional vampires. 

Because of your gentle disposition, you partner best with someone who is loyal, caring, and nurturing to your caring spirit. 


High are the flames blazing from the fiery spirit of a Leo moon sign. You may often feel like you’re always riding the roller coaster of your emotions. One moment, you’re elevating high in the clouds, and the next, you’ve sunk into the well of your emotions. Your enthusiasm and passion are unrivaled, and you always fight for what you believe in. 

You partner best with someone who adores your dramatic and passionate zest for life, pouring affection and affirmations over you. In return, you provide the spice of life and keep the fire blazing.


Rooted in firm convictions, you see the world through a black and white lens. It’s your strong inner voice that believes in justice, but sometimes you find yourself judging those around you. Most of your critique is centered on yourself, as you always strive for perfection. The high standard for yourself and others makes you kind and generous to serve and volunteer for those in need. 

Your intensity is best balanced by a light-hearted spirit who can bring out the lighter side of your personality and make you laugh.


Your love language is data and cold hard facts. Feelings are something to dissect and compartmentalize, and you sometimes come off as cold or distant. However, your preference for sense versus intuition means you can sort through the facts to reveal the truth. Fairness is your hitching post as you decipher fact from fiction.

The one area you depart from these traits is in relationships, where you romanticize your ideal partner to the point of non-existence. No worries, because when you find the right one, you love unconditionally and loyally.


When it comes to your emotions, a lot is happening beneath the surface. On the exterior, people praise your poise, but inside, you’re a world of feelings. You can cut through the noise to see people’s true intentions. Fortunately, the backbone of your spirit is your confidence, which can intimidate those around you. 

Those strong enough to make a stand and match your strength and intellect reap the benefit of partnering with a vivacious, expressive, and passionate individual. 


No one has to worry about getting a straight answer from you! What you see is what you get, and your instincts are reflexive. You live in the moment and love the freedom of traveling, adventuring, and tackling your next big project. 

Sometimes, you have trouble holding your tongue and lack a filter. Your words can sometimes sting, but your circle trusts you for your honestly.

You’re most compatible with an independent, fun partner who’s ready for any adventure you’re going to throw at them. Life is never dull with you, and your passionate zest is what intoxicates a partner who knows when to join you for the ride or give you space to flex your autonomy. 


It’s hard to know what’s happening in your heart and mind because your stiff appearance is misleading. You’re cautious not to show your hand too early, always observing others. Some might mistake your methodical tendencies for coldness, but it’s because you’re auditing who you can trust, and who to avoid.

When people break-through the screening process, they find an unexpected warmth and loyalty. Like an onion, your emotions are layered, and a partner willing to invest the time to unfold them gets the reward of a life-long union. 


Your personality is quirky and unique, which garners you plenty of friends. You mostly travel with an entourage, but you have a few people you consider close friends. Your warmth and ability to talk to anyone makes you a confidant to friends and strangers alike. 

On the surface, people think they know you, but only you know what’s going on inside. It can be hard to know how close a partner can get to the real you because you rarely share it with anyone else. But when you do? It’s an exciting journey into the depths of your soul.


You have no trouble accessing your emotions, which don’t flow in waves, but currents. You’re a gentle soul who’s sympathetic and compassionate to those around you, including yourself. Your calm disposition makes you an open book, available to listen to others. Deeply rooted and grounded in your quiet strength, you sometimes need time alone to unwind and disconnect. Your bed is your shelter where you hibernate to recharge.

Your partner is rewarded with an unfalteringly caring devotion, but take heart, because it’s easy for you to prioritize your partner above yourself. 


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