Crystal Healing Properties for Physical and Emotional Healing

crystal healing properties

Healing crystals are parcels of magic formed throughout the centuries. When you hold a crystal in your hand, you are holding something that was around during the earliest stages of civilization. It’s no wonder the gem holds powerful crystal healing properties. The amazing thing about these holistic treasures is that each one has different properties […]

How To Use Healing Crystals: 5 Methods for Transformative Healing

How To Use Healing Crystals | Zenluma

Years ago, healing crystals were popular among yogis and new-age belief systems. Now? They are more popular than ever among all types of people. Rightfully so, as they are filled with phenomenal healing properties capable of transforming your life. Healing crystals are powerful energy sources that emit vibrations all around you. By harnessing their energy, […]

Healing Crystals Guide: Types of Crystals and How To Use Them

Healing Crystals Guide | Zenluma

Within the world of ancient medicine are yoga, meditation, reiki, and healing crystals. For centuries, people took to ancient stones to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. What are healing crystals and can they help you? Here is our healing crystal guide to help you. About Healing Crystals Healing crystals are used for natural healing, […]