5 Crystals For Manifesting Miracles, Dreams, And Desires

crystals for manifesting miracles

Need a nudge in the direction of your dreams? The truth is, we all need a miracle once in a while. If only we could create miracles to alleviate the strain of the tough times. Fortunately, there are crystals for manifesting miracles, dreams, and desires!

While we can’t pinpoint exactly how miracles work, we can manifest them. The more open and communicative we are with our intentions, the more susceptible we are at willing desired outcomes into existence.

It might sound obvious, but sometimes, achieving your goals is as simple as asking for what you want.

This is the power of manifestation. What are the best crystals for manifesting miracles? Read on to discover our top five choices!

But first, how does manifestation work?

What Is Manifestation?

When you need help reaching your goals, why not manifest them? For centuries, people have used manifestation techniques to improve financial wealth, find romance, have a spiritual awakening, or enhance self-awareness.

In truth, there really is no cap on the transformation you may experience. Why manifest? Because it’s easy for life to bog down our true destiny. We fall astray from our dreams or get bogged down by stress.

Manifestation is a mindful technique in which you attract your destiny. By putting your goals out into the universe, you harness universal energy that supports you in your endeavors.

Manifestation relates to the Law of Attraction. It’s very simple, really, but utterly phenomenal. The principles of this philosophy boil down to one central point: by focusing on what you want, you attract it to your life.

As Paulo Coelho writes in The Alchemist:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

All you have to do is ask!

crystals for manifesting miracels

Crystals For Manifesting Miracles: How Does It Work?

Crystals have transformative healing properties. Whatever your goals are, there’s a crystal to help you achieve them. That’s because crystals vibrate healing energy that amplifies your manifestations.

You can use crystals to elevate your greater well-being or to manifest specific goals and dreams. The key is to focus on a mindset that’s conducive to making changes. When you access the power of the mind, you are unstoppable.

That’s why we use crystals for manifesting miracles! Ready to make your dreams come true and live your best life? Find your crystal below!

1. Master Your Mindset For Manifestation With Clear Quartz

No matter what your goals are, Clear Quartz can help you manifest them. That’s because Clear Quartz is the “Master Healer.” Use Clear Quartz to get into a clear and confident mindset.

You can meditate with clear quartz and state your goals, or place them around your home.

Another great idea is to journal with Clear Quartz nearby. Write out all of your goals, or create a vision board. Put your dreams into the Universe and made visible before you.

Verbalize exactly what you want for your life and hold tight to these desires.

crystals for manifesting dreams clear quartz

2. Use Citrine To Manifest Wealth And Abundance

You know the saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Turns out, it’s true! It’s not easy to follow the path of dreams, and there are tempting alternatives along the way.

The best way to use crystals for manifesting miracles is to find the right crystal to accompany the goal.

Citrine is the best crystal to invite good fortune because it’s bright and associated with good luck. By bestowing you with clarity and confidence, Citrine enables you to create a life you love and succeed at your dream job.

The best location to place your Citrine crystal to manifest good fortune is in your workspace. You can put the crystal on your desk, or carry it with you in your pocket or wallet.

Stay clear on your financial goals and manifest your desired outcome — and then take it all the way to the bank!

crystals for manifesting miracles - citrine

3. Manifest A Spiritual Awakening With Amethyst

There is something about Amethyst that is undeniably calming. The pristine purple shades sparkling across the crystal enliven the senses. It’s no wonder, then, that Amethyst is the stone for wisdom and spiritual elevation.

If you’re struggling to find clarity, resolve problems, or calm anxiety, look no further than Amethyst.

A great practice is to meditate with Amethyst and manifest your desires. Do you need the wisdom to make a difficult decision or guidance toward the right path?

Take to your meditation pillow, hold Amethyst in your hands, and manifest your needs.

Ask the crystal to heighten your self-awareness, provide answers to your questions, and calm the anxieties you may be feeling. This practice will rid your space of negative energy and lay the path clear before you.

Amethyst | Zenluma

4. Create Your Future With Carnelian

Are you an artist in a creative block? Perhaps you have talent but aren’t sure how to take it to the next level? Grab “the artist’s stone,” Carnelian.

Known for its creative healing properties, Carnelian lures your talent to the surface, promotes ambition, and bestows you with confidence to succeed.

It’s natural to have doubt in our abilities, but with Carnelian, you can manifest your goals for your creative endeavors. Keep Carnelian close by, place it in your studio or creative space, and create high-vibes that will conjure creative stimulation.

crystals for manifesting miracles - carnelian

5. Manifest Love With Rose Quartz

We all need love; it’s an evolutionary intuition. However, love isn’t one-note. There is self-love, plutonic love, and romantic love.

Love is an energy that is capable of healing even the deepest wounds. Whether you are lonely, want to deepen your relationship with loved ones, or find love, use Rose Quartz to cultivate love.

Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart Chakra, and stimulates open, harmonious love within yourself and others. Wear Rose Quartz in a necklace, or place it beside your bed to manifest romance.

crystals for manifesting miracles - rose quartz

Get Ready To Receive Your Manifestations

Using healing crystals for manifesting miracles is a sacred practice. Of course, there is no telling how long it takes for manifestations to become reality, but that’s the beauty of it!

Put your dreams into the Universe and the Universe will help you receive them. To grow in the direction of your dreams means knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Manifestation is a powerful way to clear out mental clutter and get razor-sharp on your life’s vision.

Let the manifesting begin!



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