What Is Tiger’s Eye? Meaning And Healing Properties

What Is Tiger's Eye? Meaning And Healing Properties

Do you ever feel timid when faced with big decisions? When new opportunities come your way, do you shy away? If so, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect healing crystal for you. We invite you to turn inward to muster the courage necessary to chase your goals and dreams. You may have heard of this prominent stone, but exactly what is Tiger’s Eye?

Keep reading to find out!

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Courage. Strength. Boldness. These are just a few words that express the powerful healing properties of Tiger’s Eye.

What does Tiger’s Eye mean? 

One look at this warm-hued stone and you might gather where its name comes from. Because of its golden coloring, it’s reminiscent of a golden-eyed tiger. During antiquity, warriors believed that wearing it would bestow them with heightened strength to fight vigorous battles.

Tiger’s Eye has healing properties that can offer protection to the wearer. In Roman history, the eye of the stone signifies the higher deity overseeing the battlefield. The eye is also thought to offer protection from the Evil Eye and its associated negative energies.

Protection and courage are two of the prominent healing properties of Tiger’s Eye. Another belief from historic Chinese culture is that the stone offers good luck and fortune. Across ancient mythology, the common thread weaving its meaning together is its ability to bolster one’s strength, courage, and power.

You don’t need to be a brave warrior to receive the benefits of Tiger’s Eye. In fact, carrying this stone in your purse or pocket is a powerful way to amplify your courage and overcome your fears.

Have a big job interview coming up? Meditate with this crystal before your interview to bestow yourself with the courage and confidence to land the job.

What is it that gives Tiger’s Eye such mystical powers? It could be the stone’s origin or chemical composition. 

What Is Tiger Eye Stone Made Of?

Tiger’s Eye comes from all around the globe, with main sources being the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. The crystal’s composition contains a compacted quartz mineral called crocidolite. Ultimately, quartz overpowers the crocidolite leaving behind quartz streaks that make up the golden stripes across the stone.

As gemologists polish the stone, a shiny luster illuminates the waves of brown and yellow beneath. The final pattern is a golden-hued crystal alight with flakes of shimmering gold against a dark base tone.

Tigers eye

What Is The Tiger’s Eye Stone Used For?

Of all the healing crystals, this prosperous stone is most famous for inviting good fortune and luck. People from all walks of life use this stone to attract financial gain, protection, mental clarity, clear communication, and prosperity.

That’s because the Tiger’s Eye chakra is the Solar Plexus, the source of all intuition. When you get a gut feeling, it comes from the energy center located in the upper abdomen, beneath your chest. 

As the third Chakra, the Solar Plexus is the source of your true feelings. Known as your “power center,” this grounding Chakra helps you feel balanced and confident. 

Unfortunately, the Solar Plexus can fall out of alignment, and negative energy can store here. When this happens, you’ll feel powerless to control the decisions in your life. Tiger’s Eye is the perfect healing crystal to help you restore order and take control of what you can. However, there are certain circumstances outside of your control, and meditating with this calming crystal helps you release the need to control things outside of your grasp.

What Healing Properties Does Tiger’s Eye Have?

Tiger’s Eye properties are immense. While some crystals provide an overall enhancement to your wellbeing, this crystal focuses on improving specific areas of your life. Let’s have a look!

tigers eye healing properties

Good Fortune

Let’s be honest, we all want to attract wealth and good fortune, right? There’s comfort in having monetary stability, not only to invest and spend as you see fit but to alleviate financial stress. 

If you can relate, you’re not alone! According to a recent study, money is the primary source of stress for Americans. Understandably so, as money provides shelter, food, and comforts. 

In these uncertain times, we’re feeling the threat to our financial livelihoods more than ever before. That’s why it’s important to bring a conscious mindfulness to your financial status. Practicing crystal healing with Tiger’s Eye is a powerful way to connect you to your financial aspirations and attract wealth.

It’s not that Tiger’s Eye healing properties will suddenly make you wealthy overnight. Instead, this crystal helps to sharpen your focus, determination, and clarify your goals. With this newfound clarity, you’ll work harder to overcome obstacles, persevere past adversity, and design your future to be prosperous. 

And it doesn’t help that it boosts courage, the main ingredient on your path toward success.

Boosting Courage

We all want to have a little fearlessness when it comes to our goals and dreams. Unfortunately, fear manifests as self-doubt and builds a seemingly insurmountable barrier between us and our grand vision. 

If you feel particularly out of touch with your goals, program your Tiger’s Eye crystal to invite bravery and courage. 

Doing so will unleash inner confidence and you’ll feel unfalteringly grounded in your intentions. With this newfound courage, you’ll overcome fears, obliterate obstacles, and ultimately, feel empowered to overcome anything that stands between you and your intention.

Ready to build courage and attract wealth? Then Tiger’s Eye is the crystal for you!

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

The first step is to program your crystal with an intention. Hold your crystal in your hand, and ask it to endow you with the courage you need to achieve your goals. You can also set a specific intention to attract wealth and good fortune.

Carry your crystal with you in your purse, pocket, or wear it in a piece of jewelry for courage on the go. You should also place Tiger’s Eye in your home and workspace to create a forcefield of empowering energy all around you.

If you’re new to healing crystals, an essential healing crystal kit is an excellent way to elevate your healing journey to new heights!


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