What Are The Best Crystals For Your Workspace?

what gemstones can i place beside my computer

We are living in a digital world, and the effects can be toxic. The instant access to ample tech adds convenience, among other less desirable things. As you tap away at your computer and browse social media on your phone, you may notice lower energy, heightened stress, lack of focus, and eye strain.

Healing crystals can alleviate energy blockages within the body and protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation. So, what are the best crystals for your workspace? More importantly, what type of healing can you expect?

First, we need to talk about a real threat that’s always around while you work, just like a pesky coworker: electromagnetic radiation.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Everything in life is made of energy, and it can be either good or bad. Electromagnetic Radiation (EM) is ubiquitous because it’s comprised of the radio, micro, and infrared waves emitted from electronics, WiFi, and communication technology.

The general consensus is that exposure to low levels of electromagnetic radiation is harmless. However, many suffer symptoms like insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and more.

The World Health Organization claims that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing — which is definitely not harmless. Why risk it when there’s a natural shield of protection with healing crystals?

How Healing Crystals Help

Healing crystals have powerful capabilities. In addition to being beautiful objects, their composition promotes wellness. Crystals contain vibrational energy capable of transforming your life. When you feel negative or uninspired, crystals can reinvigorate you with positive energy. That’s because they contain intuitive healing properties that elevate your frequency.

There are two key reasons to benefit from bringing in the best crystals for your workspace:

  1. They minimize the harsh effects of electromagnetic radiation by filling your space with positive and protective energy.
  2. You can manifest an intention into your crystals to maintain a better work performance.

Are you struggling to stay focused? Up for a big work promotion? Feeling uninspired or experiencing a creative blockage? What you need is restorative energy, and that’s what crystals provide!

crystals placed beside a computer

Before you get started, be sure to…

Program Your Crystals With An Intention

Crystals harness powerful energy, but before they can heal, you need to tell them exactly what you need. For example, if you have trouble focusing, set an intention to minimize distractions and ask the crystal to help you focus.

Here’s how:

  • Hold the crystal in your hands
  • Say “I program this crystal to…”
  • And then add your needs. Examples include “help me focus” “alleviate eye strain” “protect me from harmful EMFs.”

Best Crystals For Your Your Workspace

There is no shortage of crystals to bring into your workspace, and each provides a benefit. For example, there are crystals for work success, feng shui, stress, and to ward off negativity. Ultimately, you want to bring in crystals that stimulate you, inspire you, and keep you safe.

Below, we’ll outline the best crystals for your workspace.

Crystals for Work Office

Clear Quartz

It’s natural to face distractions while you work, and clear quartz can mindfully bring you back to focus. Clear quartz is a master healer in that it alleviates a variety of energetic blockages. In addition, it amplifies the healing properties of your nearby crystals.


Working at a computer can easily vacuum you into the tech world. However, it’s pertinent to maintain the calm serenity nature offers. Shungite neutralizes technology with an abundance of restorative energy. Place your shungite crystal next to your computer to minimize the effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Feeling a mental block? One of the best crystals for your workspace is citrine. Not only does this healing crystal improve mental clarity, but it magnifies creativity. That’s because Citrine activates three of the seven chakras, which fosters creative fluidity.

Crystals For Work Stress


If you’re having a particularly stressful day — or week for that matter, amethyst invites peace and relaxation into your work space. Negative thoughts only serve to detract us from our work. When thoughts intensify or a stressful confrontation arises, hold amethyst and set an intention for calm. Place it next to your computer to minimize stress and stay in a peaceful flow.

Rose Quartz

Known as the love crystal, rose quartz has compassionate energy that helps to alleviate stress. It’s natural to encounter high-stress situations while working, and it’s also easy to be overly hard on yourself. Rose quartz enables you to gently remind yourself that it’s okay to make mistakes because ultimately, you are human. Keep rose quartz nearby to reinforce kindness to yourself, and others, throughout your workday.


If you are struggling to protect your workspace, bring in tourmaline. As a healing crystal, tourmaline is the ultimate protector. Set boundaries, protect yourself from negative energy, and intensify the feeling of comfort with tourmaline’s soothing energy.

Tiger Eye

Another stone of protection is Tiger Eye, which also invites good fortune — something we can all use in our workspace! In addition, Tiger Eye helps you focus and feel clear-headed. This powerful healing crystal also dims stress and anxiety so that you can work in happy mode.


Whether you work in an office with coworkers, customer service, or remotely, you’re sure to encounter “energy vampires.” These are people who drain the life out of you, tax your emotional reserves, or leave you feeling utterly exhausted. Bring fluorite into your space to protect yourself from the emotional pollution radiating from people’s toxic energy.Fluorite also helps balance your mental energy with the third eye, which harnesses mental clarity to help you stay focused.

Use Crystals To Enhance Your Workday

It’s no secret that work is tough — between your task list, coworkers, boss, and daily stressors, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or stressed. We listed the best crystals for your workspace because they’ll help you perform better. More importantly, they’ll invite calm and relaxation into your space so that you can focus on your work. Lastly, healing crystals protect you from harmful EMFs.

With these crystals on your desk, you’ll operate at a higher frequency, aided by the immense healing properties of crystals. You got this!


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