How To Heal Chakras With Crystals: The Ultimate Guide

How to heal chakras with crystals

Do you ever feel bogged down, emotionally discontent, or altogether out of balance? What you might not realize is that your chakras are out of balance. The chakras align our mind, body, and spirit to create harmony. Unfortunately, the daily demands and stressors of life can lead to blockages in your energetic system. This is completely natural, and none of us are immune to imbalance. That’s why we’re here, to teach you how to heal chakras with crystals.

The more awareness you bring to your chakras, the better the flow of energy through your body, spirit, mind, and environment. In this beginner’s guide to chakra healing, you’ll learn:

  1. What chakras are and their importance for wellness
  2. How to align your chakras for beginners
  3. Which chakra crystals are best for healing

Are you ready to let the good energy flow? Let’s tap into ultimate balance and zen. 

What Are Chakras?

There are energetic centers along your body, from the crown of your head to your tailbone. The overall collective of chakras is called the energetic system. There are seven chakras within your energetic system:

  1. Crown “Sahasrara”
  2. Third Eye “Ajna”
  3. Throat “Vishudda”
  4. Heart “Anahata”
  5. Solar Plexus “Manipura”
  6. Sacral “Swadhisthana”
  7. Root “Muladhara”

Each of these chakras is responsible for a vital component of your health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to heal chakras with crystals. Similarly, each chakra directly correlates to the health of a physical organ or systematic function. In other words: your health and wellbeing depend on the vitality and balance of your chakras. 

How do you unblock your chakras? The good news is that even when stress, trauma, or poor habits disrupt our chakras, we can alleviate energy blockages through crystal healing.

How Do Chakra Crystals Help?

Chakra crystals are incredible conduits to harness positive vibrational energy. In fact, learning how to heal chakras with crystals is one of the best ways to eliminate negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations. Using chakra crystals is an incredibly easy and accessible way to improve your wellbeing.

You can place crystals in your home, workspace, and even carry them with you wherever you go. The goal is to bring crystals and their healing properties into your life in a thoughtful and strategic way. That way, your entire world, and presence tap into the powerful currency of chakra healing.

Are their certain crystals to clear all chakras? Which chakra crystals are best? Let’s find out!

How do chakra crystals work

How To Heal Chakras With Crystals

Within crystal healing is a vivid spectrum of crystals. Each crystal contains healing properties that isolate specific problems and promote concentrated healing within that area. For example, carnelian is a sacral stabilizing crystal that enhances motivation and creativity. If you are new to crystal healing, let’s break down how to use crystals and chakras for beginners.

Crown Chakra Crystals

The crown chakra is like an invisible, ethereal halo sitting atop the crown of your head. As the highest chakra, this energy center serves as a portal to your highest, spiritual self. If you are struggling to connect to universal energy, bring awareness to your crown chakra to tap into higher consciousness. 

The best crown chakra crystals are clear quartz and amethyst. Clear quartz is called the “Master Healer” as it’s a universal healing stone for all chakras. Amethyst is a stunning purple geode crystal that balances emotions, alleviates stress, and calms extreme feelings like anger, negativity and anxiety.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals 

The second highest chakra is the third eye, which represents our intuition. The third eye is often associated with the soul because it’s capable of peeling the layers of exterior intentions to reveal the true meaning. Sometimes our vision and discernment are clouded, and healing the third eye can crystallize the truth.

Lapis lazuli is an indigo chakra crystal that promotes honesty, clarity, and creativity. 

Throat Chakra Crystals 

The throat chakra is responsible for communication. When our throat chakra is balanced, we’re able to clearly communicate our feelings and thoughts. Stress and strain can disrupt the flow of energy, and thus complicate our ability to fully use words to express ourselves.

Bring healing to your throat chakra with turquoise and aquamarine.

  • Turquoise stabilizes moods and activates self-awareness and restoration
  • Aquamarine represents courage, instilling self-conscious or soft-spoken people with the power to communicate their feelings

Heart Chakra Crystals 

There are several functions of the heart chakra. First, as you can guess, the heart chakra is the direct line of energy to love, not just to others, but to ourselves. The heart chakra is also the intersection between the upper and lower chakras. As you can imagine, this chakra is extremely important for all of us. When we have a balanced heart chakra, we are able to love and exercise compassion with an open heart. 

Rose quartz is the chakra crystal that represents love in all its forms. Healing with rose quartz enables you to access your most empathetic and loving self. Rose quartz harmonizes love between the self and others so that you can feel peace and inner fulfillment.

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals 

If you’re suffering from insecurity or low confidence, it’s time to bring some much-needed healing to your solar plexus chakra. In this energy center confidence and intuition flourish. However, self-doubt, shame, and fear can block energy. 

Use amber or citrine to unblock the solar plexus chakra. Amber minimizes negative energy and stimulates confidence. Citrine activates intellect and self-expression, which in turn raises self-confidence.

Sacral Chakra Crystals 

Creativity and passion flow abundantly in the sacral chakra, which represents pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. If you put the pleasure and enjoyment of others above your own, use Tiger’s Eye or carnelian to honor yourself before others.

Carnelian stimulates your ability to trust yourself, feel courageous, and stimulated. Tiger’s Eye is the crystal of good fortune, which also stimulates mental clarity and focus.

Root Chakra Crystals 

The root chakra is the foundation of your physical and emotional health. An open root chakra means you live a grounded, stable life capable of enduring and overcoming challenges. However, when the root chakra is blocked we feel unstable and wayward. 

Hematite and black tourmaline can create a steady foundation for you to flourish. Hematite calms stress, while black tourmaline purifies your life from negative energy. 

Women with healing crystals on chakras

Balance Chakras With A Chakra Crystal Set

Each one of the chakras serves an important function, but they must all work together to promote the flow of healing energy. Bring awareness and healing to your seven chakras with a chakra crystal set! Our Essential Healing Crystals Set contains 13 pre-cleansed, hand-selected crystals. Use the seven tumbled chakra healing stones to balance, restore and energize your life.


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