Are Crystal Points Natural And How Do They Direct Energy?

Are crystal points natural

Looking for an energy boost? Consider crystals! If you haven’t heard, crystals have the power to transmit energy in a powerful way. If you’re feeling anxious, looking for love, or need protection or balance, there’s a crystal for any holistic healing you require. There is a lot to know about crystals  — whether you’re a novice or experienced crystal practitioner. No matter your exposure to crystals, it’s natural to have a lot of questions about them. For example, how do they get their shape? And while we’re on the subject, are crystal points natural?

In this post, we’re examining how the shape of a crystal influences its directional energy. We’ll also compare natural crystals to polished crystals to help you decide with crystal clear vision which style is right for you.

What Are Crystal Points?

If you’ve ever marveled at crystals, you’ve likely encountered varieties with sharply defined points. How do crystals get their points? A crystal point is a sharply-defined pinnacle on either one side, or both sides, of the crystal. All sizes of crystals can have crystal points — from the smallest to the largest. 

Crystal points are technically referred to as “terminations” in the stone. Terminations occur as a result of mining, polishing or nature’s influence. Is there a purpose for crystal points and are they natural? The points on a crystal encapsulate the harnessed energy required to transmit healing into our environment and space. Crystal points essentially reveal which direction the crystal energy flows from. In addition, the points on a crystal foster our ability to focus and gain mental clarity. Simply put, crystal points direct energy inward or outward and enhance the healing properties of a crystal.

Powerful, right? We know that crystal points are directional energy sources, but do they come straight from the earth predefined, or are they altered? 

Are Crystal Points Natural?

It’s no secret that crystals with points are attractive and holistic, but are crystal points natural? The answer isn’t so clear cut. In fact, the points on a crystal can occur naturally, or from polishing. 

Natural Crystals

In some cases, a sharp-pointed crystal appears after the mining process. Ultimately, when the crystal is mined, it can be exposed to chips and dings from the excavation process. When the crystal comes from the earth, it may have one point, or be misshapen. As a result, the crystal leans to one side, rather than gradually mounting into a single point. An off-center termination in a crystal results in a blocked flow of energy from the stone. To remedy this problem, the crystal is shaped into a pointed termination with six sides, which is called a Generator. However, not all misshapen crystals are polished into a Generator. 

Many crystals remain raw, natural and untouched by humans. Many crystal practitioners favor completely natural stones, as they feel the energy from the earth hasn’t been compromised. However, others love the stylistic aesthetic of polished crystals because they have perfectly symmetrical points. 

Smokey quartz crystal point

Polished Crystal Points

Some crystals come from the earth with no points whatsoever. In these cases, the crystal is shaped to have terminations. Polished, cut, or tumbled crystals have edges and points hand-shaped or polished by a machine. Not every crystal comes from nature perfectly shaped, and because crystal points are desirable, some crystals are modified to look naturally polished. Furthermore, polishing crystals is a great way to clean up any scratches or residue dulling the shine of the crystal. 

Polished crystal points

Polished Crystal Vs. Natural Crystal

Aside from its physical appearance, you might be wondering what the difference between a natural crystal vs. a polished crystal. In terms of energy, we mentioned that crystal points direct the flow of energy from a crystal. Can the same be said about crystals without points?

Directing The Energy

It is certainly safe to say that crystal points harness the directional output of a crystal. However, crystals without points still emit vibrational energy in all directions. If this was cut or altered in any way you might feel a lackluster sense of energy since it is hard to know exactly where that energy is coming from on a polished crystal.

Keep in mind that the cut of the crystal isn’t the sole dictation of its energy. Sure, the point dictates energy flow, however, natural crystals can still provide immense healing properties. 


Then, of course, there is the fiscal aspect. Natural crystals are more expensive because they haven’t been manipulated or altered. In other words, the value of a crystal relates to its ability to emit energy. Some believe that interference from humans degenerates the energy of a crystal. As such, natural crystals cost more. 

Rough crystals keep us grounded to reality, while polished crystals purposefully direct the flow of energy from the crystal. While crystal points might affect the energy flow, the inherent healing properties of a natural crystal radiate through all angles of the stone. 

For example, if you want to use a citrine crystal to bring light into your life, it won’t matter if it’s polished or natural because you’ve set an intention into the crystal. Sure, you could place a pointed citrine crystal in a windowsill with the point directing inward to your space. When the light hits the crystal, the flow of energy will pour into your home. 

However, you could just the same place a raw crystal in the same spot and allow the energy to radiate all around you. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Which Is Better for Healing? A Polished Crystal or a Natural Crystal? 

While the energy is more naturally focused and effective in raw crystals, there’s equal merit in polished crystals. The best way to find the right style for you is to try both. Hold each crystal and see which energy you gravitate to most. In both instances, you are sure to experience the holistic benefits of healing crystals. As you practice crystal healing, you can collect a variety of crystals to find which ones you like most. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, so is the energy! 

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