Full Moon Rituals – Manifest, Energize, and Renew!

full moon rituals

What is it about the moon that gives us all the feels? To some, the moon is a divine force worthy of eternal adoration. For others, a full moon means dread and chaos. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there’s no denying the moon’s sacred energy. Full moon rituals help you tap into that divine frequency.

For centuries, people of all cultures and origins have centered their rituals around the moon — from the basic routine of harvesting during a full moon to worshipping the divine energy of the moon’s cycle.

With cyclical energy that shapes human activity — when it goes down we awaken and when it rises we sleep — many have found healing in the moon. Not surprising, considering ancient cultures worshipped it for its magical intrigue. As it turns out, the moon’s aura is just as present today as it was for our ancestors. 

Here, we’ll share how full moon rituals can help you reconnect with the moon, manifest your dreams, and embark on new beginnings. 

The Power of a Full Moon

There are few things as polarizing as the way people feel toward a full moon. Can a full moon affect people’s moods? For some, it’s a cursed event beckoning sleepless nights, emotional turmoil, and every bad thing that can go wrong happening. Others value a full moon for its restorative and renewing energy. 

Wherever your opinions lie, it’s impossible to deny the moon’s magnetic energy. Astrologists have long associated the moon with feminine energy, connecting us to our inner emotions and feelings.

Reminiscent of the phases of life, the moon cycles lapse in and out. At the beginning of the cycle is a new moon, a phase when the moon falls smack dab in the middle of the sun and earth. During this phase, we cannot see the moon. 

However, it waxes until reaching the zenith of its cycle: the full moon. Here, the moon lingers on bright display until it slowly wanes toward another new moon.

It’s those precious few days when the moon is full that we humans are most receptive to its powers. Did you know that you have a moon sign based on the time and location of your birth? The truth is that a sacred string intertwines our existence with the moon.

full moon rituals

What Are Full Moon Rituals?

Unfortunately, the prevalence of technology and the internet have made us less reliant on the moon cycle to function. For centuries, however, the story was much different. Pagans, Hindu, Native American, Greek gods and goddesses — each of these cultures had their own mythology orbiting around the moon.

A full moon was the optimal time to gather, celebrate life, set intentions, and acknowledge the growth, harvest, or abundance of the fortnight prior.

That’s why full moon rituals are so powerful; they restore us to our ancient ties to the moon and reconnect us with the celestial energy of the universe. Are you ready to forge a connection with the moon and manifest your greatest desires?

Here are the best full moon rituals to harness the power of the moon to bring your visions and dreams to life. 

A full moon symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning. If you want to manifest your dreams or kickstart an important project, a full moon ritual is an optimal way to harvest your inner desires. 

Below, we’ll guide you through the steps of how to do a full moon ritual.

Preparing For A Full Moon Ritual

  1. Decide on a place of gathering. You could choose a room in your house that holds special significance, or plan a getaway to the desert where the stars and moon are on full display. If you’re not sure where to go, follow your soul.
  2. Gather your friends. Do you have a spiritual tribe of friends who’d love to jump in on a moon ritual? Invite them, the more the merrier, and anyone can benefit from full moon rituals.
  3. Set the mood. If you’re planning on setting intentions, bring plenty of paper and pens to jot them down. You’ll also want to bring any important healing items like candles, healing crystals, sage sticks for smudging, photos, goddess cards, and heirlooms you’d like to use for manifestation. You may also want to bring floor cushions and atmospheric music. 
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. A full moon ritual is all about releasing past energy to make room for positive, new energy to flow through you. That becomes more strenuous in tight jeans or heels. Wear something you can move, dance, and chant in freely without feeling restricted.

You’ve got the logistics prepared, now let’s move through the best full moon rituals!

Zenluma crystals in a full moon ritual

The Best Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Ceremonies

Ceremonial moon gatherings are sacred and time-honored. All you have to do is invite a group of friends and loved ones together in a healing space and choose a ritual. Here are a few options:

  • A sound meditation – Use gongs, cymbals and ambient noise to ease into a calm state
  • Drum circle – Pound on drums in a chorus of rhythm to release stagnant thoughts and energies and make room for transformation.
  • Full moon release ritual – Pass around pens and papers and have everyone write down something they’d like to release themselves from. Bring a fire-safe bowl or find a fire pit, and release these negative energies into the fire, one by one.

Moon Dance

Indigenous Native American tribes enact moon dances during the full moon by gathering with the community to pray, dance, and ask for healing. You can take inspiration by gathering with your closest friends for three days under the full moon to rejoice in the feminine energy of the moon.

Gather outside at nightfall under the light of the full moon. Read sacred scriptures and sing ancient songs. During the day, rest and recharge for another moon dance.

Bathing Rituals

A simple, personal full moon ritual is to take a hot salt bath. When the moon reaches its pinnacle, your skin is most open to rejuvenation. Light candles, put on soothing music, and outfit your sanctuary with healing crystals. Draw a hot bath and sprinkle in salts and minerals to release and cleanse out any toxins or negative energies.

Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Write down your greatest desires, goals, and intentions for your life. Gather with close friends in a safe space. Go around in a circle sharing your intentions with the group. If they are too personal, consider passing out goddess cards and having each participant draw a card and share their feelings about the message.

Amplify Your Ritual With Crystals

Full moon rituals serve to open space for transformative, healing energy. Adding healing crystals to your rituals amplifies your intentions and manifestations. They’ll also clear any negative or stagnant energy from your mind, body, and spirit, so that you can best flow into a space of clarity, focus, and positivity.

Ready to ignite a new beginning this full moon? Use this guide as a reference for how to best charge into renewal and be at one with the celestial energy of the moon. 

Do you have a favorite full moon ritual? Fill us on in the comments, we’d love to hear about it!


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