Types of Crystals For Healing

types of crystals for healing

Crystals bring a sense of both balance and beauty to life, but they can also serve as tools for healing. Harnessing the healing power of crystals can bring about a strong sense of positive change, especially if you’re faced with a difficult hurdle in life or dealing with emotional pain.

While many types of crystals are used for healing, they all have unique properties that can help us to balance our energies and chakras. Choosing the one that speaks to you can help you achieve a sense of inner harmony. 

Whether you carry them with you or place them around your home, these healing crystals can serve as talismans for enriching your life and positive conduits of good energy. When you make these part of your self-love practice, you can allow yourself the space and strength you need to heal.


For strengthening positivity.

There are several types of sandstone in the world, all of which offer strong vibrations for healing. These pretty stones–also called goldstone–are flecked with sediment that give them a joyous and uplifting sparkle.

Blue sandstone, in particular, is a strong healing crystal for those who feel weighed down by the emotions of others. Letting negative emotions from others stick to you can be a real drain on your own energy. Blue sandstone–called the “victory stone”– has the ability to give you back your power, deflecting negativity and strengthening your vitality.
Similarly, goldstone supports your confidence, letting you regain your self-esteem. This “stone of ambition” is a magnet for positive energy, as its sunshiney glow radiates good vibes.

No matter which hue calls to you, you’ll find that sandstone can help lift you up and give you the strength and motivation to work toward healing.

blue sandstone goldstone


For mental clarity.

Selenite was used by the Ancient Greeks to embrace the light of the moon. Named for the moon goddess, Selene, selenite reveals to us a path toward mental clarity.

The power of selenite comes from within. It has the ability to both cleanse and charge itself. These powers also emanate to other crystals around it, amplifying their individual powers. It’s a perfect centerpiece to help raise positive vibrations.

On its own, selenite can be used to bring a sense of peace and serenity into a room. Use it in meditation to summon inner peace, or keep it around to promote focus on work or projects. This all-encompassing sort of energy is attractive if you’re looking for a first crystal or want to elevate a healing practice.


Smoky quartz

For dispelling stress.

Don’t let the mysterious look of smoky quartz fool you. This healing stone gives you the power to clear out stress.

When we bring it into our lives and our homes, we allow it to detoxify the environment and clear the air of any negative energy. As it boosts good vibes, it helps to expel negative emotions.

With negative emotions out of the way, smoky quartz will help reveal a clear view of the truth. Since smoky quartz encourages positive vibrations, it can help guide you through healing with sensibility. Its connection with the root chakra helps you to reground yourself and find a sense of security.

Similarly to selenite, smoky quartz can be used alongside other types of crystals for healing so as to clear negative energies and elevate positive vibrations.

smoky quartz


For speaking your truth.

A major part of healing is being able to be honest about your feelings. Kyanite is a healing crystal associated with the throat chakra, meaning it can be used to help find and strengthen your voice.

It’s a crystal of empowerment and positive energy, especially those who need the support to express themselves. It runs solely on positive vibes, as it’s one of only two minerals–the other being citrine–that actively dispels and dissolves negativity.

As it opens the throat chakra, it can help open any sort of blockage around communication. This makes it an especially useful tool in settling arguments or disputes, helping to bring chaotic vibes back in sync.

For anyone feeling stifled or lost in chaos, kyanite can be a tool to set you on course.

kyanite healing crystals


For promoting balance and harmony.

This purple-tinged quartz is considered a “master healer.” It’s associated with the third-eye chakra, which holds energy essential to seeing clearly and finding balance.

If you’re often swept away in particularly chaotic or rushing thoughts, amethyst can help to quiet the mind. Amethyst helps to dispel negativity from our conscious and subconscious mind, leaving a sense of tranquility. It can be very powerful if you struggle with insomnia or nightmares.

Acting as a sort of diffuser, amethyst can help you work through many types of irritability and mood swings. It assists in dispelling fear and anxiety. It can also be used to deter overindulgence and as a guide through unhealthy addictions.

Overall, with amethyst you get a sense of inner peace. This mental oasis of calm is essential in your quest for healing.

Amethyst crystals for healing

Rose quartz

For healing the heart.

The beauty of rose quartz goes far beyond its appearance. These lovely soft-pink healing crystals hold a strong connection to your heart chakra, giving them the reputation as the “the stone of love.”

As Aristotle said, the heart is the seat of our emotions. Rose quartz helps to uplift the heart and encourage feelings of positivity. Turning to rose quartz can promote self-love, and bring you a renewed sense of fulfillment. It is also a conduit for unconditional love of others, and supports harmony in relationships

If you are carrying a heavy heart, rose quartz can help soothe your grief and promote deep inner-healing. In time, it allows passion to be reborn and refocused, giving you a strong sense of self.

If you are having trouble with forgiveness, look to rose quartz. It’s strong vibration with the heart helps you to open up and find the strength to forgive and the space to heal.

Rose quartz is a great place to start for those new to crystals, as it promotes love in all shapes. It is a healing crystal that you can embrace time and time again to strengthen your heart and bring love into your life.

rose quartz

Follow Your Heart

Seeking the power of crystals can bring a true sense of positivity to your life. While they all have their own personal attributes, it’s important to follow your heart to whichever attracts you most. You know best what you need, and choosing the crystal that you feel a connection with is always going to be the best and most rewarding decision on your path to healing.



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