Best Crystals For Career Success – 7 Stones To Slay At Work!

Best Crystals For Career Success

We all have career ambitions, but sometimes stress and bad vibes limit us from reaching our full potential. You want to climb the ladder to success, right? You have incredible strength within you to achieve anything you set your mind to! But what if your workplace is toxic, or extenuating circumstances hold you back? Sounds like you could use a little help from these 7 best crystals for career success.

Crystals work with you to overcome insecurity, gain confidence, and absolve negative energy standing in your way. With these powerful healing tools in your pocket, you’re on your way to #boss status in no time.

Ready to slay? Let’s get straight to the best crystals for success at work! 

What Crystals Are Good For Career Success?

There are dozens of healing crystals and each one has unique properties to help you overcome obstacles and tap into your highest self. Are you feeling held back or overwhelmed by work stress? 

You have strength and power to succeed, but for whatever reason, you feel like you can’t get ahead. You’re not alone. Truth is, no one gets to the top alone. We all need a little help on the journey to success. That’s where healing crystals for career success come into play! 

Add these crystals to your artillery, and you’ll be shooting bullseyes at work.

crystals for career progression

9 Best Crystals For Career Success

1. Citrine – The Golden Ticket To Gold Gains

There’s a reason why this crystal has the nickname, “The Merchant’s Stone.” It’s warm-hued golden glow is reminiscent of gold, which has for centuries signified wealth.

Citrine is a powerful wealth attractor and has potent properties that help you gain financial and professional success. Whether you’ve recently created a business startup or have put in years at the same job hoping to break through the glass ceiling, citrine elevates your frequency to prepare you for abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Carry citrine crystals in your purse or pocketbook to attract money. Place your citrine crystals in a windowsill to absorb sunshine, which will naturally imbue you with an air of confidence and exuberance to chase new opportunities.

citrine - crystals for career progression

2. Carnelian – Time To Vibe Higher

Carnelian is one of our favorite warm-toned crystals for success at work. Sometimes we can feel sluggish or uninspired and this pours into work. It’s difficult to jolt yourself out of stagnation and find the motivation to chase your goals. Fortunately, carnelian is a natural energy-booster that stimulates confidence and motivation.

Think of carnelian as your personal cheerleader, championing you to get after your goals. Carnelian’s jubilant colors have zesty orange and red hues, which instantly burst positive and uplifting energies into your day to day routine.

If you need pep in your step, place a carnelian by your bedside so that the first thing you see and feel in the morning is its happy-infusing energy. 

Carnelian - Stones for career progression

3. Sunstone – Land That Big Promotion

Are you up for a big promotion at work? Perhaps you heard of an exciting opportunity and need a little nudge in the right direction? Look no further than sunstone, one of the best crystals for career change or promotions.

Sunstone’s powerful properties have a strengthening effect, helping you overcome self-doubt, invite wealth, and advocate for yourself. If you struggle to fully articulate your value, hold sunstone in your hand for five minutes before a meeting or interview for a shot of confidence and clear communication.

sunstone / goldstone for career progression

4. Green Aventurine – Turn On The Bright Light

The color green has long held association with wealth and good luck. Perhaps it’s those four leaf clovers or St. Patrick’s Day, but green aventurine is known as the good-luck crystal. The best way to invite wealth is to manifest prosperity with green aventurine. 

Every morning, hold green aventurine in your hands and recite an empowering mantra. Personalize it to your goals and specific desired outcomes. For example, if you want to attract a specific amount of money, say it in your mantra.

This manifestation exercise will put your needs out into the universe, where the universal hands of divinity will cradle it and send good fortune your way. And that’s not all: green aventurine has many healing properties, including bolstering leadership, stimulating creativity, and brightening the bulb of enlightenment in your Third Eye Chakra.

Aventurine - crystals for career progression

5. Pyrite – Demolish Self Doubt and Glow Up!

These crystals for career success are only part of the recipe for success. The other component is an unwavering belief in your capabilities, skills, and worth. But for some of us, self-doubt is debilitating. If you relate, then pyrite is the crystal for you!

Pyrite helps you squash self-doubt and negative thoughts so that you can fully realize your potential. Set an intention for the crystal to help you overcome your doubt and reframe your mindset. 

Once you get in your own corner, there are no limits to how far you’ll go, grow, and glow! And don’t be surprised if a sudden influx of money comes your way as pyrite is a gold crystal and conduit for fortune and wealth.

Pyrite - crystals for career progression

6. Tiger’s Eye – Get Ready To Roar!

The strongest ingredient for success is confidence and courage; you’ll need to take risks to get ahead. Unfortunately, risks are scary and it’s easy to shy into the background of your life. Tiger’s eye to the rescue!

Tiger’s Eye is a dynamic crystal that stimulates courage and boldness. Wearing a tiger’s eye takes you out of your head and into your life, where thoughts don’t control your success, actions do. Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for career success because it bestows you with the courage needed to slay your workload and achieve your greatest success. So get out there, because you’ve so got this!

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7. Selenite

Do you feel particularly stagnant or restless at work? You won’t anymore with the help of these mystical ice crystals. Selenite sticks form in the hallows of majestic caves and have potent cleansing properties. 

Bringing selenite into your healing crystal practice will amplify the properties of other healing crystals. This means that you can not only benefit from selenite’s restorative, purifying agents, but also elevate your other crystals to obtain pique status. And that’s the combination for success!

Selenite wand

Step Confidently Toward Success

You are a dynamic warrior capable of achieving your goals. Whatever life throws your way, these healing crystals for career success will make sure you stay at the top of your game.

Ready to launch? Grab our Essential Healing Crystal Set, which includes career-boosting crystals like Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Carnelian, and Selenite sticks! 



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