9 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

how to remove negative energy from your home

Learn how to remove negative energy from your home with techniques like crystal healing, burning sage, and a good old fashioned deep cleaning!

Your home is a sanctuary; it’s the one place you go to feel comfortable and truly at peace. But what happens when bad vibes force their way into your home? Life isn’t all gumdrops and happy vibes, and sadly, negative energy can hinder your safe haven.

Don’t worry, because in this article, we’re teaching you how to remove negative energy from your home!

Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

Negative energy comes from a variety of sources — illness, arguments, fatigue, emotional strain, pain. Over time, all of these factors generate a buildup of bad vibes that compromise your sanctuary. 

Bad vibes blow in with the wind, where toxic dust particles and energy can bog down your once airy space. Your home should be a retreat, not a dust bin collecting bad energy.

You might look around and feel a sense of heaviness or even disgust. 

A room that might’ve been a space of zen now feels toxic. Your reading nook might be crowded with negative energy. That’s because all of the negative energy around you lowers your frequency. 

What happens when your space is positive and light? It feels fresh and inspiring. That’s the energy we’re shooting for every day.

Ready to learn how to remove negative energy from your home? Good, because there are several ways to do exactly that!

Let’s return your sacred space to its lovely former glory. How can you cleanse the bad and invite the good? There are several techniques — from crystal healing to smudging to a good, thorough cleaning, and bringing in flora and fauna.

The goal of each of these cleansing practices is that all roads lead to harmony, balance, and positivity. Ready to sweep out the bad energy and vibe high? Let’s cleanse!

How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Below are 9 ways to remove negative energy from your home. You can do these in any order you please, but a good starting point is to clean first.

From there, you can isolate specific areas, and bring in uplifting healing modalities to pulse positive energy through your home.

1. Deeply Clean Your Home

One of the biggest storages of negative energy is dirt and grime. Like people, our homes have energy, and dirt and clutter can perpetuate negativity.

Go through each room of your house and tidy up. Deeply clean your home to eliminate dust particles and pollutants that can slow you down and manifest as fatigue or discontent.

2. Clean Your Entrance Points

The cleaning isn’t exclusive to the inside of your home! We want to make sure every entry point is thoroughly cleansed. Go to each of the doors that enter your home and sweep them clean.

If there is carpet, vacuum it. If it’s concrete, give it a good rinse. The goal is to cleanse these entrances to protect your home from negative energy entering.

Don’t forget about the knobs and windowsills — these also need to be purified. Scrub them down with water and vinegar, and a hefty dose of lemon juice to freshen up the areas.

3. Open the Windows and Let In Fresh Air

Light is one of the greatest healing energies in the universe. Open up all the windows of your home and fill the space with light and air.

Sunlight naturally kills bacteria and contains vitamin D, which protects the body from disease and illness. Fresh air moves energy throughout your space in a continual energetic flow. 

4. Light Candles

In the same way that sunlight brightens up a space with healing energy, candlelight removes negative energy. Place candles around your home and light them to foster a grounding, balanced, and calming environment.

how to remove negative energy from your home

5. Cleanse Your Home With Healing Crystals

Crystals are one of nature’s greatest natural healers, especially when it comes to removing negative energy from your home.

To start, place your favorite crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, or geode in corners around your home. For a more intensive cleansing ritual, set up a crystal grid in each room of your house.

Place a crystal in every corner of every room to protect yourself from negative energy. Black Tourmaline is especially effective at ridding your home of toxic radiation from tech devices like WiFi, phones, and computers. Simply place the crystal by your devices to protect yourself while you use them.

how to remove negative energy from your home

6. Burn Sage

A time-honored method for cleansing space of negative energy is to burn (or smudge) sage. All you’ll need is a sage stick, candle, metal bowl, and feather. Light the sage stick with the candle flame, then place the sage stick in the metal bowl and fan the smoke with the feather.

You can also swap the metal bowl for an abalone shell, which is what indigenous and ancient cultures have used for centuries.

Waft the healing smoke through the hallways, corridors, and rooms of your home to remove the space of negative or toxic energy.

how to remove negative energy from your home - sage

7. Mist The Air With Essential Oils

Like crystals, essential oils have powerful healing properties, and they are a great alternative to smudging sage. You can use an oil diffuser to spill healing mist all throughout your space.

Alternatively, add drops of oils to water and mist your home with a spray bottle. Popular purifying essential oils include Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon Oil, and Eucalyptus. 

8. Bring in Flora And Fauna

Now that you’ve purified the space, let’s bring in real, living organisms. Plants are life, and adding them to your room minimizes negativity and refills the space with abundance.

Plants brighten up a room with uplifting energy to combat bad vibes. Bonus points for oxygen-filled plants like snake plants and aloe vera, which are nature’s purifiers and cleanse the air in your home.

9. Play Soothing Music And Sounds

Ready to put the feather in the cap of your newly cleansed home? The power of sound healing is incredible. Listening to calming sounds, or meditative music is a form of music therapy, and can lower stress and depression, and bestow you with positive energy.

Time To Vibe High!

Your home is a refuge of vibrance, peace, and high-frequencies, but every now and then, toxic energy infiltrates your space.

Fortunately, you now know how to remove negative energy from your home! Use these nine techniques to restore your home to oasis-status. Put on some meditation music, light some sage, place healing crystals around your home, and get ready to zen out and vibe high!


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