Top 6 Calming Crystals For Anxiety, Peace And Total Zen

crystals for anxiety

Chances are, 2020 has you and anxiety well acquainted. Even if you’ve never felt anxious before, the current state of the world has us all gasping for calm. The truth is, stress triggers are all around us. That’s why it helps to have some calming crystals for anxiety within arm’s reach.

Between our jobs and family, finances and goals, we each reach a boiling point. Did you know that 40 million U.S. adults suffer from anxiety? 

Anxiety is chronic and compounding, and without the right tools to help, you may feel exhausted and hopeless. 

We want to help you achieve the peace you deserve. There is unfaltering strength within you to overcome anxiety, and healing crystals can help you access it. 

But first… how does anxiety affect you?

Anxiety On The Body, Mind, And Spirit

When we feel stressed, it doesn’t only affect us emotionally, but physically and mentally as well. Stress is so prevalent in society, that it causes 90% of illnesses. The first step to using calming crystals for anxiety is to understand that it affects us comprehensively.

crystals for anxiety

Physical Effects Of Anxiety

Anxiety can occur minimally or invasively, but over time, it accumulates and affects your physical wellbeing. In addition to illness and disease, physical symptoms caused by anxiety include:

  • Muscle spasms or pain
  • Lowered immunity
  • Prolonged cold, flu, and infections
  • Sexual, hormonal, and menstrual disruption
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Heart problems

Psychological Effects Of Anxiety

Anxiety disrupts the ability to focus and think clearly. That’s because anxiety triggers the brain to release the stress hormones regularly. Ordinarily, our brains only trigger stress hormones in moments of extreme fright or fear. However, ongoing anxiety sends the brain into a state of panic, and over time, you may notice:

  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Lack of focus

Emotional Effects Of Anxiety

Ongoing anxiety puts the brain into “fight or flight” mode, where regular daily activities start to feel like extremes. In this state, you may feel more inclined to engage in risky behavior, increase the consumption of alcohol, neglect your self-care needs, and have emotional outbursts. 

As you can see, the effects of anxiety are toxic to your temple. We want to help you get centered by using calming crystals for anxiety.

Top 6 Calming Crystals For Anxiety

1. Clear Quartz

In crystal healing, clear quartz is known as “The Master Healer,” but what does that mean? Clear Quartz has potent healing properties because it amplifies the positive, healing energy of nearby crystals.

Overall, if you start with one of these calming crystals for anxiety, grab Clear Quartz to cleanse your body and atmosphere of negative energy and make room for positive vibrations to permeate all around you.

How to use it: Place it in the corners of your home to create a crystal grid. You can also wear it in jewelry, put it in your workspace, carry it with you in your purse, and hold it during meditation.  

clear quartz crystals for manifesting dreams clear quartz

2. Amethyst

Take one glance at Amethyst and you’ll immediately see why it’s one of the best calming crystals for anxiety. With exposed raw crystals and a vivid purple hue, Amethyst is a powerful healer when you are having intense anxiety. If you’re confronted with an obstacle, have a job interview, or are plagued by a difficult decision, hold amethyst to protect yourself from negative energy. 

How to use it: Carry amethyst crystals with you everywhere you go. Store a crystal in your purse or pocket or wear it as jewelry to build a layer of protection from the negative energy in the world.

amethyst crown chakra

3. Rose Quartz

Love is a powerful healer, and Rose Quartz is the official stone of love. Anxiety sometimes makes us feel discontent with ourselves, which leads to lowered self-confidence and negative-self talk. Rose Quartz helps you access acceptance and self-love to work through the emotional side effects of anxiety. 

How to use it: Rose Quartz has a beautiful pink shade, and makes for effective jewelry. Additionally, you can also meditate with Rose Quartz and speak a mantra, asking the crystal to help you open your heart and accept self-love.

Top 6 Calming Crystals For Anxiety, Peace And Total Zen

4. Blue Lace Agate

One of the most gentle healing crystals is Blue Lace Agate, which exudes calm, peace, and balance. As soon as you look at this calming crystal, you instantly see that its serene blue color is capable of bestowing you with peace. Additionally, this stone clarifies your feelings and thoughts so that you can better communicate in times of severe tension or anxiety. 

How to use it: Build a wall of tranquility around you by placing Blue Lace Agate in your bedroom, next to your bed, or under your pillow.

Blue lace agate

5. Black Tourmaline

Well known as one of the best calming crystals for anxiety, Black Tourmaline is a stone of protection that absolves negative energies and helps you tap into a higher frequency of awareness. 

How to use it: Open your palm and hold Black Tourmaline while you meditate. This practice will help you regain control over your emotions to feel stable and balanced. Black Tourmaline is also a protector from electromagnetic radiation from tech devices, so it’s helpful to keep it between you and your computer, cell phone, or tablet.

black tourmaline

6. Fluorite

Need a natural chill pill? Fluorite fits the bill! Known as the “Rainbow Keeper” Fluorite is filled with calming vibrational energy. That’s because this crystal contains minerals of Calcite and Quartz, both of which enhance feelings of calm and relaxation.

How to use it: When you feel anxiety creeping in, grab Fluorite for relief and practice a visualization exercise. Hold the crystal and envision a bright light shining through your body until it flushes out all of the negativity in your life.

green fluorite for anxiety

Quiet The Noise And Reclaim Peace

There’s no disputing that life is tough. With modern influences like social media, news, and current events, anxiety compounds and can be debilitating. Sometimes we have to silence the noise so that we can get centered. One of the best ways to do that is to use these calming crystals for anxiety.

Allow yourself time every single day to unplug and shine your bright light. In the quiet, sacred space of crystal healing is where true transformation begins. No matter how difficult anxiety is, always remember that you are a zen warrior!


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