Amethyst Meaning – Healing Properties, Ancient Powers, And Modern Uses

Amethyst meaning

There are few purple gifts in nature, and undoubtedly, one of the most striking is amethyst. Thankfully, amethyst is a crystal with many holistic properties. Do you need to invite more calm into your life? Perhaps you need help building tolerance to alcohol? Or maybe you simply want to revel in the captivating beauty that is amethyst. Well deserved, considering the complexities and folklore of amethyst meaning, which we’ll explore in this article!

As both a cleansing crystal and shield against negative energies, amethyst can alleviate stress, reconcile differences, foreshadow events, and ground you in your healthiest self. 

Sound good? Then keep reading because we’re going on a journey to explore amethyst meaning, healing properties, powers, and uses. 

What Is The Symbolism of Amethyst?

Gems and crystals sparkle in a stunning array of vivid colors, but none are quite as captivating as amethyst. The gem’s rich purple hues embody a pure spirit, but amethyst meaning is anything but singular.

Throughout history, amethyst served as both a healing crystal and a spiritual conduit to higher consciousness. 

Unlike certain stones, which target specific areas of the body, amethyst works holistically to heal the mind, body, and spirit. It’s this trinity of gentle healing that makes this purple crystal so qualified for daily use.

Amethyst Meaning - Amethyst cluster

Amethyst – Folk Tales and Wine

Amethyst is the February birthstone and has folkloric roots through various cultures. One of the most famous amethyst stories is the Loves of Bacchus and Amethyste, written by 16th century Renaissance poet, Remy Belleau. 

The story tells of a beautiful young woman who had an unfortunate run-in with Bacchus, the wine god. 

Recently burned by someone else, he swore he’d curse the next person who crossed his path. Upon sighting the young woman, he set loose his tigers to attack. Interfering, goddess Diana saved her life by turning her into a clear stone. 

Upon this sight, Bacchus felt remorseful and poured out his wine over the stone, turning it into a rich, violet purple. Are you wondering what the young lady who became a stone’s name was? Amethyst, of course!

Amethyst’s relationship with alcohol doesn’t stop there. Centuries earlier, the Ancient Greek term for “not drunk” was “amethystos.” The name spawned from the Greek belief that placing an amethyst crystal in the mouth would enable one to drink excessively without getting intoxicated.

We’re not sure if this logic holds water (or should we say wine?) today, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

Amethyst Color Meaning

If you’ve ever read into color psychology, you know that every color has value and symbolism. In color energy, amethyst’s purple shade ignites passion, creativity, imagination, and peace. Purple is a stimulating color that breaches the bounds of convention. If you ever feel stifled or stagnant, purple helps you breakthrough to tap into a flow.

Purple is one of the fewest colors seen in nature, making it a rare attribute to hold close. Purple is mysterious and reliant on the infusion of blue and red to exist. For many cultures, purple symbolizes status and wealth. From antiquity to modern-day, noble figures and royalty have commonly adorned themselves in amethyst crystals to embody intrigue, regality, and wisdom.

Amethyst meaning and energy

What Are Amethyst Healing Properties?

In the spiritual and metaphysical realm, amethyst shines. During biblical times, amethyst held association with Jesus Christ because its vivid purple color depicted the purity of the holy spirit. 

Presently, amethyst benefits and healing properties protect from negative energies. Many people regard it as the “stone of peace” because it imbues people with a sense of grounding and calm. 

Forming a protective shield against draining energy, there are many ways to gain clarity and tap into higher consciousness with this cleansing crystal.

Meditating with amethyst awakens the third eye to connect to the universe and divinity. If you find yourself struggling through a creative block, amethyst can open your mind portal to think and focus freely.

Not surprisingly, psychics and intuitive people use amethyst to amplify their readings. You don’t have to have psychic intuition to benefit from amethyst properties! Below, we’ll guide you through some of the best ways to use amethyst for spiritual healing and growth.

Amethyst Spiritual Powers and Uses

Amethyst meaning and powers can significantly boost your mood, clarity, and focus. Here are a few ways to use amethyst to feel grounded, happy, and clear-headed.


In crystal healing, meditation is the best way to vibe at your highest frequency. What better crystal to use in meditation than amethyst? With close association to the Third Eye Chakra, the best way to access amethyst powers is with Chakra Meditation. 

Your Third Eye is located between eyebrows, and meditating helps you open the portal to higher consciousness. Here’s how to meditate with amethyst:

  • Lie down on your back in a comfortable position on a yoga mat or bed
  • Place an amethyst crystal on your Third Eye Chakra
  • Close your eyes and meditate for 15-20 minutes
  • Visualize a peaceful, tranquil place and try to silence your thoughts
  • When your mind drifts, gently pull your attention back to your meditation

Repeat this process daily or weekly to tap into a high frequency of positive energy and light.


Divination is the practice of reciting rituals and mantras to understand the celestial and divine realm better. Amethyst divination roots you in your capabilities and freedom. 

Amethyst’s meaning in divination is that you don’t need to buy anything or reward yourself with material possessions to feel good within. If you find yourself tempted by earthly possessions, recite an amethyst mantra.

Find a peaceful space and recite these words:

“I don’t need anything outside of myself to connect to the strength within. I am happy and whole on my own.”


We all experience stressful times, and amethyst healing properties offer protection from negative energies. You can carry protection from bad vibes daily by wearing amethyst jewelry. Alternatively, place small amethyst crystals in your purse, pocket, or wallet for on-the-go protection.

Leave No Stone Unturned

When it comes to your temple, healing crystals protect and heal your mind, body, and spirit. Crystals help you leave no stone unturned so that you can vibe high and build a trinity of health and wellbeing. 

When you unify the three beings that comprise your entity, you access a metaphysical realm full of potential and possibilities. Amethyst meaning threads through time and history, but its benefits have never been more prevalent than now. 

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