Best Crystals for Pisces: Unlock Your Potential with These Healing Stones!

best crystals for pisces

Nowadays, it’s hard not to know about astrology. You probably already know what your own sign is, but what does it mean for your day-to-day life? For crystal lovers looking for the best crystals for Pisces, we recommend using a few crystals that align with your zodiac sign. What are they? Best Crystals for Pisces […]

Best Crystals for Confidence and Boosting Your Courage

The best crystals for confidence

Are you feeling insecure lately? Perhaps your job or a new relationship is compromising your self-worth. You’re not alone — we could all benefit from higher confidence. Fortunately, there are many crystals for confidence building.  If you’re seeking confidence in the creative realm, you’ll love carnelian or citrine. Tiger’s eye, amethyst, and onyx are great […]

The Best Crystals for Focus: Stay On Course With Your Goals

Best crystals for focus

Do I have your attention? These crystals will! But what crystals are good for focus and concentration for you? The best crystals for focus at work include citrine, amazonite, and tiger’s eye. For studying, we recommend fluorite, sodalite, and hematite. Malachite, smoky quartz and clear quartz will help you gain better mental clarity overall. In […]

Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals: Speak Your Inner Truth

Throat chakra stones

Do you ever feel held back from saying what you need to? If so, you may want to try throat chakra stones! But what are those? Throat chakra stones are a great tool for opening up your throat chakra, allowing for free-flowing communication and authentic expression.  Now more than ever, speaking up has become crucial. […]

Intention Setting with Crystals: A Complete Guide

Intention setting with crystals

Are you ready to transform your life? Then you should begin setting intentions. When you practice intention setting with crystals, you can manifest extraordinary things. The first step is to understand the power intentions carry. Next, you must examine your goals and find the best crystal ritual suited to achieving them. With some crystal cleansing […]

What Is the Carnelian Crystal? How to Use This Courage-Boosting Stone!

Have you been experiencing a lack of motivation, creativity, or vitality? If you answered yes, then the carnelian crystal might be the perfect remedy to cure your blues! Carnelian is a popular variety of chalcedony quartz minerals. This fiery stone’s bold energy and bright amber shade are nothing short of captivating. The healing crystal undoubtedly […]

How to Make a Crystal Grid: A Beginner’s Guide

how to create a crystal grid

Manifestation is a beautiful and dynamic force that transforms your dreams into reality. Did you know that crystal grids can help you harness that energy and fulfill your deepest desires? For example, a crystal grid layout can help you remove physical and spiritual ailments. If you’re seeking joy, courage, or inspiration, a crystal grid will […]

Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal — A Healing Stone for Grounding & Balancing Energies

A guide to tourmalated quartz meanings and uses

The tourmalinated quartz healing crystal is composed of black tourmaline and quartz crystal. A beautiful grounding stone offering transformative healing, crystal practitioners use tourmalinated quartz to find peace in a time that can feel anything but peaceful.  Is your head clouded with thoughts lately? As much as we hear about living in the moment, sometimes […]