Best Crystals for Confidence and Boosting Your Courage

The best crystals for confidence

Are you feeling insecure lately? Perhaps your job or a new relationship is compromising your self-worth. You’re not alone — we could all benefit from higher confidence. Fortunately, there are many crystals for confidence building. 

If you’re seeking confidence in the creative realm, you’ll love carnelian or citrine. Tiger’s eye, amethyst, and onyx are great when anxiety gets in the way of your confidence. For self-acceptance, we recommend rose quartz, morganite, or clear quartz. 

We all doubt ourselves from time to time. It’s easy to see someone who appears confident and wonder how they do it, right?

If you’re tired of self-doubt, you can take the first step toward loving and embracing who you are by utilizing healing crystals.

But what crystal is good for confidence?

Today, we’ll answer that question and more in this guide to the best crystals for confidence and how to use them.

Before we jump in, let’s discuss what exactly “confidence” means in your life.

How Does Confidence Work?

Many of us think confidence and self-esteem are the same thing. Scientifically, self-esteem and confidence are separate, but they are a package deal.

In short, better self-esteem can come from succeeding. However, higher self-esteem helps give you the confidence to succeed.

If you feel you lack self-esteem and confidence, you may feel like you’re playing a rigged game. Not to worry! Crystals are here to help. But first: how can you gain better confidence and self-esteem?

The first step to higher confidence is acknowledging your personal power.

The more you believe you can do something, the easier it becomes. Psychologists call this phenomenon the “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

So, where do crystals come into all of this?

You might believe in the healing powers of crystals or simply use them as a self-reflection tool. Using crystals for self-care is beneficial for anyone wondering: How do you rebuild self-confidence?

One common cause of low confidence levels is anxiety. So, what is the best healing stone for anxiety.

Crystals for Confidence and Anxiety

Anyone who deals with frequent anxiety knows that it can get in the way of happiness and success — a lot.

Fewer worries in life mean better mental health and happiness overall. So which gemstone is good for mental health?

Below, we’ll outline the best crystals for confidence to help you wash self-doubt and anxiety away.

Tiger's eye crystals for courage

Tiger’s Eye

Like its namesake, tiger’s eye is a gemstone for courage and confidence. In feng shui, the tiger’s eye symbolizes strength and clarity. Since anxiety can cloud our self-perception, tiger’s eye stones are perfect for seeing what we’re truly capable of. 

We mentioned earlier that confidence is about how much we believe we can do something. If you’re embarking on a new task, anxieties may tell you it’s a threat. Tiger’s eye healing properties can encourage you to see it as an opportunity, making it one of the top crystals for confidence.

amethyst crystals for courage


If you’ve ever used a soothing lavender candle, that peaceful purple energy is embodied in the amethyst stone. Amethyst is a gorgeous crystal for confidence, empowering you to break out of the norm by embracing your talents.

While anxiety keeps you worrying about the future, amethyst can calmly ground you in the present. The gem earns its nickname “Stone of Peace” by nourishing the body and soul with balancing energy. With an amethyst, you’ll find less stress and more self-belief.

Onyx healing crystal


Onyx is a healing crystal for confidence with a rich history. The origin of its name is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. What better figure is there to represent self-confidence than Aphrodite?

Onyx has been used for protection against negative energies for centuries. Modern crystal healers have adopted from Feng Shui tradition by using onyx to reduce anxiety. Moreover, onyx healing properties in feng shui is believed to help you trust your intuition and believe in yourself.

Want to enhance your spiritual practice? You can always incorporate it into an artistic hobby! 

But if you find yourself anxiously staring at a blank canvas or page, maybe some crystals for creativity will help.

Crystals for Confidence and Creativity

If you ask a confident person where their confidence comes from, they’ll often say failure. As Steven Wright said, “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” 

Once you try, you know what works for next time and start to organically build confidence.

Studies have shown creativity and confidence go hand in hand.

With one (or more!) of these creativity-boosting crystals for confidence, you’ll be ready to build self-esteem through self-expression.

Carnelian healing crystals for confidence and creativity


Referred to as the “Stone of Creativity,” carnelian is a must-have for creators. Carnelian’s beautiful sunset coloring is visually inspiring, while the stone’s healing powers inspire the soul.

Carnelian is among the finest crystals for courage. 

By enhancing motivation and encouraging bold choices, the carnelian stone healing properties can support any creative endeavor. The gem’s ability to help you build your self-worth makes it a top choice for our crystals for confidence. 

citrine healing crystal


Similar to carnelian, citrine brings a sunny disposition and coloring. Citrine crystals are beloved by many cultures as a gem for manifesting success and repelling negativity.

Do you compare yourself to others often? Worry what people might think? With a crystal for confidence like citrine, you’ll be ready to say: “No more!”

Citrine helps us uncover our unique voice. The stone brings out our creativity and encourages us to share it with the world. As a symbol of optimism and hope, citrine helps shine a light on our strengths so we don’t succumb to self-doubt. 

Speaking of, self-doubt is often linked to shame. No matter where that shame comes from, allowing it to fester can be detrimental. The antidote? Self-love and self-acceptance. But what is the best crystal for self-love?

Gemstones for Self-Acceptance

Tell me if this sounds familiar: “I’ll feel good about myself once I [insert accomplishment here].” Have you said this to yourself before?

Making self-love conditional can spell trouble for our self-confidence. In our quest for achievement, we can be way too hard on ourselves, which ultimately sets us up for failure.

We have to accept who we are right now if we want any chance to grow. 

Next, we’ll highlight the top crystals for confidence for anyone on a journey toward self-growth and self-acceptance.

Rose quartz healing crystal

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz isn’t called the “Stone of Self-Love” for nothing. The nickname comes from the stone’s ability to ease us into healing and gently remind us of our worth.

Additionally, rose quartz emits energies of unconditional love. We mentioned before that conditional self-love is unhealthy. Rose quartz healing properties encourage us to treat ourselves with the compassion and empathy we’d give our closest loved ones.


One of the most beautiful crystals for self-growth is morganite. The stone works by lighting a match in your soul, sparking compassion for ourselves and others.

The Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion, Kuan-Yin, is connected to morganite. You can tune into your own goddess energy with this “Stone of Divine Love” and trade insecurity for self-assurance.

clear quartz crystal for confidence

Clear Quartz

Low self-worth is often rooted in deep emotional wounds. What better crystal to heal those scars than the Master Healer, clear quartz?

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for confidence. The gem works holistically, cleansing negative energies from inside and out. When you set a self-acceptance intention with clear quartz, the gem amplifies it to the universe. 

If you’re just having a low self-esteem day, try meditating with clear quartz. The stone’s purifying properties will help you start fresh and manifest more self-love for tomorrow.

Meditation is just one of the myriad ways to use crystals for confidence. Ready to hear about some more methods? Let’s dive in!

How to Use Crystals for Confidence

By now you know which crystals are best for boosting self-esteem. But how do you use your crystals? With any spiritual ritual, it’s best to personalize your practice. 

For instance, some people meditate for an hour when they wake up. If meditating for ten minutes at lunch is better for you, that’s great! Remember: there is no one-size-fits-all for using crystals.

If you don’t know where to start, though, we’ve got some great ideas for getting the most out of your confidence crystals. 

Meditate with Your Crystals

One popular method of crystal healing is meditation. At its core, meditation is about being with yourself in the present. 

All the things that get in the way of self-confidence–anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism–place our minds in the wrong place. Focusing on future uncertainties or past shames doesn’t matter when our power to act lies in the present.

That being said, meditating with crystals for confidence is a simple self-care ritual that can lead to wonderful results.

Here’s one easy meditation method: 

Hold your crystal in your palm or with both hands. Take a few deep breaths, acknowledging any lingering thoughts that come up and then allowing them to pass. From here, you can recite a mantra, set an intention, or just sit peacefully in the moment.

A mantra to recite when using crystals for confidence might be: 

  • “I am capable.”
  • “I am worthy of love.”
  • “My voice matters.”

If you feel like taking it to the next level, you can also try chakra meditation.

Use Crystals for Chakra Healing

Chakra healing involves targeting key energy centers, called chakras, that represent different areas of personal development.

While each chakra serves a unique purpose, self-esteem ties into a few chakras. With the right crystals for confidence, you can target the chakra that’s relevant to your needs.

  • Root Chakra. If you want the confidence to take back control of your life, start with your root chakra.
    Best Root Chakra Crystals for Confidence: Tiger’s Eye and Onyx
  • Sacral Chakra. Are you struggling with opening up or reaching out to others? Sacral chakra work might help.
    Best Sacral Chakra Crystals for Confidence: Citrine, Carnelian, and Tiger’s Eye
  • Heart Chakra. Anyone hoping to increase their vulnerability, compassion, and self-love should try balancing their heart chakra.
    Best Heart Chakra Crystals for Confidence: Morganite and Rose Quartz 

Wear Your Crystals for Confidence

shungite crystal bracelet for confidence

The easiest and most stylish way to use your crystals for confidence? With jewelry, of course!

When you’re brainstorming a new creative project and need some inspiration, try wearing a carnelian bracelet or citrine necklace. Better yet, keep it on throughout the project to keep your confidence and creativity soaring!

If you’re feeling anxious before a big job interview, for instance, you can wear a tiger’s eye ring or amethyst earrings. Self-confidence and stunning style? You’re sure to stand out from the rest!

Could You Use More Confidence?

Now that you know what self-confidence is all about and the best crystals for it, you’re already on the path toward self-love and serenity.

Just remember that confidence comes from taking control of your happiness and choosing to believe in yourself.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow put it best:

“One’s only rival is one’s own potential. One’s only failure is failing to live up to one’s own possibilities.”

Are you working on your self-confidence? Check out the best crystals for confidence in our crystal shop to take the first step today!


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