The Best Crystals for Focus: Stay On Course With Your Goals

Best crystals for focus

Do I have your attention? These crystals will! But what crystals are good for focus and concentration for you? The best crystals for focus at work include citrine, amazonite, and tiger’s eye. For studying, we recommend fluorite, sodalite, and hematite. Malachite, smoky quartz and clear quartz will help you gain better mental clarity overall.

In this day and age, focus is a precious commodity. Something new is always demanding our attention. So how do we focus on the things that matter the most?

Most people place work, school, and relationships at the top of their priority list. Losing focus on these key aspects of our lives can lead to trouble. That’s where crystals come in.

Today, we’ll break down everything you need to know about focusing with crystals. Along the way, we’ll tell you the best crystals for focus at work, school, and home.

First, let’s talk a little bit about why we lose focus in the first place.

The Truth About Focus

We all struggle to focus from time to time. Even when we know we should focus, it feels impossible. So why is it so hard?

Good news: losing focus is usually not our fault. 

For one, our brains are hard-wired for spotting signs of danger. Most of us aren’t in hunter-gatherer societies anymore, but that coding for distraction is still ingrained in us.

Secondly, our attention is tied to our emotional and mental states. One Harvard study showed that our minds wander for around 47% of our time awake. That means less productivity and “an unhappy mind,” as the researchers put it.

Being sleep deprived, dehydrated, or hungry can all weaken concentration. Doubting ourselves or our relationships is equally distracting.

So, losing focus may not always be our fault. However, it’s our responsibility to get back on track. Our livelihoods usually depend on it, especially when it comes to our jobs.

So, what crystals promote productivity at work?

tumbled crystals for focus

Best Crystals for Focus and Motivation at Work

Whether you love your job or not, we all want to succeed at work. If nothing else, success means more money in the bank, right? In order to get anything done, however, we have to concentrate first.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own office space, displaying one (or more) of these crystals for work success is sure to help you stay on track. Even if your desk space is limited, incorporating crystals in subtle ways is easy.

Let’s go over the best crystals for focus while you’re on the job.


One of citrine’s many nicknames is “The Merchant’s Stone,” for the gem’s ability to manifest wealth and success. Rulers throughout history, from China to England, have worn citrine for wisdom in making decisions.

As a symbol for optimism, citrine is particularly helpful in times of self-doubt. The stone keeps your eye on the big picture so you can concentrate on each step it takes to get there, one task at a time.

citrine crystal for focus


We all know communication is key. In the workplace, communication can make or break a project. That’s where amazonite comes in to lend a hand.

Amazonite helps us be sure our communication is clear, straightforward, and compassionate. Amazonite is one of the best crystals for focus for anyone in charge of a team. It doesn’t hurt that the stone brings good luck, too!


Tiger’s Eye

Does the thought of giving a presentation or speech send you reeling? Kiss those fears goodbye with one of the best crystals for work stress: tiger’s eye!

Tiger’s eye helps wash away anxieties, allowing our self-confidence to emerge. With a clear and confident mind, you’re ready to take charge of any boardroom or staff meeting.

Are you still in school working toward your dream job? Focusing on your studies can be a different challenge. So, what crystals are good for studying?

Tiger's eye for focus

Best Crystals for Focus When Studying

Did you know that roughly 1 in 10 adults in America are currently in college? On top of the 15.4 million current high school students, that adds up to a lot of studying.

If you’re one of the many students working towards a degree, you know how hard it can be to concentrate on assignments. 

We can’t make your homework go away, but we can recommend a few of the best crystals for focus to the many students out there.


Most classes build on information you already know. Part of the learning process means being open to new ways of understanding the world. Fluorite can help make this process easier.

If you’re stuck staring at the same textbook page, fluorite is one of the best crystals for progress. By removing doubts and invigorating the mind, fluorite is a great tool to improve concentration and learning.

Fluorite for focus


Students can take their memory for granted. That is, until a big test is coming up soon. Luckily, sodalite is one of the greatest crystals for memory!

Sodalite, like fluorite, opens the mind to new ideas. Sodalite specializes in bringing balance to the mind, putting logic front and center and sweeping pesky mental intrusions away.


Touted as the “Stone of the Mind,” hematite simply had to make our list of the best crystals for focus. If you’re seeking crystals for intelligence, hematite is the answer.

By grounding us in the present, hematite streamlines our attention. The stone can bring us peace while improving the way we think. The result? Better memory and more efficient study time.

You don’t have to manage a full course-load for your brain to get clogged up with distractions. To clear up some of that brain fog, let’s go over the best crystals for clarity and decision making.


Best Crystals for Mental Clarity

Do you ever have those days where you can’t focus on anything? Even your favorite activities or a show you’re usually engrossed in? 

Sometimes, we just need a little push in the right direction. On those days, our best crystals for focus can help. But what stones help with motivation?

Below, we’ll give you the run-down on our favorite crystals for clarity and direction. 


Finding the best path forward often requires letting go of limiting habits or beliefs. The gorgeous green stone malachite helps us let go and focus on new ways of living.

Malachite has earned the moniker “Stone of Transformation” for its self-improvement properties.  After healing the wounds that hold us back, malachite concentrates our attention toward a brighter future. 

Letting go is scary, but with crystals for motivation and self-belief like malachite? You’ll never look back.


Smoky Quartz

Do you tend to watch a show, respond to emails, and catch up on the news all at once? It’s okay, we’re all guilty of multitasking. But more often than not, splitting your focus just leaves you feeling more overwhelmed.

So which gemstone is good for concentration on one task at a time? It has to be smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz clears all the thoughts swirling around and brings you back to focus on the present moment. By quieting the mind, smoky quartz can clarify what’s important and needs our attention right now. 

smoky quartz natural raw

Clear Quartz

Any list of the best crystals for focus should include the ultimate clarity stone, clear quartz. As a symbol of growth and wisdom, clear quartz is perfect for anyone pursuing self-reflection.

As much time as we spend in our own minds, untangling our thoughts and emotions can be challenging. Clear quartz helps by bringing clarity to the way we think and feel.

If you struggle to “shut off” your mind during meditation, try clear quartz. The stone can block distracting negative energy, helping you concentrate on what your soul truly needs.

Alright, you know the best crystals for focus working, studying, and self-reflecting. But how do you use the crystals?

crystal quartz for focus

How to Use The Best Crystals for Focus

Crystals can be used in a myriad of ways, so it’s best to follow your intuition when figuring out the best practice for you personally.

To get you started, we’ve gathered up some great methods for utilizing our best crystals for focus.

For Focusing At Work:

  • Keep your crystal in your office at a spot you see frequently.
  • Wear one of our best crystals for focus at work, especially when giving a presentation or handling a hectic schedule.
  • When you notice your mind drifting, stop your task. Hold your gemstone, close your eyes, and take deep breaths to recenter yourself.

For Concentrating When Studying:

  • Keep your crystal in a prominent spot where you normally study.
  • Use your gem to hold down the textbook or notebook pages on the side you’re not currently using.
  • On the night before a test, go over your notes before sleeping to help the information stick in your memory better. Then, place your chosen best crystal for focus beside your bed while you sleep to maximize retention.

For Finding Mental Clarity:

  • Meditate with a beaded bracelet or necklace made of your crystal. Close your eyes, move the beads through your fingers, and focus on a grounding mantra.
  • Carry your favorite of our best crystals for focus with you as a reminder to slow down and concentrate on the present.
  • Keep your crystal near you while doing some self-reflection journaling.

Let’s Get It Done!

No matter what setting you struggle to focus in, crystals can make it easier to concentrate. Now that you know the best crystals for focus, you’re on your way to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Take it from film legend George Lucas: “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”

Could you use some help focusing? Peruse the best crystals for focus in our crystal shop to find your favorite!


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