Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals: Speak Your Inner Truth

Throat chakra stones

Do you ever feel held back from saying what you need to? If so, you may want to try throat chakra stones! But what are those? Throat chakra stones are a great tool for opening up your throat chakra, allowing for free-flowing communication and authentic expression. 

Now more than ever, speaking up has become crucial. Whether it’s in activism or in relationships, the importance of sharing your truth cannot be understated.

The throat chakra color is blue, which represents wisdom and serenity. This symbolism is fitting, as activating the throat chakra can lead to a better understanding and acceptance of ourselves.

Are you looking to empower yourself by learning to speak your truth? Then read on to learn the best throat chakra crystals and how they can benefit you.

What Is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is the fifth point in the seven chakra energy system. As you might expect, the chakra is located in the throat, at the “V” of the collarbone.

The throat chakra’s Sanskrit name is vishuddha, which means “purest.” As the center of communication, the throat chakra urges us to understand our thoughts and relay them in the purest way possible.

What does the throat represent spiritually?

In spiritual practice, the throat symbolizes expression, truth, and creativity. The throat chakra represents our truest self and how we find our purpose in the world.

Buddhist esotericism connects the throat chakra with the third state of the Four Noble Truths. The third state is called Sambhoga, which means “enjoyment.” The lesson of the third noble truth is that our suffering ends when we detach ourselves from material desires.

On a more day-to-day level, what does the throat chakra control?

The throat chakra controls much more than what we say. This chakra is responsible for knowing who we truly are and accepting our strengths and weaknesses.

Within the chakra journey, the throat chakra is where we use the lessons we learned in the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is all about learning how our emotions work and how we create joy.

With the self-awareness gained through the sacral chakra, we can take the next step of sharing our truth with the world through the throat chakra.

Of course, we can’t utilize our throat chakra properly if it’s blocked or unbalanced.

What Happens When Throat Chakra is Blocked?

A throat chakra blockage manifests both physically and mentally.

Physical symptoms might include a sore throat, neck tension, headaches, or hoarseness. The throat chakra extends to the jaw, ears, and shoulders, so pain or dysfunction in these areas may be due to a blockage as well.

On the mental or emotional side, communication and creativity are stifled. 

With the throat chakra blocked, you may feel unsafe expressing your thoughts and feelings, so you bottle them up. On the other hand, you might express your feelings in unhealthy ways like yelling or lashing out at others.

Clearly, a blocked throat chakra is not ideal. So what does it feel like when your throat chakra opens?

Throat Chakra crystals

What Happens When Throat Chakra is Activated?

When the throat chakra is activated, all aspects of communication are open and balanced.

On an individual level, an open throat chakra makes us feel centered and confident in who we are. Our internal dialogue is encouraging, especially when we make mistakes. An activated throat chakra allows us to see our purpose with more clarity.

Around others, we talk with intention, honesty, and compassion. We also listen actively, as we’re free from being stuck in our anxious thoughts.

Creatively, we may feel a spark of inspiration that leads us to create. What we create will differ from one person to the next, from poetry to art to music. Regardless of the medium, we can use vulnerability to express our truth.

If you’re on the fence about the benefits of chakra stones, let’s go over who can use these benefits most. 

Who Should Use Throat Chakra Stones?

In our modern world of anger-fueled rants or fear-based seclusion, one could argue that everyone could use some throat chakra healing right about now. However, some people may benefit from throat chakra stones more than others.

Many young adults can discover tremendous results with throat chakra crystals. The aptly-named “quarter-life crisis” is now rife with self-doubt, stress, and aimlessness. Now more than ever, young adults are facing all the factors that lead to a blocked throat chakra. 

Of course, these feelings aren’t exclusive to young adults.

Anyone who focuses too much on what others think of them or judge themselves too harshly should try using throat chakra stones. Moreover, if you struggle to find meaning and purpose in your life, using throat chakra crystals may be the right step toward a happier future.

If you feel you could use some throat chakra activation, you may be wondering: What crystals help with the throat chakra? 

Best Throat Chakra Healing Stones

In terms of which stone is good for the throat chakra, you’ll be happy to know you have plenty of throat chakra stones to choose from!

Any crystals in a shade of blue, mint green, or teal can clear the throat chakra. However, some crystals in these hues have spiritual properties that make them even more effective throat chakra crystals.

aquamarine healing crystals for throat chakra


Aquamarine is a stone of gentle empowerment. That is, aquamarine’s properties help us access self-confidence through empathy and self-awareness.

Oftentimes, the reason we don’t speak out is tied to emotional wounds. Healing these wounds requires acknowledging the truth while also being gentle with yourself. The delicate balance of this area of throat chakra work is made much easier with aquamarine.

lapis lazuli healing crystal

Lapis Lazuli

Known as the “Stone of Truth,” lapis lazuli is a widely-used throat chakra stone among energy healers. The deep blue crystal fosters deep conversations and introspection.

Lapis lazuli makes us crave knowledge, particularly about ourselves. By increasing our intuition, lapis lazuli facilitates the self-reflection and creativity crucial to throat chakra work.

Turquoise healing crystal


Turquoise has earned many nicknames, including the “Stone of Communication.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, turquoise stone’s ability to aid in communication has made it a must-have throat chakra crystal.

When we have a lot to say but find the words stuck in our throat, turquoise clears the pathway. The stone also clears the pathway for growth, allowing us to let go of old habits. Turquoise is even said to make public speaking easier, as well as encourage creativity. 

amazonite healing crystal


Another excellent throat chakra stone is amazonite, the “Stone of Courage.” Known for its harmonious properties, amazonite enables us to find balance in all areas of life.

Amazonite enables healthy self-expression, be it verbal or nonverbal. When you use amazonite, the self-critical attitudes of a throat chakra blockage are replaced with the courage for self-discovery.

chrysocolla malachite and picture jasper healing crystal bracelet


Chrysocolla has been used for wisdom and harmony since ancient Egypt. Legends say Cleopatra herself wore chrysocolla to mitigate her temper and communicate with grace.

Cleopatra had goddess energy, there’s no doubt about that. With chrysocolla, you can find your own inner goddess, tapping into the benevolence and strength of female warriors.

Do you feel less strong and more all-over-the-place? Feeling emotionally scattered is a key symptom of a blocked throat chakra. Using chrysocolla can bring emotional stability and allow you to soundly organize your thoughts.

Do you have your heart set on a throat chakra stone yet? The next step is learning how to activate chakra stones for maximum healing.

A woman meditating with throat chakra crystals

How Do You Unblock Your Throat Chakra?

Plenty of options exist for unblocking your throat chakra. Some people recommend creating art or music, while others encourage journaling or breathwork.

While those options are good, using a throat chakra crystal infuses your chakra work with a myriad of potent healing energies.

Next, we’ll outline the best methods for using throat chakra stones. 

Wear Throat Chakra Jewelry

The throat chakra is all about sharing your true self with the world. Jewelry can function in the same way, so why not combine them?

The best area to wear throat chakra jewelry is near the throat chakra itself. We recommend a throat chakra necklace or throat chakra stone earrings.

What does wearing a chakra necklace do?

Wearing a throat chakra stones necklace can help facilitate your throat chakra energy work everywhere you go. Since communication is the fundamental pillar, the necklace helps keep your throat chakra open for empathetic, honest conversations.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can wear jewelry with the throat chakra symbol on it. For reference, the throat chakra symbol is a lotus with 16 petals. In the center of the lotus is a triangle encompassing a circle.

Tumbled throat chakra crystal

Carry A Throat Chakra Crystal With You

Carrying a throat chakra stone with you has a similar effect to wearing throat chakra jewelry. The stone serves as a reminder of the lessons we learn through throat chakra work, encouraging us to practice these lessons in our daily life.

Tumbled stones and raw stones make great companions. You can keep them anywhere on your person–a bag, a pocket, or even a bra. 

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is the most well-known method for activating the throat chakra. Meditating with throat chakra stones enhances the overall benefits you’ll receive from the process. 

You can use your throat chakra stones for chakra meditation in a few ways:

  • In a peaceful area, lie down flat. Place the throat chakra stone at the bottom of your throat. Taking deep breaths, focus your throat chakra healing intention onto the stone. 
  • Charge your throat chakra crystal during meditation, then keep the stone near you afterward to continue receiving its healing vibrations.
  • In a comfortable position, hold the throat chakra stone in your hand. Then, repeat a throat chakra healing affirmation such as, “I express my truth openly and honestly.”

Step Out and Speak Your Truth!

All of us could benefit from healthier communication and a better understanding of ourselves. With throat chakra stones, we can open our throat chakra and step into our truth. 

As Zora Neale Hurston once wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Are you ready to tell your story? Take a look at our healing crystals to find the best throat chakra stone for you!


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