Get Ready For Love – 7 Healing Crystals For Love and Romance!

7 healing crystals for love and romance

We’ve all experienced a bout of loneliness or yearning for love. Whether you need a little boost in self-love or are looking to find a new romance, healing crystals for love can help. 

Every healing crystal has a unique set of properties that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Some crystals are attuned to the needs of the heart. We all have desires and yearn for love, whether it’s platonic or romantic. Our friendships, romances, and partnerships are each shaped by our ability to love ourselves and others. 

Naturally, we could all use a little healing in this department! Let’s explore the best crystals for love, romance, and attraction.

How do Healing Crystals For Love Work?

Crystals are treasures from the earth that form over millennia. Intricately carved by the divine hands of nature; every crystal vibrates energetic frequencies that heal, restore, and muster manifestations into fruition.

What about healing crystals for love?

These ancient healing crystals are conduits for transformation, and one area we’re all looking to improve in is love. Love isn’t straightforward, and that’s why you’ll want to use several love crystals.

See, some of us need help practicing acceptance and self-love. Meanwhile, others might feel lackluster in the romance department. And then there are relationships with friends and family, which can be helpful or harmful.

Wherever you are on your love journey, know that you are a unique, phenomenal being deserving of powerful love.

Ready to see the world through rose-colored glasses? Then grab these seven best crystals for love. 

Healing crystals for love and romance
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1. Rose Quartz

If you want to attract love, you need to first learn to love yourself. For many, this is the hardest love to obtain because we are our own worst critic. If you need a little tenderness directed toward yourself, start healing with rose quartz, known as the “love stone.”

It’s easy to see why rose quartz is so desirable; it has a rosy, tranquil hue that emits feelings of peace and calm. In addition, rose quartz eases stressful or toxic energies from negative self-talk and harmful thoughts. 

Rose quartz has strong ties to the Heart Chakra and can break through negative energy caused by heartache. 

Let the judgment and criticism melt into the background as you learn to love yourself better. Keep rose quartz near your bed, in your purse, or wear rose quartz jewelry to keep self-love flowing every day.

healing crystals for love

2. Amethyst

Have you recently had a bad breakup or falling out with a close friend? We’ve all been there, and the heartache is unbearable. Amethyst is a gentle healing crystal that soothes an aching heart and flows healing energy all around you.

If you’ve been burned by a friend or ex, keep amethyst nearby to help you transition through this painful time. The grounding, stabilizing energy vibrated from the crystal will alleviate stress, tranquilize anxiety, and help you through the grieving process.

healing crystals for love

3. Lapis Lazuli

If you’re feeling like you’ve landed outside of Cupid’s radar, it could be because there’s friction between your interpersonal relationships. In other words, your head is out of sync with your heart.

Lapis lazuli is one of the best crystals for love because it restores that imbalance and promotes harmony and equilibrium. With this newfound alignment, you’ll communicate your needs and wants clearer. 

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4. Amber

This warm-hued love crystal is a beautiful token of love, marriage, and friendship. Amber harmonizes your relationship with your partner so that you can achieve greater passion and desire. 

But amber isn’t solely for romance. In fact, it’s properties stimulate and attract positive energy into your life in the form of a new friend or companion.

crystals for love - amber

5. Red Agate

When our lives are unstable or fragile, our relationships are sometimes the first sacrifice. It’s difficult to form strong bonds on wayward ground. Thankfully, red agate is a grounding stone that cements you in your Root Chakra.

Meditate with red agate to help ground your heart in a place of stability and openness. In this mindset, you’ll radiate confidence to invite love or strengthen existing bonds on the fritz.

crystals for love - red agate
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6. Rose Tourmaline

We cannot have love without compassion. Rose tourmaline is a tender crystal that helps you exercise compassion for yourself and others. In life, we each experience stress triggers that compromise our love and happiness.

Fortunately, rose tourmaline is the perfect natural remedy. Connected to the Crown and Heart chakras, this soft, rose-hued stone is the perfect balance of love, compassion, spirituality, and gentleness. In other words: it’s a love cocktail!

crystals for love - rose tourmaline

7. Moonstone

For centuries, people have gifted moonstone to newlyweds. Why? Because of its fortune-bestowing properties. Moonstone is a good luck crystal that invites positive events to your life. In this regard, people use it to resolve quarrels, reconcile differences, and find love. 

In folklore, the legend tells that if two people wear moonstone under a full moon, they’d fall madly in love. While finding that kind of passion isn’t happenstance, moonstone may be the good luck charm you need to kindle a new romance.

moonstone - crystals for love

Fall In Love With Yourself (and Healing Crystals)

Each human is unique, and so is each healing crystal. At the root of human nature is the desire to love and be loved. With healing crystals, you enhance your communication, balance, and restoration to welcome the love you deserve.

And the best part about these crystals for love? They each have diverse healing properties to tackle specific intentions and strains. For example, if you’re struggling to find romance, amber can stimulate passion.

Are you feeling overly self-critical or disconnected from your heart’s intent? Then rose quartz is the love crystal for you!

Wherever you are on your healing journey, you are worthy of giving and receiving love. Healing crystals get you closer to your heart so that you can fall in love with yourself, and those around you, over and over again. And that’s love worth falling for!


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