Bloodstone — A Purification Stone For The Mind, Body, and Spirit

bloodstone - the purification stone

Everyone needs a little purification from time to time — especially in light of the current state of the world. Today, we’re discussing bloodstone, the purification stone with powerful cleansing properties. 

Why is purification necessary? There’s a lot of energy swirling around us at all times. As we venture from home to work to essential outings, we encounter physical, spiritual, and metaphysical powers. Unfortunately, not all energy is good.

Bloodstone is a purifying crystal that builds a shield of protection against airborne impurities and negative emotional energies. During the current COVID-19 health crisis, protecting yourself is now more important than ever. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the gentle but effective powers of bloodstone and everyday uses to maximize its healing properties. 

About Bloodstone — The Purification Stone

You may have also heard bloodstone referred to as a heliotrope. Both names describe the same stone: an opaque crystal from the chalcedony family. However, bloodstone depicts blood-like spots and steaks on the stone, whereas heliotrope describes the crystal’s reflective light effect. 

An ultra moody, mysterious crystal, bloodstone captivates with its dark green base set beneath vivid paint-like splashes of bright red and yellow.

bloodstone - purification stone

Bloodstone comes from various geological deposits worldwide, including Brazil, Australia, The U.S., India, and China.

The red spots on the stone allegedly represent the blood of Christ, adding to the intrigue of this ancient crystal. And that’s not the only significant folklore about heliotropes, as they’re steeped in rich culture and tradition.

What does a bloodstone mean? Let’s explore!

Bloodstone Crystal Meaning and History

For centuries, bloodstone – the purification stone – has served as a sacred talisman used to abolish evil energies and spirits. Early bloodstone meaning dates back to ancient Mesopotamia when it purified blood, healed wounds, and cultivated longevity. 

Historic Relevance

Due to its relevance throughout history, there are many biblical, mythological, and historical references to this purifying stone. 

  • Christian lore first records bloodstone at the crucifixion of Jesus, when droplets of Christ’s blood fell and stained green jasper lying at the cross’s base, turning it into bloodstone.
  • Later in the Middle Ages (500-1500 AD), people crushed bloodstone and mixed it with egg whites and honey to make healing powders that treated nose bleeds, tumors, and hemorrhages.
  • Alchemists used bloodstone in their tinctures to treat blood poisoning and draw out venomous snake bite poisons.
  • During the Victorian era, people wore the crystal while mourning lost, deceased, or missing loved ones.
bloodstone healing crystal

Modern Interpretations

Each of the preceding legends contributes to Bloodstone’s overarching mythology. However, present-day uses and applications are much more practical.

  • Bloodstone’s physical healing properties strengthen blood flow and kidneys. 
  • The crystal has a shapeshifting quality in different lights (the heliotrope effect), enabling you to quickly transfer levels of consciousness and communicate between the tangible realm and the divine world.
  • Meditating with bloodstone can increase courage and strength and imbue you with foresight and discernment to avoid stressful or confrontational situations.
  • Overall, the crystal’s purification properties elevate your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Speaking of bloodstone healing properties, let’s discuss how you can harness bloodstone’s purification powers to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

Bloodstone Properties and Uses

Bloodstone Healing Properties

As we’ve discussed, Bloodstone’s primary healing modality is to promote purification, blood circulation, and cleansing of physical and emotional stagnation. Physically, the crystal encourages the flow of blood to strengthen immunity, adrenal health, metabolism, and acidic balance. 

If you need a potent detox, incorporate bloodstone into your crystal healing by laying out a crystal grid in your home.

The stone’s properties vibrate throughout the home and body to circulate positive healing energy. You’ll feel more grounded, balanced, and alleviated from the weight of negative thoughts and patterns. In turn, a wave of courage will flow into place, and you’ll gain clarity, higher consciousness, and pique warrior energy.

Using Bloodstone — The Purification Stone To Align The Chakras

One of the best ways to harness bloodstone healing properties is with chakra alignment rituals. Bloodstone aligns with the Root Chakra, the lowest of the seven chakras. 

The Root Chakra is a swirling wheel of energy responsible for ultimate grounding. The entirety of your life balance depends on chakra alignment. Why is this important? Because, as the lowest chakra, the Root is the foundation of all the higher chakras. If it falls out of alignment, you may find yourself feeling wayward, lost, untethered, and thoroughly disjointed in life.

Thanks to its close relationship with the Root Chakra, bloodstone helps to realign the chakras. You’ll feel more energetic, motivated, and vigorous. So, how can you use bloodstone to restore grounding to the Root Chakra?

How To Heal With Bloodstone

We’ve outlined the best ways for you to maximize bloodstone healing properties below:

  • Build a healing grid by placing bloodstone in all corners of your home. This will ensure a smooth, uninterrupted flow of purifying energies while simultaneously eroding any lingering negative energy.
  • Create a crystal body layout by placing bloodstone over the Heart and Root Chakras. This will allow the stone’s properties to cleanse these energy centers, clear stagnation, and enhance blood flow to these areas. Incorporate other tumbled chakra stones from our Crystal Healing Kit to completely align all seven chakras and achieve optimal balance.
  • Wear bloodstone jewelry to activate the crystal’s powers on the go. Beaded necklaces, bracelets, and rings with large bloodstone crystals will send healing energies through the skin, blood, and along the seven chakras of the spine for holistic healing throughout your day.

Final Thoughts on Bloodstone – The Purification Stone

Bloodstone is a promising crystal with the ability to cleanse and purify your life in various ways. Everyone can benefit from its immune-boosting, blood-flowing, courage-infusing powers. 

In times of great stress, bloodstone offers redemption from toxic energy and paves the way for comprehensive healing. Combined with essential healing crystals, this heliotrope amplifies the healing powers at work to ground, balance, and restore your life. Happy cleansing!


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