Green Healing Stones — 7 Crystals For Growth, Wisdom & Joy!

If you feel drawn to green gemstones, you’re on your way to finding your ultimate crystal companion for spiritual growth and self-love. Why go green? Much like the color, green healing stones represent everything from money to good fortune to Mother Earth. In short, green crystals bring diverse abundance to your life. 

We all play a role in our environment. Beyond doing our part to recycle and cut back on single-use plastic waste, we can also enhance the smaller environments around us: our workplace, home, and of course, the mind, body, soul connection. 

Green stones and crystals can make your spirit resilient and open your heart to love. By soothing your worries and empowering your soul, these green healing stones bring you closer to the best version of yourself. 

Like a cosmic reaction, those ultra-good vibes ripple out and bring light to everyone you encounter. So, what are the best green healing stones and how can you use each one to promote growth, good fortune, and high vibes? Let’s find out!

What Are The Best Green Healing Stones?

There are dozens of green healing stones on the market, but we’ve compiled a list of the stones boasting the best properties for personal growth, good fortune, wisdom, and happiness.

Here’s a sneak peek at the types of green crystals we’ll be covering in this guide:

Top 7 Green Healing Stones

  1. Green Aventurine
  2. Jade
  3. Amazonite
  4. Emerald
  5. Chrysoprase
  6. Malachite
  7. Green Tourmaline

Before we go over these green healing stones and their powers, let’s talk about the color green’s symbolism and color psychology. Why is color theory important? Because colors can either complement or clash with your aura. 

Every one of us has a unique aura, and bringing in specific colors can amplify our joy and connect us to the earth. Learn what the color green does to your aura next!

What Does Green Symbolize?

For centuries, people around the world have admired the color green. Whether it’s the seduction of a cash winning or the wind whispering through a patch of grass, green can emote everything from greed to jealousy to prosperity and personal growth.

What makes green a fascinating color is that it can represent good and bad intents; a yin-yang of sorts.

Green Across the Globe

In the west, green symbolizes luck or progress, which is why people grab green healing stones! It’s the light that Jay Gatsby reached out to in The Great Gatsby, a sign of enduring hope for love. Even traffic signals tell us that green means it’s time to move forward toward our destination. 

In the east, green is tied to the fruitful abundance of nature. India claims it as the color of the harvest, while Middle Eastern countries see it as the color of paradise. Stories of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, say he put green carpets in mosques to make them “gardens of paradise.”

In color theory, green is all about growth, tranquility, and compassion. If you have a green aura, you likely feel most alive and vibrant when immersed in nature. Does a hike through a wooded forest ignite your spirit? Then you’re likely deeply connected to the color green.

Spiritually, green is the color of abundance. So, as you can see, the fruits of the color green are less spoiled by envy and remain ripe with hope and optimism for days ahead.

With that in mind, let’s look at all the ways green manifests in these green stones and crystals!

1. Green Aventurine for Good Luck

If you’ve been waiting for that perfect opportunity to come your way, green aventurine is the stone for you. Known for its soothing and balancing properties, this green crystal brings luck by setting the stage for all the good things to enter your life.

Called the “Stone of Opportunity,” the green aventurine stone eases tension and brings out your inner joy. The bright energy quickly becomes contagious, attracting the right vibrations for you to bring your dreams to life. 

Whether you could use a lucky boost in your finances, love life, or health; green aventurine has your back!

raw green aventuinre

How to use green aventurine crystals:

  • Keep green aventurine on your desk to manifest money and success at work
  • Meditate with raw green aventurine crystals to clarify emotional blockages
  • Wear a green aventurine necklace or bracelet near your heart for energy protection

What’s next on our list of green healing stones?

2. Jade for Prosperity

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “If gold has a price, jade is priceless.” We couldn’t agree more! For over 3,000 years, jade has been one of the most beloved green healing stones for threading the past with the present and foretelling future fortunes!

One ancient Chinese scholar, Xu Shen, defined jade’s properties into 5 virtues:

  1. Kindness
  2. Honesty
  3. Wisdom
  4. Integrity
  5. Courage

Luckily, jade’s recognition as a green healing crystal has spread far beyond ancient times. Now, jade is used for manifesting luck, solutions to problems, and wealth. Spiritually, jade opens the heart chakra to unblock repressed emotion and self-doubts with openness and optimism.


How can you access jade’s benefits? Here are some options:

  • Use a jade roller for balanced, brighter skin
  • Wear a jade necklace or jade earrings for confidence and emotional stability
  • Find the answer to your problem by holding a piece of jade
  • Invite innovation and prosperity with a piece of raw or polished jade at your desk

3. Green Tourmaline for Protection

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, right? If you’ve been looking for an added layer of protection, look no further than green tourmaline!

Considered a master healing stone, green tourmaline, (also called verdelite), symbolizes nature’s restorative healing power. We love this green healing stone for the ability to expand your energy while grounding you in the present.

Libras and October babies will especially appreciate the many benefits of green tourmaline, their birthstone. Potent green tourmaline healing properties include cleansing your aura, healing emotional pain, and protecting you from negative energies.

green tourmaline rough

How do you use green tourmaline?

  • Wear a green tourmaline ring to keep out negativity wherever you go
  • Place a piece of raw green tourmaline in your home to help plants grow
  • Keep your heart chakra open by wearing a green tourmaline necklace or using it in meditation
  • Put a small piece in your wallet to attract wealth

4. Emerald for Opening the Heart 

All aboard the love train! Emerald is one of the best green healing stones for opening your heart. We know emerald is a striking gemstone for jewelry, but how does it work in crystal healing?

It probably comes as no surprise that emerald is associated with the goddess of love and beauty herself, Venus. It’s even the stone of the zodiac sign Taurus, which happens to be ruled by… you guessed it: Venus!

Rough emerald crystals invite love in abundance, from romantic relationships to self-love. The stone is used for harmonizing relationship troubles, reviving the spirit, and increasing self-confidence.

Beyond love, emerald healing properties symbolize rebirth and clarity. If you’re looking for a fresh start after enduring emotional wounds, emerald is the green healing crystal for you!

green emerald

Using emerald stone benefits:

  • Meditate with the stone to increase self-awareness and gain clarity
  • After an argument with a loved one, keep a piece of emerald nearby to calm tensions and facilitate understanding
  • Wear an emerald necklace or bracelet to exude self-confidence

5. Amazonite for Grounding

Like a warm bath at the end of a long day, the amazonite healing stone has the soothing power you need. Some crystal healers say just holding this green healing stone takes them to their happy place, like a photo album of your favorite vacation. 

Adding to its incredible calming power, amazonite crystal properties offer peace to your environment, relationships, and spirit. The stone’s protective properties shield you from all negative energies — whether from people or electronics. 

Do you feel tension in your body more often than you’d like? Let this green healing stone ease your mind and body. This is especially useful for relationship troubles because amazonite encourages calm communication and gets your relationship back to harmony and bliss.

Sound good? But how can you use amazonite benefits in your daily life?


Let’s go over some different ways to use amazonite:

  • Hold a amazonite healing stone when you’re overwhelmed to let your worries drift away
  • If you’re attuned to the spiritual realm, using amazonite mala beads can raise your energy vibrations during meditation or prayer
  • To promote healing and peace in your relationship, place a raw or polished piece of amazonite in the center of your home
  • If you’re an overthinking Virgo, take advantage of this stone’s astral alignment by wearing amazonite earrings for all-day wellness or keeping an amazonite worry stone nearby.

6. Malachite for Transformation

If your life could use radical transformation, hold off on a hair chop or bang commitment. First, try malachite!

Known as the “Stone of Transformation,” malachite emerald is truly the “mom friend” of gemstones. You know, it’s that buddy that always has your back, protects you from harm, and brings out your best. What more could you want from a green healing stone for personal growth?

When you’re feeling scattered and lost, malachite helps you press the reset button. This green gemstone brings gentle clarity, showing you what needs changing — all without judgment. Malachite’s protective and strengthening properties pave the road for wise decisions and self-improvement.


Bring malachite’s benefits to your life

  • Keep a malachite stone in your workspace for a productivity boost
  • Embrace this crystal’s mom friend energy 24/7 by wearing malachite jewelry to reduce self-doubt and increase self-esteem
  • Meditate with malachite when you’re working through difficult emotions and need some healing transformation

7. Chrysoprase for Healing the Heart

We mentioned before that emerald is the astral stone of Taurus. Well, the chrysoprase healing crystal goes hand-in-hand with emerald as its best pal and fellow May birthstone! You know what that means, right? Teaming up these green healing stones will give you a major joy and love boost!  

Chrysoprase has a unique apple-green hue that comes from traces of nickel inside the crystal. However, the stone is a variety of chalcedony, the ultimate nurturing mineral, and carries similar benefits. 

Chrysoprase is an amazing green crystal for anyone struggling through grief or needing to let go of pain. Healing your heart after a breakup or loss of a loved one is one of the key benefits of chrysoprase. 

Chrysoprase healing properties help clear the smoke of sadness so that you can let love and joy back into your life. Also, this green healing crystal opens the heart chakra and the sacral chakra, both centers of emotion. 

When you harness chrysoprase healing properties, you’ll restore the optimism, creativity, and sensuality that you’ve been missing.


Ready to get back to joy? Here’s how to use chrysoprase:

  • Keep your emotions balanced by wearing this stone as jewelry, especially a chrysoprase pendant or ring
  • Carry a piece of chrysoprase crystal with you, particularly on dates, to open your heart to receive the love it deserves
  • If you’re working through a breakup, meditate with raw chrysoprase or place a piece in your room to remind you of your inner strength
  • If you have a friend who’s struggling with grief, giving them a chrysoprase stone necklace or cabochon crystal can remind them of your support and gently lead them toward healing.

Time to Explore the Power of Green Healing Stones!

And that wraps up our roundup of the best green healing stones! We’ve gone through 50 shades of green —  from green aventurine to jade to tourmaline, and you’re now officially a pro at green stones and crystals! Ready to get to work with these lucky gems?

Adding a green healing stone to your life can bring you closer to nature, help you heal emotional wounds, and enhance your spiritual well-being. 

If you’re still on the fence and need a sign, consider this article your green light! 

Start your journey toward growth and happiness today by grabbing our green crystals, like our Raw Natural Green Aventurine. Want to manifest abundance? Check out our Manifesting Intentions Crystal Wand Set, complete with a pointed green aventurine!

With crystals on your side, the grass is always green! Happy healing!



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