Onyx Crystal — A Healing Stone for Motivation & Focus

onyx crystal meanings and healing uses

Onyx is a layered, often banded crystal with varying patterns and colors. While most people know black onyx best, this diverse gem comes in many varieties. Does onyx have healing properties? You bet! The healing properties of onyx crystals are as diverse as their colors, offering motivation, protection, and concentration.

Stress levels are at an all-time high right now. Besides the negative physical effects, high stress can also make it difficult to make decisions and keep up on tasks. In fact, a 2021 APA study found that a third of Americans have been too stressed to make basic decisions like picking out an outfit for the day. 

While we can’t rid your life of stress — as much as we’d love to! — we can help you manage it. How? Onyx crystals! Today, we’ll teach you all the onyx crystal benefits and how you can harness them to bring some joy and energy back into your daily grind. 

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a chalcedony crystal, meaning it’s made up of tiny quartz crystals tightly packed together. Carnelian, jasper, and agate are also chalcedony crystals!

This gem is famous for its gorgeous colors and patterns, which have been used to create intricate carvings like cameos and intaglios for centuries. These variations also help distinguish different types of onyx.

That said, what are the different colors of onyx?

Types of Onyx Crystal

First, what is the natural color of onyx? Onyx can form different colors naturally. The most common type is Arabic onyx, which is black with white bands. You may see green, brown, gold, red, gray, or blue colors in an onyx.

What is the rarest color of onyx? Any single-colored onyx is rare. This may be surprising, but naturally solid black onyx is very rare. Most black onyx on the market has been dyed black.

Let’s look at some more onyx varieties:

  • Niccolo Onyx: Black base with thin, bluish- or grayish-white bands
  • Sardonyx: Red-orange to brown base with bands of white, red, and orange shades 
  • Green Onyx: Muted olive to emerald-green, often with white, yellow, and brown bands
  • Honey Onyx: Primarily honey-yellow with tan, cream, and brown bands

Onyx crystal properties? Check! Now, what does onyx mean spiritually?

Onyx Meaning

The black onyx crystal meaning in astrology is summed up in its nickname: “Gem of Saturn.” Like Saturn, black onyx connects to self-discipline and ambition. 

In terms of signs, onyx is a zodiac stone for Leo and Capricorn. The crystal helps fiery Leos in leadership roles with decision-making, while bringing out the pragmatic Capricorn’s passionate side. 

Each onyx color also carries its own spiritual significance. For instance, the green onyx meaning is one of inner peace, virtue, and intelligence. Meanwhile, the honey onyx crystal meaning connects to hospitality and warmth. 

Cultural interpretations of onyx stone’s meaning are mixed. The Arabic term for onyx, el jaza, means “sadness.” Similarly, folks in Medieval and Victorian times associated black onyx’s spiritual meaning with suffering. 

In ancient India, however, onyx was a protective, romantic symbol. Those who practice the ancient art of energy flow called Feng Shui believe black promotes growth and balance. 

Speaking of, it’s time to cover our onyx crystal healing properties!

onyx healing crystal

What Powers Does Onyx Have?

Onyx stone powers are as diverse as its appearance. Like its meanings, some onyx colors have distinct healing properties.

Pink onyx healing properties can spark up your love life, inviting new romance or bringing out you and your partner’s adventurous sides. More individually, white onyx healing properties encourage patience, resilience, and open-mindedness.

What is onyx crystal used for overall? The most powerful onyx benefits are motivation, focus, and protection from negativity. 


Have you ever read the intense daily routine of say, a pro athlete, and craved that level of commitment to achieve your own goals? Good news: You don’t need Olympic-level training to kickstart your dreams —  just an onyx crystal and a goal! 

Onyx is like a life coach, making it a prime crystal for motivation. It starts by offering mental clarity and self-acceptance, so you can reflect on where you’re holding yourself back without judging yourself for it. 

From there, onyx brings energy and enthusiasm to your daily routine. This helps you take the small, gradual steps required to reach your ultimate goal. Throughout the process, onyx crystals help you stay resilient so you can push past obstacles. 


There are a myriad of reasons we lose focus: hunger, fatigue, stress, you name it. While some distractions can help you unwind, others can be detrimental to your success in the wrong setting, like work or school. What are the best crystals for focus?

Crystal healers call onyx the “Stone of the Mind” for its powers as a crystal for focus. The stone balances emotions, so stress won’t pull your thoughts away. Onyx also increases self-control, lowers anxiety, and helps with memory retention! 

Is onyx a good crystal for students, then? Absolutely! If you find yourself staring at your textbook struggling to just start studying, grab an onyx crystal. Its motivating properties will get you going, and its concentration-boosting powers will help you take it one page at a time. 

Protection from Negativity

Remember being a simple and innocent child, guarded from the world’s darker aspects? While everyone eventually grows up to understand life’s positive and negative sides, we could all benefit from having some extra shielding from negativity. 

Dark gemstones like black tourmaline and black onyx are most popular for absorbing negative energies and converting them to positive ones. 

As the “Stone of the Mind,” onyx even reduces harmful thoughts and negative self-talk. Additionally, this healing crystal heals deep emotional wounds that may be holding you back from looking forward with hope and happiness.

How do you use black onyx, or any onyx for that matter? Find out next! 

onyx crystal necklace

How to Use Onyx Crystals

Are you a crystal beginner? If so, you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of healing methods to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ll get you started with some easy ways to use onyx!

Keep Onyx in Your Space

Placing crystals in any space allows their healing powers to remove negative energies and envelop the room with positive vibes. Plus, you can use any form of the crystal – tumbled stones, jewelry, carvings, you name it!

For increased focus, keep an onyx crystal on your desk or in your workspace. Need some motivation in the morning? Display the stone or hang an onyx crystal necklace wherever you’ll see it first-thing. 

Can I sleep with black onyx? Yes! When you’re unwinding from a hard day, keeping onyx nearby while you sleep helps the crystal absorb the day’s stressful energies so you can slumber soundly. 

Chakra Healing

If you’re unfamiliar with chakra healing, it’s an ancient practice for balancing your body’s energies. Your seven chakras govern different aspects of your life and well-being, and you can open each one with the right chakra crystal

What chakra does onyx help with? Onyx opens the root chakra, located at the base of your spine. The root (or base) chakra is the center of stability, grounding, and physical needs. You’ll know the chakra is blocked if you feel insecure, lethargic, or rudderless. 

Opening your root chakra allows you to feel like you belong and build a foundation for growth. You can use onyx to do this during chakra meditation by placing it at your feet or lower back. Holding onyx while you meditate will also work!

Wear Onyx Crystal Jewelry

Of course, wearing crystal jewelry is the simplest way to access their healing properties wherever you go. A black onyx crystal bracelet will complement any outfit, and the stone is durable enough for everyday wear. 

Who should wear black onyx, though? Leos and Capricorns can wear onyx for its astrological benefits, but anyone seeking a more balanced, focused life can wear it too!

Onyx rings are especially popular, but what finger should you wear onyx on? There isn’t a “bad” finger for wearing an onyx ring. However, some crystal healers recommend wearing it on your left hand, either on your pinky or middle finger, to maximize its benefits.

It’s important to follow your intuition when deciding how to use onyx — you probably instinctively know what you need, even if you don’t realize it. Regardless of which method you choose, be sure to familiarize yourself with how to cleanse your crystal

Open Up Opportunities with Onyx!

Onyx healing crystals offer empowering benefits that can help open doors to new opportunities. The stone’s spiritual benefits provide the tools for you to chase your goals with confidence. With a calm mind, keen focus, and steadfast resilience, you’ll be ready to accomplish anything. Onyx may just be your first step! 

As the late Stephen Hawking said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”


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