Root Chakra Stones and Crystals: Find Your Foundation

root chakra stones and crystals

Do you find it hard to trust people? Does it feel like you need to be on the lookout for danger everywhere, regardless of its likelihood? You may have a blocked root chakra. The good news is you can open it with root chakra stones to feel safe, connected, and grounded. 

How do I find my root chakra? The root chakra location is at the base of your spine, though it also covers everything below your hips down to your feet. 

The root chakra symbol is a flipped triangle inside a square surrounded by a circle with four lotus petals. The upside-down triangle signifies the chakra’s earth element, while the square represents its traits of stability and structure. 

Today, we’ll discuss what your root chakra is, what crystals represent the root chakra, and how you can use these crystals to build a foundation for personal growth. 

First, let’s explore the root chakra meaning!

What Is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is first in the seven chakra system, an ancient model of energy centers responsible for different symptoms and stages of life. 

What is the root chakra responsible for? Your root chakra governs foundational needs of safety, trust, and physical energy. The Sanskrit term for the chakra is Muladhara, which means “root of existence.” 

A balanced root chakra provides connection to the Earth and the physical realm, creating the foundation needed for growth.

root chakra symbol

Why The Root Chakra Is Important

The root chakra is arguably the most important chakra to balance, or at least balance first. If it’s unbalanced, the entire system won’t function correctly.

Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a psychological model explaining reasons behind human motivation. The hierarchy starts with physiological needs like shelter and food, moves up to security, then belonging, self-esteem, and finally, self-actualization. 

Abraham Maslow theorized that people must have their lower needs satisfied enough to start working on the next level. The root chakra and its role in the chakra system parallels the bottom levels of physiological needs and security. 

For example, we can’t focus on improving relationships (with the heart chakra) or speaking our deepest truth (with the throat chakra) if we don’t have a feeling of safety or the tools to survive.

How Do I Know if My Root Chakra is Blocked?

The physical root chakra blockage symptoms include fatigue, inflammation, cramps, and problems in the digestive system (colon, bladder, etc.) Pain in the lower back, legs, or feet are also signs of a blocked root chakra. 

Emotionally, you may feel scared, insecure, or frustrated. Being in a constant fight-or-flight mode, always watching for threats, is also common. Around others, you may feel suspicious or distrustful (without cause) of those close to you. Inability to persevere through challenges or hardships is another sign of a blocked root chakra. 

What Happens When Root Chakra Opens?

Tingling sensations, invigoration, and better sleep patterns are all physical symptoms of a root chakra opening. You may also notice the absence of blockage symptoms like lower back pain, cramps, and fatigue. 

Those who’ve had root chakra opening experiences describe feeling more confident, centered, and connected to those they trust. On a deeper level, you may feel more assured in your decisions and personal values. Many people also feel more connected to nature. 

That all sounds pretty great! So, how do I unblock my root chakra?  With root chakra crystals, of course! 

Best Root Chakra Healing Stones

Generally, chakra stones match the color of the chakra they heal. The root chakra has more than one color though, so you have lots of crystals to choose from! 

Red is the primary root chakra color, representing physical energy and life force. Is garnet for root chakra healing, then? Absolutely! But the healing isn’t limited to red gems.

The other root chakra colors, brown and black, symbolize connection to Earth, resilience, and protection. Dark orange and gray gemstones can open the chakra, too.

Read on to learn each root chakra stone’s meaning!

red jasper healing crystal for root chakra

Red Jasper

Red jasper’s spiritual meaning is one of inner strength, joy, and support during stressful times. This deep red stone is nicknamed “Supreme Nurturer” for its protective and sustaining energies.

Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we discussed earlier? It’s helpful for understanding what motivates you, and red jasper is all about motivation. A red jasper tumbled stone is a good luck charm that increases perseverance, stamina, and passion. 

garnet healing crystal


Garnet healing crystals are pomegranate-hued precious gems that represent the root chakra traits of passion and vitality. This gem is energizing and restorative, which can give the physical aspects of your root chakra a powerful boost.

On the emotional side, garnet crystal healing properties offer cleansing and protection. The stone clears away negative thoughts, then infuses the spirit with courage, purpose, and inner peace. 

hematite healing crystal


Hematite is a metallic steel-colored crystal named after the Greek word for “blood-red.” This powerful stone gives you strength, wisdom, and protection — everything needed for an open root chakra!

The anxiety and frustration that rise up during a root chakra blockage reflect a mind that’s living in the future or the past. Hematite crystal benefits keep you grounded in the present, balancing the rational with the emotional. This can empower you to take back control of negative thoughts.  

smoky quartz healing crystal

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz’s brown translucence creates a mystical smoke-like appearance inside the crystal. The smoky quartz healing properties balance physical, earthy vibrations with mystical ones, keeping you grounded while encouraging you to manifest your desires.

This “Stone of Endurance” energizes the body and mind so you can handle stress without becoming overwhelmed with anxiety. Smoky quartz benefits are powerful but gentle, soothing worries while encouraging you to release negative patterns that threaten your sense of security. 

black obsidian healing crystal for root chakra

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a healing stone often called the “Stone of Strength and Self-Assurance” in spiritual circles. It’s actually not a crystal, but rather volcanic glass. Its origins reflect its power as a weapon against fear and self-doubt, encouraging you to trust your natural instincts. 

This black or greenish-black stone is primarily known for providing protection. Obsidian can absorb negativity so you don’t have to, creating a shield of security. This optimism and safety allows you to gain the confidence and self-assurance to pursue your goals. 

Now that you know what stone is good for the root chakra, it’s time to put that root chakra stone to use!

How Do I Clear My Root Chakra Blockage?

You have lots of options for opening your root chakra. Some energy healers recommend root chakra affirmations, yoga, visualizations, or essential oils. 

Crystals each contain specific healing properties, so using them to balance your root chakra can bring your chakra healing to the next level. 

How do crystals open the root chakra? The power of the crystal’s origins and spiritual energies resolve blockage symptoms and bring the healing properties needed for a strong, balanced root chakra. 

So, how do you heal a root chakra imbalance? We’ll go over the top crystal methods we recommend below!

Chakra Meditation

Since the introduction of chakras in the Vedic Age from 1500-500 BCE, chakra healing and meditation have gone hand-in-hand. You can incorporate crystals into chakra meditation by placing stones on (or near) the chakra on your body during meditation. 

Deciding where to place your crystal for root chakra healing depends on your position. If you’re sitting, you can hold the crystal in your lap or put it in between criss-crossed legs. Laying down? Then the best root chakra stone placement is where your legs meet your pelvis. 

From there, you can visualize the chakra’s energy, practice deep breathing, or repeat a mantra. The traditional root chakra mantra or chant is “Lam,” but you can also repeat “I am safe and protected” or any other mantra you like.

Keep Root Chakra Stones Close

Are you always on-the-go? Carry your root chakra crystal with you! New places and people are more likely to cause anxiety or insecurity, so having a root chakra crystal with you can keep you grounded.

As far as where to keep the stone, you can put it in your pocket, a bag, even your bra if needed! If you’re more of a homebody, you can also place a root chakra stone in your house to create an energy shield of centering, protective energy. 

Wear Root Chakra Jewelry

Another way to keep your root chakra crystal’s healing energy close is by wearing it. Neutral-colored crystal jewelry with hematite or black obsidian will match any outfit, while the vibrant hues of red jasper or garnet bring a bold energy boost.

Better yet, wear more than one! Opt for a beaded root chakra stones bracelet with multiple crystals to get all the benefits of endurance and motivation balanced with grounded security. 

Build Your Foundation for Growth!

Feeling safe, connected, and protected is an essential aspect of our wellbeing that everyone deserves. Root chakra stones can bring you the strength, energy, and protection to plant your roots and blossom into the person you’re meant to be. 

To quote Canadian author J.R. Rim: “Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

Wondering how to buy chakra stones? Explore our chakra stone options and start your healing journey today!