Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals: Reignite Joy & Creativity

sacral chakra stones and healing crystals

Are you feeling stifled emotionally or creatively? Has the idea of intimacy or connection started making you anxious rather than excited? If you answered “yes,” then you may have a sacral chakra blockage. How do you fix it? Start with sacral chakra stones to ignite your spirit, joy, creativity, and passion.

What blocks the sacral chakra in the first place? It varies, but one common cause is holding self-limiting beliefs about your capacity for creativity, healthy relationships, or happiness. Dismantling these beliefs may seem daunting, but sacral chakra crystals will support you through the journey!

Before we get into our sacral chakra crystals list, let’s cover what this chakra is all about.

What Is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second energy point in the seven chakra system. It’s located in your lower abdomen right below your belly button. Orange is the chakra’s color and water is its associated element. In Sanskrit, this chakra is Svadhisthana, meaning “one’s own place” or “where the self is established.”

What is the sacral chakra responsible for? Overall, the sacral chakra governs creativity, sexuality, and emotional expression. It also rules how we adapt to the ever-changing ebbs and flows of life. On the body, your lower back, bladder, and reproductive organs fall under the sacral chakra. 

Once the root chakra helps you establish a safe foundation for who you are, the sacral chakra helps you explore your identity and feelings through creation, adventure, and passion. 

Why the Sacral Chakra is Important

The desire for fun, pleasure, and emotional connection is ingrained in us, and for good reason: it’s crucial to our well-being! 

One 2021 study suggests viewing leisure as a waste of time makes you less happy, more stressed, and even prone to depression. Plus, research from 2016 found that having fun with others is even more energizing than doing it alone. 

It’s clear that your ability to find joy and connect with others is important, and that’s what the sacral chakra is all about. 

What Happens When Your Sacral Chakra Is Blocked?

The physical effects of a blocked sacral chakra include pain in the pelvis, hips, and lower back. Other symptoms are fatigue, low blood sugar, and sexual issues.

Emotionally, a sacral chakra imbalance causes feelings of shame, emotional detachment, and difficulty or disinterest in doing things that make you happy. 

In relationships, you may struggle to balance emotional attachment — this could be building up walls or becoming too attached to the point of codependency. Overall, a lack of healthy boundaries is common.

An imbalance may affect your creativity by making you feel too overwhelmed or perfectionistic to begin a project. You may also feel unmotivated to complete the final hurdles of a project, leaving it uncompleted.

When you start unblocking the sacral chakra, new feelings arise.

How Do You Know If Your Sacral Chakra Is Open?

The first sacral chakra opening symptoms you’ll notice are the energizing, stimulating, and inspiring effects. You start seeing the changes and curveballs life throws at you as opportunities for success, rather than hurdles.

Emotionally, what are the symptoms of your sacral chakra opening? When the chakra is open, you can express your feelings freely and feel in-charge of your emotional responses. Someone with an open sacral chakra is content and confident in who they are, but also comfortable to adapt — they know change is inevitable and often necessary to becoming who they’re meant to be.

Effects on relationships include a higher level of respect for yourself and your partner. There’s a comfort in who you are that makes you more willing to explore areas of adventure and intimacy with someone else, while still maintaining healthy boundaries. 

How can you access these positive feelings? Crystals, of course! But what crystals help heal the sacral chakra?

Best Sacral Chakra Stones List

Since this chakra is orange, most sacral chakra crystals and stones are also orange, often with a playful mixture of browns and yellows. We’ve highlighted our top crystal picks below, but you can use any orange stones for sacral chakra crystal healing. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the crystals!

citrine healing crystal sacral chakra stones


Citrine is a yellow quartz stone called the “Success Stone.” This crystal of abundance and positivity infuses your spirit with its warmth and sunny glow.

Using citrine sacral chakra crystals helps balance your emotions and increase mental clarity. The citrine crystal benefits of dispelling fear and increasing confidence is perfect for any creative to pursue their art without shame or self-doubt.

carnelian healing crystal


Carnelian is an orange, yellow, or red gem, though it’s often banded with all three. Does carnelian help with sacral chakra healing? You bet! The stone’s fiery, brilliant coloring fills your sacral chakra with a similar zeal and energy.

This crystal is widely known as the “Stone of Creativity.” The carnelian stone spiritual meaning ties to motivation, resilience, and courage. Carnelian sacral chakra healing is particularly effective for trusting yourself more and putting self-care first. 

Next, is tiger’s eye good for the sacral chakra? Absolutely!

tiger's eye healing crystal

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a warm and stabilizing reddish-brown to golden-orange gemstone. Courage, protection, and power are some of the main tiger’s eye crystal benefits. 

Tiger’s eye chakra stones balance both the root and sacral chakras. Their protective, grounding energies support the root chakra, while their ability to increase willpower and creativity helps the sacral chakra. Most of all, tiger’s eye crystals help you focus and prioritize your own happiness. 

orange calcite healing crystal

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a vibrant crystal resembling fizzy orange soda. Sometimes called the “Stone of Joy,” the most popular orange calcite crystal properties are for enhancing creativity and energy. 

Using orange calcite chakra stones allows your sensual and creative energies to flow freely, supporting blissful exploration. Additionally, the crystal’s warmth nourishes the soul with light and greater perspective while preventing apathy or listlessness.

moonstone healing crystal sacral chakra stones


Most people envision a white moonstone crystal first, so is moonstone good for the sacral chakra? You might be surprised to know moonstones can also be orange! Nevertheless, any moonstone can open the sacral chakra.

The moonstone crystal benefits are perfect for adapting to change — it’s even nicknamed the “Stone of New Beginnings.” The crystal’s feminine, lunar vibrations also support the sacral chakra’s physical aspects of fertility. 

Moreover, moonstone encourages greater emotional intelligence and empathy, which are key to forming healthy attachments to others. 

You know the best crystals, now how do you clear your sacral chakra with them?

How to Heal Your Sacral Chakra with Crystals

You have lots of options for balancing your sacral chakra, even beyond chakra stones. What helps sacral chakra healing? Incorporating elements of orange, ginger, movement, and art can all support your journey to a balanced sacral chakra. 

Of course, the sacral chakra vibration of the crystals we’ve discussed makes each stone incredibly effective for healing. Below, we’ll highlight our top recommendations for how to use your sacral chakra crystals.


Crystal meditation allows you to get to know yourself and your crystals better. Since the sacral chakra is focused on understanding our emotions and identity through discovery and expression, meditation is a perfect method.

Beyond basic meditation, you can practice sacral chakra meditation by incorporating the location of the chakra. The best sacral chakra crystal placement is below your belly button (if you’re laying down).

Want to enhance your meditation session? Try choosing sacral chakra affirmations or mantras to chant. You can choose any related affirmation to repeat, such as:

  • I am content in who I am.
  • Creativity freely flows out of me.
  • I am worthy of joy and connection.

Prefer traditional methods? You can always repeat the official sacral chakra cleansing mantra: “Vam.”

sacral chakra crystal grid

Create a Sacral Chakra Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are geometric arrangements designed to help you manifest desires by intensifying an intention. You can use a pre-made grid or create your own crystal grid with your crystals. Plus, where you keep your grid can help focus its power.

For instance, a crystal grid with tiger’s eye and carnelian stones near your bed can help attract intimacy and emotional connection. On the other hand, placing a crystal grid with carnelian and citrine on your desk or art space will enhance creative confidence

Just moved into a new place or started a new job? A grid with orange calcite and moonstone will make sure this new beginning is a stress-free fresh start. 

Wear Sacral Chakra Jewelry

Many aspects of the sacral chakra involve feeling more comfortable in your body. Wearing sacral chakra crystal jewelry allows you to channel the stone’s healing energies directly into your body through skin contact. Plus, this method lets you harness healing wherever you go.

A tiger’s eye or carnelian sacral chakra crystal necklace, for example, infuses your heart with confidence and motivation. Wearing citrine or orange calcite will help you express yourself, especially through creative endeavors.

However you choose to heal this chakra, you’re sure to feel the contentment, joy, and freedom of expression that comes with an open sacral chakra!

sacral chakra stones and crystals

Channel Creativity & Connection with Sacral Chakra Crystals!

Feeling content in who we are, with the freedom to express our feelings and explore the joy of connection with others, is essential to wellness. Sacral chakra stones support this pursuit, bringing out the confidence and comfort you need to express yourself creatively and discover your true sources of joy. 

The world often pushes productivity as the number-one priority. Therefore, it’s important to remember that enjoying life, both alone and with others, is what makes life worth living.

The Indian mystic and guru Osho said it best: “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”