Black Tourmaline Crystal — A Healing Stone for Positivity & Protection

black tourmaline crystal benefits and healing properties

The black tourmaline crystal is a glossy, brownish-black to black gem in the tourmaline family. This powerful stone dates back centuries and remains popular for protection, purification, and positivity.  

During these tense times, it’s common to feel uneasy or unsafe. Seeing one crisis or disaster after another can be exhausting and anxiety-inducing. Now more than ever, looking after our sense of security and wellbeing is crucial, and black tourmaline can help! 

Beyond black tourmaline’s metaphysical properties, the stone is also an October birthstone and a lucky zodiac stone for Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn signs. 

Today, we’ll break down black tourmaline crystal properties, healing powers, and ways you can introduce the stone’s benefits into your life!

What Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline, or schorl, is rich in iron and makes up around 95 percent of all tourmaline. Its rarer siblings include deep pink rubellite and pink and green watermelon tourmaline.

While black tourmaline isn’t the most colorful member of its family, its appearance is far from boring. While some are solid black, others are bluish- or greenish-black. Plus, the top and bottom of these crystals can show different colors, so you may see a black stone with an olive-green top. 

Beyond color, this crystal commonly shows dynamic patterns like long, thread-like tubes and vertical grooves. Its natural texture is earthy and rough. 

When comparing black tourmaline vs. black obsidian, black tourmaline’s natural ridges separate it from obsidian’s uniform glass look. Plus, unlike obsidian, black tourmaline reveals different colors from different angles. 

You’ll find a range of jewelry and decor options for black tourmaline stones. The crystal lends well to faceting for, say, a black tourmaline ring and unfaceted cuts like cabochons, tumbled stones, or carvings. 

The stone’s durability and glassy luster also make it perfect for raw stone jewelry, like a rough black tourmaline crystal necklace!

black tourmaline healing crystal

Black Tourmaline Crystal Meaning & History

The color black carries diverse meanings across different cultures. For many Western cultures, black evokes images of death, while some Eastern cultures view it as a symbol of status. Fashion-wise, black is classic, sophisticated, and always in style.

In color psychology, black symbolizes intrigue, refinement, and authority. Black crystal meanings are a bit more down-to-earth, often literally — representing connection to nature, self-control, and safety. 

Black tourmaline symbolizes strength, protection, and balance. In the ancient energy-flow practice of Feng Shui, black tourmaline is a feminine, water-element stone, evoking feelings of receptivity, harmony, and hidden strengths. 

Ancient legends tell of magicians using black tourmaline to protect them from malevolent forces while spellcasting. Various indigenous shamans are said to have used the crystal to heal the sick and provide guidance or protection during rituals. 

In the 18th century, tourmaline was believed to provide greater wisdom, healing, and creativity. 

Speaking of, when did black tourmaline’s history start?


Black tourmaline’s recorded history began in Medieval times. Evidence shows that before 1400, residents of the German village Schorl (present-day Zschorlau) used black tourmaline from a tin mine close by. The stone’s initial name “schorl” (or “schürl”) came from Johannes Mathesius, a German minister and mineralogist, in 1562. 

Recognizing schorl as a tourmaline crystal came much later, however. Spanish conquistador Frances Spinoza brought the first tourmaline crystals to Europe in 1552. However, Spinoza and the rest of Europe thought the stones were emerald until the 1800s.

Meanwhile, Dutch merchants introduced Europe to Sri Lankan tourmalines in 1702. The Dutch used black tourmaline for drawing ash out of their tobacco pipes, nicknaming the stone aschentrekker, meaning “ash puller.” Eventually, another European nickname for the stone emerged: “Sri Lankan magnet.” 

Wait, is black tourmaline magnetic? Yep! The high amounts of iron or manganese make black tourmaline one of the most magnetic gemstones on the market.

Magnetism isn’t black tourmaline’s only useful scientific property. British scientist Benjamin Wilson revealed the stone’s pyroelectric properties (holding an electrical charge when heated) in the 1700s, leading other scientists to use black tourmaline for polarizing light. 

Now, in the spiritual realm, what is the stone tourmaline used for? 

raw black tourmaline healing crystal

What Are the Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline?

When it comes to what crystals are good for healing and protection, black tourmaline is a top-tier choice! Most crystal healers agree that among all tourmalines, black tourmaline is the most powerful for providing protection and cleansing negativity. 

Indeed, black tourmaline can create an energetic shield, protecting you from bad vibes all around. Black crystals are commonly used for attracting wealth and success, so is black tourmaline good for money? You bet!

Other benefits for the stone include inspiring creativity, increasing vitality, and connecting you to higher spiritual wisdom.  

Let’s take a closer look at the main black tourmaline crystal benefits. 


The first and arguably most popular of black tourmaline properties is protection. The stone’s protection applies to external and internal negativity.

We spend most of our days at work or at home. Having someone in either of these places that exudes negative energies — constant complaining, cynicism, or a bad attitude overall — can be draining. Not only that, it can weaken our own efforts for growth and prevent relationship harmony. 

What power does tourmaline have that can help? Well, black tourmaline can absorb negative energies and shield you from unnecessary stress, promoting harmony within yourself and your relationships. 

Plus, in the literal sense, black tourmaline can absorb electromagnetic radiation from nearby technology, keeping you safe from any potentially damaging effects. 

Grounding & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment. It involves being aware of what’s happening around us and within us, without trying to analyze it. 

Reviewing the scientific research on mindfulness reveals benefits like lower stress, improved memory, and even more fulfilling relationships! So, where does black tourmaline come in?

Black tourmaline is a grounding crystal, meaning it reconnects you with the Earth, so your body’s energies are in tune with the Earth’s energies. Since the crystal absorbs negative energies, it allows us to fully focus our thoughts to the present moment without the hindrance of anxious ruminations creeping up.  

Wait, anxious thoughts? Oh no! Don’t worry, black tourmaline helps there too!


Let’s be honest: in this day and age, most of us struggle with anxious or negative thoughts daily. Beyond emotions, worrying too much has physical consequences, from a less effective immune system to digestion issues or muscle aches.

If you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions, black tourmaline is a great companion. Not only does it absorb those anxious thoughts, but it’s also calming! The relaxing and reassuring vibrations from black tourmaline are even said to help those struggling with obsessive or self-destructive tendencies.

Once the bad stuff is out, black tourmaline infuses your spirit with empowerment, confidence, and positivity!

Now that you know black tourmaline’s many benefits, how do you use it?

black tourmaline crystal and clear quartz bracelet

How to Use Black Tourmaline

For any crystal healing beginners, know that there’s no shortage of ways to use your crystals! Some methods are better for certain goals, but just remember to follow your instincts and go with what works best for you

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, we’re here to give you some ideas. Here’s how you can start reaping the benefits of your black tourmaline healing crystal:

Wear or Carry It With You

Wearing black tourmaline jewelry is perfect for anyone who’s traveling or has an on-the-go lifestyle. Not only will a black tourmaline necklace look stylish and match any outfit, but you can also keep the crystal’s grounding, protective energies close to your heart – literally!

Similarly, carrying a black tourmaline tumbled stone in your pocket or bag allows the stone to envelop you with peace and positivity, keeping any and all negativity out of your sphere.

Keep It in Your Room

Crystals are popular ornamental pieces, creating a multi-purpose decorative element in any space. Your bedroom in particular is meant to be a safe place. Placing a black tourmaline crystal in it can give it a spiritual “cleanse.” 

Carved crystals, raw crystals, and tumbled stones are the most popular decor types. You can even make your jewelry pull double-duty by hanging a black tourmaline pendant on your wall in between wears!


Crystal meditation is present in numerous cultures, from Tibetan Buddhists to Native Americans. Today, many crystal lovers use meditation to get to know their crystals’ powers and manifest their desires with them. 

Black tourmaline’s grounding properties make it perfect for meditation, as it allows you to hone in on your intention and stay present during the session. 

Learning how to meditate with crystals may vary from one person to another. Our advice is to cleanse your crystal first (more on that in a bit), then choose a space where you can focus, and set an intention. You can even repeat a mantra to enhance your crystal’s receptivity. 

Chakra Healing

If you’re targeting a specific issue, try chakra healing! The seven chakras are energy points along your body that align with physical and emotional symptoms. When one or more chakra becomes unbalanced, negative symptoms arise. 

You can use crystals to balance chakras by identifying which chakra is blocked (unbalanced) and choosing the right crystal for that chakra. In terms of chakras, what are tourmaline stones used for? 

Black tourmaline corresponds to your root chakra. This is the first chakra, and it governs our primal, fundamental needs like safety, stability, and belonging.

Feeling anxious, unstable, or hypervigilant to danger are all signs of a blocked root chakra. You can use black tourmaline to open and balance the chakra again through chakra meditation

Once the root chakra is opened, you have a secure foundation for personal growth, discovery, and confidence in your ability to conquer whatever the world throws at you. 

However you decide to use your crystal, cleansing is a crucial routine to keep your stone’s healing power functioning at max capacity!

black tourmaline crystal and tumbled stone with selenite crystal

How Do You Cleanse Black Tourmaline?

For basic maintenance, you can clean black tourmaline with lukewarm, soapy water and soft brush. Then, dry the stone with a microfiber cloth and store it away from other gemstones to avoid scratches.

Your crystal will also need routine spiritual cleansing. Since black tourmaline absorbs negativity, all that energy can get clogged up inside. When that happens, the crystal doesn’t have room to absorb more, making it less effective. You can avoid this spiritual “clogging” by cleansing your stone periodically.

There’s plenty of ways to cleanse crystals. For black tourmaline, we recommend one of the following:

  • Running Water: Hold the stone under running water (a stream or river is best, but the sink is perfectly fine) for 1-2 minutes. 
  • Moon Bath: Place your black tourmaline outside under the moonlight or bury it under soil overnight. Just be sure to remove it from direct sunlight, as extreme heat exposure can damage the crystal. 
  • Smudging: Light a smudging tool like a sage stick or herb bundle, then use a fan or feather to move the smoke over your crystal. Once done, extinguish the stick or bundle and store safely.

How often should you cleanse black tourmaline? It depends. In general, we recommend cleansing once a month. However, using the stone more frequently requires more frequent cleansing. If it doesn’t seem to be working as well as usual, it may be time for a cleanse. 

Are You Keen on Black Tourmaline?

From its early days in a small German mine to its modern reputation as an essential healing crystal, black tourmaline has come a long way. Though understated, this little crystal contains considerable power.

Whether you could use some protection from negativity, lower stress, or more mindfulness, the black tourmaline stone is here to provide. 

Ready to feel calm, present, and confident? Get started today with a black tourmaline crystal of your own! 


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