Best Crystals for Cancer: Zodiac Traits, Best Crystals & How to Use Them

best crystals for cancer

The summer solstice shows the most sunlight of the year, but it also begins the zodiac season ruled by the moon: Cancer season! Those born under the Cancer sign are protective, sensitive homebodies. If you’re a Cancer, healing crystals can help you harness your astrological gifts!

What is a Cancer’s crystal? We’ll go over our top stones today:

Best Crystals for Cancer

  • Aquamarine
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Rainbow Jasper
  • Labradorite
  • Selenite

We’ll also discuss the healing properties of your traditional Cancer zodiac month birthstones:

Cancer Birthstone Crystals

  • Alexandrite
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Ruby
  • Onyx

In this guide, you’ll learn all about the Cancer zodiac traits, the best Cancer sign crystals, and how you can use them to unlock your best Cancer self! 

The 5 Best Zodiac Crystals for Cancer

Symbolized by the crab, Cancers have a tough outer shell but big, sensitive hearts underneath. You’re intuitive, empathetic, and fiercely loyal. However, you may at times find yourself feeling moody, possessive, and closed-off.

Healing crystals can help! Cancer zodiac crystals can support your loving nature while addressing your need for security, confidence, and emotional balance. 

The Cancer gemstones and crystals we’ll discuss are:

  • Aquamarine
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Rainbow Jasper
  • Labradorite
  • Selenite

Ready to examine our Cancer stones and crystals closer? Let’s start with the “treasure of mermaids” gem!

aquamarine healing crystal for cancer


With a name translating to “sea water,” aquamarine and Cancer are already on the same wavelength (no pun intended.) Aquamarine’s healing properties have soothing ocean energies are an ideal match for your water-sign personality.

Like a close friend giving earnest advice, aquamarine reminds you that all relationships require trust. You may cling to others out of fear of being left or abandoned, but this can end up pushing them away. 

Aquamarine healing crystals inspire trust so you can strengthen your relationships and let your mind relax. You may also cling to grudges, and aquamarine helps you let go of the past to focus on the present. 

How to Use Aquamarine for Cancer: Wear aquamarine jewelry for reassurance or gift aquamarine to a friend as a symbol of your trust and gratitude.

black tourmaline healing crystal

Black Tourmaline

Whether it’s a job, family, friends, or partner, your devotion level is set to maximum when it comes to those you love. But without self-care, mood swings could get the best of you. Black tourmaline crystals can help ground you so that you can balance your own needs with tending to the needs of others.

Cancer rules the fourth house, representing home and family, so the need to feel comforted and protected is paramount to your wellbeing. As a root chakra stone, black tourmaline healing properties are all about nurturing your inner child and providing a foundation for growth.  

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Cancer: Use black tourmaline during meditation or keep crystals in your room to feel their reassuring protection. 

rainbow jasper healing crystal

Rainbow Jasper

Cancers have strong intuition, but some situations need the left brain to take the lead. Rainbow jasper can help you make thought-out, logical decisions instead of relying on feelings.

Not relying on feelings is easier said than done when you feel your own and others’ feelings so deeply. Luckily, rainbow jasper’s healing properties offer sustaining properties, inviting security and balance when negative emotions feel overwhelming. Also, rainbow jasper crystals encourage vulnerability to reach out for support.

How to Use Rainbow Jasper for Cancer: If you’re feeling overcome by stress or despondency, hold a rainbow jasper crystal to recenter yourself and look at things objectively. 

labradorite and clear quartz healing crystal bracelet


With a Cancer rising (ascendant) sign, you may feel reserved and apprehensive toward new people. You have a gift for understanding people’s desires, but fear may hold you back from using that skill. That’s where labradorite crystals come in!

As a Cancer ascendant gemstone, labradorite healing properties promote self-worth and heal self-doubt. Granting strength and motivation, this healing stone helps you accept new ideas and pursue creativity. By easing the mind, labradorite can help you focus your intuition on finding ways to harness your emotional awareness. 

How to Use Labradorite for Cancer: Sport labradorite Cancer zodiac jewelry for confidence, inspiration, and heightened awareness!

selenite healing crystal wall hanging


Selenite is one of the best Cancer moon crystals and not just because it’s named after the moon goddess Selene. When your moon is in Cancer, you can feel the full spectrum of emotions more intensely than anyone else. This is often overwhelming, making you retreat and ignore your feelings instead of processing them.

Selenite stone for Cancer brings peace and mental clarity, allowing you to be more open. Selenite healing crystals also symbolize insight and supports self-development, encouraging you to learn from your feelings and reflect on areas for improvement.

How to Use Selenite for Cancer: Benefit from the amplification effect of selenite’s healing properties by setting an intention with the crystal or boosting other crystals’ healing properties!

You know which gemstones are suitable for Cancer, but how do you incorporate them into your life?

how to use cancer crystals

How to Use Cancer Crystals for Healing

For those learning how to use healing crystals, you’ll quickly see there are lots of options. Finding your ideal method requires trusting your instincts. Luckily, Cancer intuition is strong! 

If you’re wondering where to start, though, we have some ideas you’ll love.

Wear Cancer Gemstone Jewelry

Wearing a Cancer jewelry stone is the simplest, most stylish way to feel your crystal’s benefits. Choosing what crystals Cancers should wear depends on which benefits you’re after.

An aquamarine or labradorite Cancer crystal necklace can encourage new beginnings, while a black tourmaline or selenite Cancer crystal bracelet will bring comfort and protection from negativity.

Chakra Healing

Emotional issues often indicate one of your chakras is blocked. Crystals can act as chakra stones for opening a blocked chakra and getting your energies balanced again. 

The chakras connected to each Cancer stone are:

Recite Crystal Mantras

Reciting mantras with crystals intensifies the stone’s healing energies while rewiring your consciousness toward positive thinking. Psychological research has even shown the calming effects of mantras.

Cancer crystals like rainbow jasper or black tourmaline can amplify grounding mantras, while selenite or labradorite support personal growth mantras. Check out mantra ideas here!

Before you make your Cancer crystal kit, we should talk about why to use zodiac crystals in the first place.

Why Use Crystals for Cancer?

Astrology can give you insight into your role in life, while healing crystals support your pursuit of that purpose. Before you can understand how to fully benefit from zodiac crystals, you’ll need a basic understanding of astrology. 

The first place to start understanding your chart is the “Big Three” signs: sun, moon, and rising/ascendant.

Your sun sign, based on month-and-day birthdate, describes your general nature and inherent strengths. Those born from June 21 to July 22 have a Cancer sun!

Moon signs represent the more private self, who you are when nobody’s around. You’ll need your birthday and location to calculate your moon sign.

Your rising sign is the first impression you give to others. This sign was on the horizon when you were born, so you’ll need your birth time to calculate it. 

Interpreting a Cancer sun, moon, or rising is easier when you understand Cancer’s place in the zodiac calendar.

best crystals for cancer

Cancer in the Zodiac Calendar

Cancer zodiac dates, between June 21 and July 22, start on the summer solstice. As the rush of Gemini season’s summer party vibe fades, Cancer’s more intimate gatherings begin. This is a time to appreciate those closest to you, preferably (for Cancer) at home away from the crowds.

Check out the Cancer zodiac groups for more insight:

  • Element: Water | Sensitive, intuitive, understanding
  • Modality: Cardinal | Instigating, opportunistic, engaged
  • House: 4th House | House of family, home, and childhood
  • Planet Ruler: Moon (traditional and modern)

As Cancer’s ruling astral body, the moon represents the consistency and comfort this sign craves. Ironically, the moon also represents the ebbs and flows of emotions, which any Cancer is (sometimes begrudgingly) familiar with. 

Many things about Cancer zodiac signs revolve around the comfort and safety of home, represented by ruling the fourth house. The fourth house governs your foundation — your family, roots, and connection to how you grew up.

Speaking of Cancer sign traits, what is the personality of a Cancer?

Cancer Traits: Sun, Moon, and Rising

The main Cancer zodiac sign traits are being devoted, sensitive, and comforting. 

What are Cancer’s weaknesses?

Cancer’s fallbacks are moodiness, isolation, and neediness. With such an influx of emotions, Cancers can easily get crabby or self-isolate instead of opening up. This sign’s nurturing nature is often not equally reciprocated, which can lead to clinging or being passive aggressive.

What does a Cancer moon sign mean?

Cancer moons are the ultimate Mom Friend: sentimental, nurturing, and incredibly protective. These are the people who devotedly create heartfelt, memory-filled scrapbooks. 

Having a Cancer moon means you can easily guess what anyone around you is feeling, which is probably both eerie and comforting to your loved ones. You feel more deeply than any other moon sign, and unlike Cancer suns, you tend to be more open about your feelings. 

What does a rising sign in Cancer mean?

Cancer risings have a skill for intuitively knowing what people want, making them great salespeople or entrepreneurs. 

Cancer rising signs often come off as reserved or stoic, but this is typically from apprehension and a need to “feel out” new people. They’re generally family-oriented, clinging firmly to the past and the people they care about. 

Regarding the past, do you know the traditional Cancer birthstones? 

moonstone and crystal quartz healing bracelet

Cancer Month Birthstone Crystals

Your official Cancer birthstone depends on if your birthday falls on the June or July side of Cancer dates.

Let’s look at each June Cancer birthstone:

  • Alexandrite: Rare color-changing green and red chrysoberyl variety symbolizing intellect, luck, and the harmony of opposites.
  • Pearl: Organic gemstone (made by an animal) typically cream-colored and associated with femininity, longevity, and the moon.
  • Moonstone: Internally blue-glowing feldspar mineral used for encouraging personal growth, balancing emotions, and relieving stress.

What about July Cancer birthstones?

  • Ruby: Among the four precious gemstones, this red corundum stone represents prosperity, passion, and courage.
  • Onyx: Layered chalcedony mineral, typically black or green, popular for protection, concentration, and self-control.

While every Cancer crystal birthstone is useful, moonstone for Cancer is particularly powerful. Besides the obvious lunar association, moonstone gently supports your intense emotions while connecting you to your inner god or goddess.

You Can Do it All With Cancer Crystals!

Whether you opt for one of our Cancer crystals or a Cancer birthstone ring, your zodiac stones can support your journey toward becoming who you were meant to be. By embracing your strengths and taking time to reflect, you can connect more deeply to your purpose and to the connections you share.

As Cancer sun Meryl Streep said, “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other.”

Discover Cancer crystals and more in our crystal shop! 



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