Crystals For Beginners – Crystal Basics And How To Get Started

crystals for beginners

Are you curious about the world of crystals but aren’t sure where to start? There’s a lot to learn about crystal healing, including shapes, healing properties, and practices. But at the core of crystal healing is the intention to ground, balance, purify, cleanse, and restore. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know in this guide to crystals for beginners. 

What can you expect to learn today? The crystal world is colorful and exciting, but it can be difficult to navigate as a beginner. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the choices, which is why we’ve funneled all the crucial details into an approachable guide.

We’ll cover crystal basics, including:

  • The best crystals for beginners
  • Various shapes and healing properties
  • Cleansing and charging your crystals
  • Setting intentions with crystals
  • How to set up a crystal grid

Most importantly, your search led you here, which means you have a strong connection to your inner voice and intuition. Everything you need is already within you, so let’s get to the fun part: choosing your crystals. 

What Crystals Should I Start With?

As you’ll soon find out, there are countless crystals in the world, each offering unique healing properties. Before choosing which crystals to buy, let’s talk about the various shapes you’ll encounter while on the crystal hunt.

The shape isn’t as relevant as each crystal’s healing properties, but it does influence how you interact with your crystals. 

 crystal to start with

Common Crystal Shapes

  • Pointed crystals (terminated or double terminated): Some crystals have points on one end or both ends of the crystal—these crystal points direct energy and the stone’s vibrational current toward a place that needs healing. You can harness these points to direct healing toward yourself, another person, or a specific part of your body. 
  • Cubes: Square-shaped crystals connect to the root chakra, the lowest and first chakra that grounds you in your life and purpose.
  • Raw crystals: These have a sacred connection to the earth because they aren’t altered or polished but kept in the same condition as when they came from the ground.
  • Spheres: Without any points or angles, crystal spheres emit vibrations in every direction, helping you fully immerse into your practice.
  • Clusters: Earthy, organic clusters like amethyst and raw citrine beautifully display the natural points of a crystal, amplifying the energy so that you can vibe at a higher frequency.
  • Tumbled stones: Opposite of clusters, tumbled crystals are smooth, small, and great for traveling with you throughout your day. If you’re looking for crystals for beginners, try tumbled chakra stones to harmonize the seven chakras for ultimate alignment and balance.
  • Heart: These heart-shaped crystals work closely with the heart chakra to open the heart so that you can comfortably give and receive love.
  • Pyramid: Echoing the architecture of antiquity, pyramid crystals concentrate all of your energy upward to tap into the divine realm and amplify your manifestations to the celestial universe.
  • Harmonizers: Clear quartz and selenite are necessary crystals for beginners because they accentuate other crystals’ healing properties while carefully leading you to a place of openness and balance. 

And that covers crystal shapes. So, what crystals do you need to get started?

Top 5 Healing Crystals For Beginners

The fantastic thing about crystals is that there are many different types, but this can also be overwhelming. Let’s focus on the most popular healing crystals for beginners to set you on your path.

1. Clear Quartz – The “Master Healer”

Considered the “master healer” of the crystal realm, clear quartz is one of the must-have crystals for beginners because it intuitively vibrates the energy you need. Also, clear quartz absorbs and amplifies the properties of other crystals nearby, making it an optimal choice for crystal grids, which we’ll cover shortly. 

clear quartz

2. Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

This rosy-hued love crystal has strong ties to the heart chakra, the body’s well of self-love and compassion. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to help you give and receive love more openly and without restraint. As one of the best crystals for beginners, this pink crystal heals the heart and creates more extraordinary and deeper relationships.

rose quartz

3. Amethyst – A Versatile Crystal

The list of amethyst healing properties is long, and rightfully so! Amethyst is excellent for all types of healing, but ultimately, it harmonizes the mind-body connection by cleansing your aura and blocking bad vibes from bringing you down. Amethyst is the purple crystal associated with the higher chakras (third eye and crown), connecting you to higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Amethyst crystal

4. Citrine – For Abundance

With its bursting golden hue, citrine is the crystal for abundance and fortune. Citrine’s healing properties promote career success, creativity, happiness, and inspiration. It’s warm, reinvigorating energies pulse throughout your life to bestow you with optimism and courage. If you’re wondering what crystal attracts positive energy, grab citrine because this sunshine crystal is full of #goodvibes.

citrine crystal

5. Aventurine – Your Good Luck Charm

If you’re looking for a good luck charm, look no further than aventurine. We recommend this as a beginner crystal because of its overall ability to build prosperity and confidence. Green aventurine is a calming crystal that attracts good fortune and dispels negative emotions like irritability and self-criticism.

As we mentioned, there are oodles of crystals out there, but these five are excellent crystals for beginners because they holistically harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. 

We recommend starting with a crystals for beginners kit, which comes with all five of the crystals above!

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals For The First Time?

Before you begin the healing practice, it’s important to learn how to cleanse and charge crystals. The process is essentially a way of resetting your crystals and purifying any old energy they might’ve absorbed before landing in your possession. As you use them, they absorb all types of energies, including the negative ones.

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Cleansing your crystals is vital for them to maintain their healing properties and hold your intentions. Keep them buoyant with healing light and vibrance with regular cleansing rituals.

So, how do you cleanse and activate crystals?

Let’s explore some of the best ways to cleanse a crystal:


Smudging is a resourceful way to cleanse your crystals. Choose a smudging stick, and immerse your crystals in the purifying smoke to cleanse your crystals for the first time, or reset their energy to serve you better.



Place your crystals in the earth’s healing soil for 24 hours for cleansing and purification. 

Natural Light

The sun and moon’s natural light is rejuvenating and great for purifying your crystals. How do you charge crystals in the moonlight or sunlight? Simply leave the crystals out in the sunshine for several hours or overnight to bask in the moonlight for an enlightening crystal cleanse.

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Selenite and crystal quartz are natural cleansers. Bring these crystals into your practice to purify nearby crystals.

What about charging your crystals? This step is equally important as cleansing because it directs your crystals to specific needs you may have on your healing journey.

Learning how to program crystals is easy and personal, and it starts by setting an intention.

Set An Intention For Your Crystals

Once you’ve got your crystals in hand, it’s time to set an intention. How do you set crystal intentions? Honestly, it’s a personal endeavor and boils down to simply asking for what you need from the crystals. Dive into your inner self and ask what you need help with right now. 

Do you need a spiritual boost or help soothing anxiety? Think of your intention as a manifestation of your needs and desired outcomes. 

Find a place to sit quietly and reflect on your needs. In this peaceful atmosphere, devote at least ten minutes to thinking about your intentions.

Hold your crystals in your hands and start to visualize your goal. Then speak it out loud to the crystals. When you return to your crystals next, repeat the intention to reinforce your needs.

selenite wand

There truly is no wrong way to set an intention for your crystals, so experiment with what works best for you.

How To Recharge and Activate Your Crystals

If you find your crystals lacking, take them on an adventure! Carry them in your purse or pocket as you go through your day to give them a shift in energy that’ll revitalize and recharge them. 

You can also sing or speak to them to reaffirm the life-giving energy they need to help you heal.

How To Create A Crystal Grid

Creating a crystal grid is an excellent introduction to crystal healing. So, what is a crystal grid? These formations direct energy outward from one center stone. Additional stones branch outward from the center stone in a circle, creating a fluid flow of energy that harmonizes all of the crystals’ vibrations into one potent healing grid.

The best part about setting up a crystal grid is that you can play around with different techniques. First, choose your center stone, which will ideally have a point to direct all energy from your grid upward. 

canvas crystal grid
Example Only

Now choose your outer stones based on what you need most at this moment. For instance, if you want to create a crystal grid for love, use rose quartz, aventurine, amber, garnet, carnelian, moonstone, red agate, and lapis lazuli. 

Then cleanse your crystals using the techniques we shared above and set an intention for your crystal grid. Lastly, use a quartz crystal to draw lines between each crystal and around the circle to activate the grid. 

Now sit back and let the healing begin! 

Crystal grids are a dynamic way to synergize your crystals to maximize their effect. However, if you’re looking for a beginner’s approach, try these methods:

Additional Ways To Use Healing Crystals

  • Wear your crystals. Crystal jewelry means you can bring the vibrational healing energy of your crystals with you everywhere you go. A bonus of crystal jewelry is that it’s oh so stylish and earthy.
  • Crystal meditation. Try meditation to generate a strong bond between you and your crystals. Find a safe, quiet space and set out a crystal grid around your body. Alternatively, you can hold your crystal in the palm of your hands open in your lap or place them between your praying palms over your heart or third eye. Begin breathing steadily and deeply, and repeat the practice for 5-10 minutes a day. 
  • Place crystals in your home and workspace. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to crystal meditation or setting up a crystal grid, simply place them around your environment. Go around your home and place crystals in every corner to create a home grid. Don’t forget to bring crystals into your office to minimize tech stress and electromagnetic radiation.

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about crystals for beginners; it’s time to get started!

The Healing Happens Now

We’ve covered a lot today, and now you’re equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the power of healing crystals. Follow these crystal basics to maximize the healing and ignite your inner zen warrior. 

On your journey, experiment with different types of crystals and healing techniques to find a rhythm that works for you.

To get started, grab our crystals for beginners set, which comes with everything you need to master crystal healing, including three raw crystals, seven tumbled chakra stones, two harmonizing selenite sticks, and one gemstone crystal pendulum. 

You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the crystals, you’ve got the power within. Nothing can hold you back on your exploration inward because that’s where the healing happens. 


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